Carrara 9 feature request



  • VyusurVyusur Posts: 2,235
    creebs said:

    Autodesk Carrara 9 yes 

    say goodbye to mistakes

    say goodbye to tutorials for $99.95

    And say hello to getting fleeced for the rest of your life...I read recently they are going all subscription Adobe style.

    yes +

  • GipsGips Posts: 44
    Vyusur said:

    No!!! What mistakes are you talking about? 

    Yes! Make "Infinity mirror" effect, prism, reflection under transparent, you still happy?

  • VyusurVyusur Posts: 2,235

    Yes I am!

  • I will be selfish and ask for a Linux port so I could use Carrara again (it works via winehq,  but native port would be better, os agnostic software is the future)  

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    PhilW said:
    Scarecrow said:


    It seems a lot of people on here want to be teachers...


    Just trying to provide work arounds as I think the chances of most of the suggestions in this thread actually being implemented aren't particularly high.

    Well I'm totally happy to hear suggestions and get help from all the very experienced people here. But this particular thread is a feature reqest thread. If someone asks for something that is already there (as I did) then by all means point that out. I know a lot this stuff doesn't have huge chances of getting implemented, but maybe if we ask for it together, instead of just trying to fix each others problems with what we have, we will have a better chance of being heard. Like, I swear I remember you saying in one of your videos Phil (which by the way are excellent and have helped me tremendously) that you didn't think the ambient light was that good and you wouldn't recommend using double digit values for it...

  • MistaraMistara Posts: 38,675


    a tickbox next to invisible in 3d view  for  invisible in render

    toggle to keep the sundisk on in view even if the sunlight isnt selected, moon, rainbow

  • PhilWPhilW Posts: 5,139

    You know there is a moon in the Realistic Sky?

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