Who Are Some of Your Favorite PA's?

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I'm always excited when a product introduces me to a PA I hadn't really paid much attention to, but then noticed that all of their content was exceptional.  Of course some PA's are like rock stars to Daz users. Creators like Stone Mason and their marvellous sets, and Sickleyield with her fantastastic (and very useful) resources.  I have my favorites like Aeon Soul and Elianeck, who seems to have a light set for any situation I need, but I'm pretty sure there are PA's out there that I'm simply unaware of.

So who are some of your favorite PA's?  They can be active, or inactive, but what are they doing that attracts you to their work and what are some of their items that you find very useful?

I'll start out be saying I really appreciate Protozoon and their recent additions to musical instruments and accompanying musical instrument poses, something I wish more PA's did when it comes to specific props that are used in very specific ways.

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    Thanks :)

    I'm not even going to say Stonemason because we all know he's our rock star and he's practically indispensable. :D  For that matter, I can probably leave out all the most obvious names, because you know them and most of you have as much of their content as you can conceivably afford (I do, too).  So with that being the case, I'd like to highlight three vendors I've only noticed lately (or they've gradually sneaked up on me and I only recently realized how many of their things I own).

    Josh Crockett: I just cannot get over this guy's sculpt work.  I will buy every orc I see, but his is something special.


    Amazingly I don't have his evil clown yet (I also buy every evil clown I see).  Hopefully I get a chance to pick it up during this PA sale.

    Yura:  Yura has been around since Genesis 2 at least, but I never really noticed them until recently; some really gorgeous cloth sculpts and textures of theirs have been turning up in Daz Originals and bundles lately.  And speaking as a fellow PA, their promo art is incredibly polished and professional - look at some of the ones that aren't Daz Originals (which do have great art, but it's done by Daz3d's own artists usually) and you'll see what I mean.

    This is one of my favorite things that I own, and I used it in my promos for Mutants of Chzor.


    Imaginary 3D: This artist has been incredibly prolific making sets for Iray, just an incredible library of expansive, useful setpieces for different situations.  I have a few of theirs (they are mostly Daz Originals, so they're very affordable) but this is the one I've used most recently in a promo for my Sci Fi restraints:



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  • There are too many to count... But top of my list:

    My friend Phoenix1966 because she's cool, and she makes really great dudes... And well... Dan and Sean..... And the whole crew. Yummy.

    I like Blue Rabbit. They make great menswear and don't scrimp on details and include accessories. Also they don't make shoes load together, which I find irksome. Every set shows thought and has nice details

    I'm fond of SY, because she makes unusual things. I like her men's content, and well... All the tentacles, slime, and interesting figures.

    Rawart: well, his monsters are the best. Really hard to beat some of his work.

    Orestes: Love the HDRI. Really great stuff.

    Muscleman: makes great poses. Some of the oldies are still the best in my opinion

    Many more of coures that I have not remembered


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    Out of Touch for their great hair

    PixelTizzyFit is quickly becoming one of my favorite pose and expression creators

    And speaking of poses - Capsces' are great too

    Raiya's characters are outstanding

    JoeQuick never fails to surprise and delight with his amazing creations

    Linday's products are high quality and unique

    SloshWerks' stuff is fantastic

    Kayleyss's characters are stunning and wonderfully detailed

    JGreenlees shaders are some of the best to be found!

    RareStone's stuff is adorable

    Jack Tomalin's environments are wonderful

    Mousso's characters are gorgeous! 

    Everything by RedzStudio is just outstanding

    V3Digitimes has great stuff that is really helpful

    Those are just a few of my favorites - there are several more who's products make me very happy, but I'd better stop before the list gets too long. lol

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    I can't really say I have any favorites because in the time I have spent here and in this community, they come and go and every PA or vendor I purchase from has items I love and items I don't. I can honestly say that just because I see a fav name on the new product list doesn't mean it will be a product that will blow me away.

    Here are some fav PAs I tend to look forward to new products from.

    Arryn for the great heels, mostly over at Rendo

    Imaginary 3d also for interiors that balance quality and how easy on resources they bare.

    Cayman Studios whose UV products have allowed me to use my older skin products far beyond the figure they were designed for.

    IH Kang, quailty clothes at a great price.

    Lilflame for great quality and designs at great prices

    RedzStudio for the great fibermesh hair products

    Shimuzu for pose sets

    ShaaraMuse3D for the great photoreal products at Rendo.

    Mousso for characters

    Then there are a few who I don't buy from any longer because despite the quality they are just huge resource hogs and it doesn't seem to bother them, so I just move on rather than try to jump thru hoops to get them to work.

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    A shout out for The Philosopher: but I don't want PAs here reading this thread. They have other things to do: go!

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    I'm very fond of @Lyoness 's characters and @Silver 's stuff.

  • Lyoness said:

    I'm very fond of @Lyoness 's characters and @Silver 's stuff.

    I'm partial to @ChangelingChick myself. ;)

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    I'd have to go with Lyoness, the crazy ol' lady she is, she's pretty fun to hang out with.  Also Rane, whomever the shmuck is, he makes pretty good toys for the scifi-ers.

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    Too many favourites, but there are a few which really stand out with items, morphs or characters I use very frequently. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are:

    3D Universe
    It goes without saying that I absolutely love their work. From day one of getting into the world of Poser and Daz I was using Toon Girl Sadie, and I've been a huge fan of their works ever since. They have toons, realistic characters and sets which accompany both.and I'm a huge fan of just about all of them. They're perfect for the cheerful, and somewhat  humourous art I enjoy making most.

    Jack Tomalin
    I was using Jack's sets before I even knew the name. One of my earliest exposures to Poser Pro was using a friends machine to make art, and the set he owned was the 'Dream House', which is where some of my earliest art was centred. I bought it myself later on. It's aged pretty well, and I'm giving it the Iray makeover treatment it deserves so I can use it with some of my more modern stuff. It goes without saying that he's made some of my favourite sets in Daz Studio. The Orient, Sacrement, West Park, Art Deco; these are some of the more memorable ones for me, but the old Dream House is a number one favourite for nostalgic reasons.

    What can I say? Xev0 is probably my personal hero in the art world, addressing one of the main concerns I had over Genesis 2 in short order and continuing the battle ever since. I am of course referring to the addition of the 'Growing Up' morphs, which has since been included for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8. This alone would qualify Xev0 for a spot on my favourites list, but numerous morphs and shaping tools are also used regularly by me which only gives them more praise. Keep doing what you do, Xev0

    You knew this one was coming, right? You pretty much can't have a list of favourites without mentioning this legend. What can be said that hasn't already been said a dozen times over? He's an artistic genius, and the fine details he puts into every one of his sets makes every render that little bit more special. I have too many favourites of his to list, but all of them are breathtakingly beautiful. I feel like I'm exploring a new world every time I load one up, which is great for getting the artistic ideas flowing. He's an genuine inspiration.

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    My favorite PA ?

    DAZ Legacy





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    I <3 Mousso

    Also -tools from Zev0 and Sickleyield. I13 has some beautiful sets.


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    Stonemason, of course. Stefan is brilliant at everthing he does.

    Jack Tomalin, who is a close second to Stefan when it comes to buildings.

    Howie Farkes, for his last three scenic sets.  The growing number of PAs using Ultrascatter tells you everything you need to know about this product.

    Hershel Hoffmeyer, undisputably king of the monsters. The attention to detail that goes into his figures is amazing.

    Alessandro Mastronardi for his cute little furry animals and LAMH.

    Faveral, for his medieval stuff. I can't wait to get my hands on Luc's Medieval village construction kit.



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  • One of my favorites has sadly gone missing these days -- Ironman13.

    I always liked their environments which tended towards common everyday locations. The bundles that included appropriate clothing or uniforms plus poses were something I always looked forward to.

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    Josh Crockett: monsters...'nuff said ;)

    Stonemason: we already know why

    AntFarm: would love to crawl inside this guy's head for a few. I bet it's a trip. :D

    Luthbel: clothes, clothes clothes

    Raiya: don't think I need to explain this one.

    Shimuzu: poses

    midnight_stories: it's all about the sci-fi

    Jack Tomalin: just pure elegance (or neglect)

    Faveral: my medieval hero

    AprilYSH: for the follicles

    I'm sure there's more, but you get the idea ;)


    Edit: There are really so many whose products I feel like I can't live without and have a hard time picking just a few. V3Digitimes, RiverSoft Art, Linday, smay, Mada, esha, badkittehco, ThePhilosopher, Flipmode, bitwelder, RedzStudio....the list goes on.


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    I am amazed that so far no one has mentioned the Gypsy Boys  (and of course GypsyAngel)

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    I'm even more staggered that Maclean doesn't seem to have got a mention so far either - easily in my top picks, probably number one. I'm also fond of anyone that produces great utilities. SimTenero and Kindred Arts spring to mind. Redz too, for some of the most wonderful and realistic hair available. Apologies if I've forgotten anyone, I'm having to post and run today.

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    Everyone loves Stonemason and Jack Tomalin!
    Danie & Marforno
    Aery Soul (or whatever name it is now)
    Howie Farkes

    I am sure there are dozens more that I have forgotten to mention.  I have multiple products from every name on the list.

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    Howie Farkes










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    Connatic said:

    Danie & Marforno

    I was hoping someone would mention them!  I have problems buying things from Rendo, specifically the two credit cards numbers stolen and having my PayPal account hacked, but DM's pose kits that they sell there?  They're good enough to make me pick up a debit gift card just to get them.

    One other I don't think anyone's mentioned is Pretty3d and mytilus.  Their models always come with a great set of dynamic morphs for repositioning clothes or vehicle parts, making a given scene seem less static.

    And, of course, I also miss Ironman13.  I would always fight between picking a DM pose for a given shot or an i13 one.  It was also nice the way her poses had the option of just using the individual body part, like a right arm or left leg, in case I needed to kit bash something together to get what I wanted.

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    Why no love for Thorne/Handspan Studios yet? I can't remember a single genesis render where I haven't used one of their morphs. The quality of their morph sets is ... unparalleled.

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    (whispers) Luthbel

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    The first two I always think of when I see this question are Out of Touch and Zeddicuss

    I also love IgnisSerpentus, jepegraphics, SickleYield, Darkseal, Arki, Capsces, DzFire, Stonemason, JackTomalin... And lots, lots more.

    I quite like Daz Originals too wink

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    This is probably to much information but these are some of my favorite PA's. smiley 

    Alessandro_AM - Furry animals—Do I need to say more?
    Arki  - Their unusual outfits and dForce skeleton dragon are favorites.
    Aeon Soul - Have most of their store and use their wardrobe items frequently in kit-bashing.
    BadKitteh Co - Unusual wardrobe additions
    Bluejaunte - Characters are wonderful and the realism is amazing.
    Darwins Mishap(s) - Male characters are fantastic (and the tattoos are great too)
    Discobob & their collaboration with Zev0 - Utilities are part of my workflow
    Doctor Jellybean - I use their package creator script and interface all of the time.
    HowieFarkes - Ultrascatter and wonderful sets
    IgnisSerpentus - Her clothes are amazing and easy to kit-bash
    KindredArts - I own most of their store and their morphs, lighting solutions are used extensively in many of my projects.
    Lady Littlefox - dForce hair is great and their Precious series are fun to render.
    Linday - I have several of their products but I particularly like their dForce hair and wet hair.
    Marshian - Their lights sets are almost always used in all of my renders.
    Orestes Graphics - Love their HDRI
    Oso3D - I use their shaders frequently
    Parris - IBL Master is genius! 
    RareStone - Morphs and cute characters
    RedzStudio - Love the hair.
    RiverSoft Art - Their utilities/scripts are used constantly in my workflow.
    SamSil - Great hair!
    Sickleyield - Confetti, tentacles, morphs, nebulas , poses and more—I love them all.
    SimTenero - Their Iray memory assistant script is awesome.
    ThePhilosopher - I don’t do animations but their products are great for rendering stills too.
    V3Digitimes - I pretty much own their whole store.
    Whitemagus - Trees
    Zev0 - Same as with some of the other PA’s, I own almost everything they have in their store and use it too.

    Edit: I took to long to compile and post my list, almost everyone I mentioned has previously had a shout-out. 

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    Herschel Hoffmeyer



    If you model dinosaurs, you're an instant contender for the top of my fav list. MOAR DINOS! RAWR!

    Lady Littlefox (thank you for Star! and Precious!



    DzFire (mecha animals)



    Parris (thanks for IBL Master)

    Special thanks to the PA's who worked on the Daz Original animal models, poses and morphs for Millennium Cat, Mil Dog, Mil Horse, Daz Horse 2, and Dog 8.

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    • Deviney is the undisputed king of Photoshop brushes
    • Colm Jackson for Terradome 3, Bokeh Studio, Pro Studio, and Render Studio light sets
    • Dreamlight for his specialized light sets and tutorials
    • AntFarm for the unique fantasy & sci-fi props and sets like Sci-Fi Black Market Alley, Jungle Temple, Land of Iron Orcs, and included light sets and cameras
    • Orestes Graphics for the great HDRIs and sci-fi/fantasy props like Hall of Ancients and Wraithgate
    • MortemVetus for his Terradome 3 morphs and TerraLuna3
    • DimensionTheory for Skies of iRadiance, iRadiance Light Probes, and Tonal Rage
    • Mousso for the amazing characters like Joanna for G3F/G8F
    • RawArt for the great fantasy characters like Orc Brute for G8M
    • Petipet for anything sci-fi
    • Andrey Pestryakov for all the great Nature props and sets like Mountain Trail and Ancient Ruins
    • Hinkypunk for the awesome fantasy characters like Nargol and Aunrae
    • Fred Winkler Art for his awesome fantasy characters like Galan, Saida, and Chara
    • Kool for Astrid Elf, hair, and Elf Armor
    • IgnisSerpentus for all the amazing unique fantasy clothing and included poses
    • Parris for the awesome IBL Master so I can see and rotate the HDRI in Texture Shaded mode
    • Every Stonemason set, which also include cameras and lights
    • Marshian for the great unique light sets like Rim Light Rig Iray and Reflective Radiance for 3Delight
    • SickleYield for the awesome Beautiful Skin products and People of Earth faces
    • KindredArts for Ghost Lights!

    And so many more!


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    My favourite PAs?

    outoftouch - always superb clothes with great morphs and textures

    nirvy - also superb clothes with even more great morphs

    2nd_world - super detailed rooms and stuff

    powerage - great clothes etc. etc.

    3-d-c - only poser stuff, but easily to be fit to DS

    sparkman - not too many products, but probably the most useful morphs and poses included

    RawArt - great figures!

    EmmaandJordi - also great figures

    and many more...

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    Addy for figures

    OOT and AprilYSH for Hair

    Lilflame, Pretty3D, Kaleya and Mythilus  for clothes, especially those on RenderR

    Sickleyield and Riversoft Art for useful random things

    Stonemason for enviroments


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    Of course the usual suspects: Stonemason, Jack Tomalin, Faveral, Zev0 and Aeon Soul. I don't think I need to explain those ones wink


    Then there's also:

    Mec4d: I really like her shader sets. I haven't really tested her new HDRIs, but her shaders are top notch

    Hongyu: Clothes are top quality and there's so many morphs that I don't even need VWD most of the time. And many of their bikinis and shirts ( at least V7 version ) even have wet textures angel Only wish they had bigger catalogue


    Special mention goes to Riversoft Art and KindredArts. Those are my most anticipated PAs currently. I have so many of their products wishlisted, but I always manage to miss it when their stores goes on a big sale. Maybe this time...



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    I dont think there is any one PA in the store whose work i dont greatly admire, we really have a great collection of content creators here :D These are a few new/unknown to me that I am really loving their work:

    Yura - really fantastic outfits! 

    RareStone, absolutely adoring everything they make

    Val3DArt - not new to me but I didnt notice their presence as much over the last few generations after Victoria 4

    Sugatak - absolutely stunning japanese sets.

    Eagle99 - Loving the props coming out

    Eyestorm - Really fun props and accessories

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    Silver said:

    I dont think there is any one PA in the store whose work i dont greatly admire, we really have a great collection of content creators here :D

    If I have more than a few items from a particular PA, then I consider myself a fanboy of their work and style. I'm not sure any one stands out to me more than the other, but I'll say I have LONG been a fan of Arki's stuff. Lordy, I have dozens of her products. Love Orestes and Dimension Theory's work. KindredArts is probably my somewhat newer fave since I tend to use quite a bit of his products.. I find I use his stuff with some regularity.And StudioArtVartanian was one of my fave vendors ever although I don't think she was ever a DazPA :-(

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