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  • Phloki3D said:

    Gogger said:

    Phloki3D said:

    Looks great Gogger. I'm actually working on a Cad Bane morph for G8M at the moment...

    WOW- Nice! I'd buy that!

    A few more I'm working on, hoping to clean them up and upload them for free soon

    @Phloki3D did you ever finish these and the Bane head?

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    draven_11_74c1296a16 said:

    @Phloki3D did you ever finish these and the Bane head?


    Sadly they've been in the WIP pile for a while, but I've learned a lot since those versions so I'm actually pretty interested to see how they would turn out now. You may have just prompted me to take on a fun new project in porting and tweaking them for G9,

    As for Cad Bane I do have a generic Duros morph on Genesis 9 already which could be used for him but I could never quite fix the tiny nostril holes (easy enough in post though), and the eyes would need morphing to fit too, 

    And finally my latest render, and whaddya know it's another version of Ahsoka!


    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
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    Well I made a start, here's Luke and Boba reworked and on Genesis 9, compared to the old G8 versions (attached). Far from perfect but certainly a huge improvement.

    I'm not entirely sure the best way to go about sharing the morphs as I've had to manually adjust and move the eyes, with them being separate geometry now ? If anyone knows of any tutorials that'd be dope. I'd provide the face textures 'as is' too, I strictly work with Octane within Daz so making anything for iray isn't really my jam


    1080 x 1350 - 1M
    1080 x 1350 - 1M
    654 x 428 - 142K
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    1854 x 3000 - 2M
  • Damn Phloki3D! Fantastic Luke and Boba heads, great likenesses. That Ahsoka from your previous post was pretty sweet too. Nice work.

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    mando cara.jpg
    1854 x 3000 - 6M
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    HA HA! I've been kicking this idea around for quite a while and just now got around to it.  Not likely the final version, but pretty close.

    "Sometimes she would get SO ANGRY she would actually BITE her lightsaber. Eventually I'd had enough and had to cut her loose." - Baylan Skoll

    1920 x 1200 - 358K
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    Jastamos said:


  • @Phloki3D The Luke and Boba head are awesome, perhaps the best morphs I've seen for them! And the possibility of a Cad Bane? Yes please!! surprise

    @Jastamos Cara as a Mando? There's something you don't expect to see!!! wink

    @Gogger She obviously can't find a dentist like most of us in the UK! laugh

    As always, some real quality work coming through 


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    Night falls, it is dark... and it harbors horrors.

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
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    Jastamos Nice job

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    1854 x 3000 - 2M
  • Nice.


  • @Jastamos That outpost scene is very atmospheric! Nice one.



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    SW promo.jpg
    1854 x 3000 - 2M
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    @Jastamos nice

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    What if...?

    1854 x 3000 - 1M
  • Family Day Out

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    @draven_11_74c1296a16 Shame Baby Yoda Din Grogu ate all the goodies. Nice image!



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    What if...?

    1854 x 3000 - 2M
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    good one Jastamos :)

  • Robert FreiseRobert Freise Posts: 4,260

    That's a good one Jastamos laughyes

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    Jastamos said:

    What if...?

    There actually is a video someone did of this, or something like this, it's mainly Batman vs Darth Vader, but Superman turns up in it too. Even features a bit of my artwork in it for the hangar scene.


    Here you go.


  • Jastamosharold_withers, loving the what ifs guys!!

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    1920 x 1080 - 851K
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    I now wonder if Daz eventually will make a Jedi outfit? since they now took the road into sci-fi...

    I would LOVE a Jedi outfit that looks good and the dForce works!

    The ones in this render (if it uploaded) is bad with the dForce under the armpi, but they work as long as I don't move the left arm too much up.



    The Final Duel #1.png
    3840 x 2160 - 4M
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    Had a crack at making live-action Sabine. Custom morph and textures by me with a kitbashed outfit:


    1300 x 1080 - 2M
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    What if...? Dua Lipa as slave.

    DP slave.jpg
    1854 x 3000 - 1M
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    Phloki3DJastamos Nice work

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    Hi all, does anyone know if there might be a model of a YT-1000 kicking around somewhere online? It looks like this...



    1600 x 1200 - 235K
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