31st Daz3D Bryce Render challenge ~~~ Beyond the Horizon ~~~



  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    S Ray : perfect image.

    Henryhor : cool idea, very beautiful render.

    mtnmen : great work.

    Hansmar : nice rural picture.

  • mtnmenmtnmen Posts: 444

    @hansmar... The UFO crashing is great... very cool render

    ... and thanks for your comments about the floor and that one wall in my image... For some reason those two "areas" would not accept a texture... maybe they were not uv mapped ... anyway I hid the floor and added an infinite plane and it of course accepted the wood floor texture and it does look much better... and that one wall I "appliqued" a flat cube with a wood texture... much better... So thanks for the help

    Here it is again...  Inspired by MC


    !!mc steampunkoffice6JPEG touched up.jpg
    1370 x 959 - 990K
  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258

    @ adbc: thanks

    @ mtnmen: better each time

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,253

    mtnmen - oh yes, that's much better.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,130

    mtnmen - wow great work.

  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 2,033
    edited August 2018

    drachenlords: Beyond the Horizon_  mythical and Very well done

    Horo: Tele View _interresting and imagintive

    Hansmar:  Alien horizon _ orignal and unuseual
    What's that, behind the horizon _very well done

    FirePhoenix: romantic view over the sea _ quite lovely

    S Ray: Horizontal Illusion _beautiful

    Henryhor: REACHING THE HORIZON _ excellent

    mtnmen: Inspired by MC    _outstanding

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  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 2,033


    Title: Center of the Universe (Undecided)

    CNTR-UV 1.jpg
    1200 x 900 - 59K
  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258

    @ Ed3D: nice one, can almost hear the pinkfloydish music

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,253

    ed3D - thank you. Interesting idea and nicely done.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,130

    Ed3D - cool idea and nicely done.

  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258

    The major Grubert is a comic book character created by Jean 'Moebius" Giraud.
    Credits: Dryjack, Steve Shanks, Ness PR, Wolmol, Birdman, Chacornac, Feliz84, Tryphon, others I don't know or forget...


    1305 x 870 - 390K
  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,253

    Henryhor - now that's a cool idea on a hot day. Excellent.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,130

    Henryhor - great entry

  • Electro-ElvisElectro-Elvis Posts: 855
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    @Henryhor: Excellent scene. Moebius is a great comic artist.

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  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,797

    Horo, Mermaid, Henryhor, adbc, mtnmen, ed3D: many thanks

    I guess the suggestion of a crashing UFO is logical. However, I would like to hear other suggestions, because I did not per se create the crashing UFO render, I think. cheeky

    Henryhor: wouldn’t that be nice: Bryce with sound! Great Idea for Byce 8 (or should we skip to Bryce X rightaway?) Fantastic render of this old-fashioned station. I wonder, end of the line for Major Grubert?

    Mtnmen: no problem, glad to be of help. Somehow, it is much easier for me to see what can be improved in renders, than to actually do things right myself. Maybe others recognise that issue? And indeed, it is even better now: great floor!

    Ed3D: highly original and also beautiful. Great that you used those relatively faint blue and red colours.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,253

    Hansmar - I see it as a asteroid/planetoid falling down, not an UFO.

  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 2,033
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    Henryhor said:

    @ Ed3D: nice one, can almost hear the pinkfloydish music

    _Thanks,  hadn't really thought of that   _but, good idea_

    Horo, Mermaid,  Hansmar:  thanks so much

    Henryhor:  THE TRAVELS OF MAJOR GRUBERT   _ well done and cool idea

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  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 2,033
    Horo said:

    Hansmar - I see it as a asteroid/planetoid falling down, not an UFO.

    _yeah, i did too_

  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258

    Thanks to all for the comments on major Grubert.

    @ Hansmar: of course I see a meteorite also. But all these cows made me think of the cow abduction stories. Just kidding.

  • @ Hansmar: Colle idea. Very nice light. Whether the cows are now using the aliens for their experiments? ;-)

    @ mtnmen: Once again got better. Very good.

    @ ed3D: Thanks and a nice idea.

    @ Henryhor: Colle idea and nice comic scene. Very good.

    My last entry:

    New Horizon


    New Horizon.jpg
    1600 x 1200 - 1M
  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,797
    edited August 2018

    Horo, ed3D, Henryhor: Yes, that is another logical option. Somehow we see things falling down. Why not shooting up?

    Drachenlords: Ha, nice view on things; poor aliens! New horizon is a great render. Would be a wonderful film poster.

    My last one is rather dark. But then, what would you expect, at the end of the world? Don't know whether I should call it "the end of the world" or "over the horrorzone"?

    end of the world.jpg
    1754 x 875 - 1M
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,253

    drachenlords - absolute classic sci-fi scene. Could go for a book cover. The sun shining just at the edge of Jupiter is fantastic.

    Hansmar - genial with the red-eyed head peeping up from behind the horizon. The warning is well placed.

  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258

    @ Drachenlords: thanks for the comment. Great cosmic scene. Very well done.

    @ Hansmar: makes me think of War of the Worlds. Scary eyes

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,253
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    My second entry.
    Title: Forking - Infinite possibilities beyond the veil of the horizon.


    1200 x 750 - 135K
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  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    mtnmen : much better, nice work.

    ed3D : beautiful.

    Henryhor : excellent render.

    drachenlords : awesome image.

    Hansmar : really nice, scary render, well done.

    Horo : very cool image.

  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258

    @ adbc: thanks

    @ Horo: surrealistic delta. Great idea and well executed

  • Thanks for the nice comments.

    @ Hansmar: really great. Those glowing eyes on the horizon have something scary. Very nice.

    @ Horo: a really endless space. Nice idea with the road running on the horizon.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,253

    adbc - thank you.

    Hentryhor - thank you.

    drachenlords - thank you.

  • HenryhorHenryhor Posts: 258

    Credits: hameleon, Cybertenko, Mr Sparky, JTrout, Codeman Studio...

    870 x 1305 - 366K
  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,253

    Henryhor - that curtain sky is fabulous. Excellent idea and well executed.

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