Transferring Morphs from Genesis to G2M/G2F and from G2M/G2F to Genesis (Now with Clones!)



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    Unless working on big props and sets - then Poser Scale is easier to navigate in lol laugh

    Btw, with same Import settings wink

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    Nadino said:

    Unless working on big props and sets - then Poser Scale is easier to navigate in lol laugh

    Btw, with same Import settings wink

    I agree again. That is how I made my clone. I think I learned these things from you in the first place in another thread!smiley

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    ^^ Awesome news! I LOVE helping laugh

    I really like the results shown from this new tutorial - going to try it out myself today

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    Sorry for interruppting this discussion with a rather old question - there was a mini-tutorial about transferring morphs from G2F to G2M - by Murgatroyd. It sound like this -
    How To Transfer Morphs From G2F To G2M The Very Easy Way

    You don't even need to open Studio.

    Copy the morph file from its subfolder of /data/DAZ 3D/Genesis 2/Female/Morphs/ to a corresponding subfolder of /data/DAZ 3D/Genesis 2/Male/Morphs/.
    Open it in a text editor of your choice.
    *If it's gibberish, add .zip to the end of the filename, and unzip it.
    Find Female.
    Replace all with Male.
    The same process will work, mutatis mutandis, to transfer from G2M to G2F.

    Recently I wanted to transfer some old V4-converted partial morphs which worked nice for G2F and did all this exactly as described above, but these morphs do not show up in the morph list of G2M at all. So I wonder - if I want to transfer not FBM, but a partial body morph like free Efindel Ears Morphs from sharecg (for example) or nose morphs, is it possible by this way? If not, how to transfer custom PBMs from Genesis 2 Female to Genesis 2 Male as well fast and easy?
    PS I used DS 4.6, Bred3 (text editor) to replace Female with Male and tried both unzipped edited DSF files and files, zipped again and renamed again to DSF. But they do not work all the same for me. How to do all this trick right?

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    Update to the prevoius post - I found an answer within this thread and fixed an error in DSF files, so now  I can succesfully transfer all G2F morphs to G2 Male. But I have another question - is there a way to transfer morphs from Genesis 3 Figures back to G2F or G2M? Especially I want to transfer face and head morphs - at first I tried to make my own G3M clone for Genesis 2 Male, but as it was told several times above, G2M clone within G3M figure is imperfect in the face area and after I used Kattey's technique with Transfer Utility, the resulting conformed face of G2M obj came out distorted and too bad for transferring any morphs, and the area of wrists and hands too. Is there any products with the most precise G3M clone for Genesis 2 Males, which is suitable for transferring character head and body morphs (not for autofitting clothes)?

  • Maybe this will help.

    Considered getting it myself.

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    Thanks, GRFK DSGN Unlimited, I'll give it a try.

  • No problem, Wargis. I'd be interested in hearing your results using it.


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    Thanks again, GRFK DSGN Unlimited, this product is really a nice decision, because facial features of its G3M clone were much more precise and smoother. So it allows to convert any distinct face morphs as Gianni 7 and P3D Dave for M7 (I haven't tried it yet on more subtle facial morphs) and all the morphs for G3M's body. All what I need is just to export this G3M clone as OBJ as Kattey wrote in her tutorial and to use it as a conformer clothing for the real G3M. After re-exporting this conformed clothing (G2M) as OBJ one can easily get the morphs for old Genesis 2 Male via Morph Loader. Just follow the main rules of Kattey's tut and don't forget to export all OBJs at base zero resolution.  The results look rather good for me, the only problem is that Genesis 3 Male is taller than G2M and his head is a bit bigger, and after making a head morph for G2M it comes out as a FBM morph of, say, morphed G3M's head and his unmorphed body. But I found one possible way out - because G3M contains the native clone of G2M, I had to split manually this clone morph in Modo to Genesis 2 Male head and Genesis 2 Male body. So if I want to transfer just Gianni 7 head to G2M, I have to apply Gianni 7 Head to Genesis 3 Male, then apply Genesis 2 Male cloned Body and it makes my conformed G2M to take the necessary shape with the head morph only. The same is true for body morphs, but then I apply Genesis 2 Male cloned Head. So far I found only Modo as the only tool to split FBMs, but there may be some other software, able to to it. Maybe it's not the best way, but I like old Genesis 2 more than this new Genesis 3 figures - maybe G2 is not so flexible but compatible easily with all old stuff for Genesis and Gen4.

    I haven't tried this workaround with females yet, but I hope it won't be harder for them too. Though I hope passionately some day we'll get a morph converter like GenX2 with ability of forward and backward conversions. It would save much time and nerves.

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    Just wanted to thank you, J Cade, for the wonderful clone tutorial. I also made clones for G2M and M4, just excluding the hip/pelvis/crotch area rather than the whole lower half of the body, and the crotch on autofitted pants now looks much better. :D They do need a smoothing modifier applied to deal with poke through, as others have said, but it does expand my wardrobe hugely.

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    Hey folks. a love letter to this thread. Genesis 3... Wearing Gen2 clothes, Genesis Hair, a V4 skin, Antonia turned into a head morph, and transferred David 5 as a body morph


    (the body morph is transferred through just the transfer utility, the Antonia head was a whole lot of blender)

    all the figures.png
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    Finally tried to transfert a morph to Genesis 3 Female : so there is a render with G3F GND4.

    I did the transfert from v4 to G2F then did manually the transfert to G3F.

    1483 x 2000 - 4M
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    I've been debating the whole evening about whether I should post in this thread. 

    I wanted to make G2M-Star! clone (clothing). But, it's not going very well. I've been trying to use a few tutorials in this thread and replacing the "target figure(s)" with Star! But nothing works. 

    Would Star! have to be morphed into a legacy figure before I attempted to make a clone for her?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Anyone know how to solve this problem?  The rest of the morph looks fine.  She's much taller than standard G3F, could that be part of the cause?

    Autumn Fingeres.png
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    Looks like there may be some scaling or translations on the finger may need to adjust to shape.

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    Oddly it shows up when I conform the G3F object to my morphed G2F... so I have no idea how to fix it.

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    dakkuuan said:

    Oddly it shows up when I conform the G3F object to my morphed G2F... so I have no idea how to fix it.



    Da Dah! 

    I had exactly the same problem but I have discovered how to fix it.


    What I was trying to do was bring morphs across from genesis or g2f to g3f. I successfully managed to do so using kattey's method (posted above).

    BUT.... because the zero pose of g2f is different than that of g3f what happened was the arms and fingers were screwed up when I tried to pose it. I was hoping that "select morph vertices" enabled only to e.g. affect the selected vertices with the morph (in this case I wanted to transfer only the head morph from g2f not the entire shape of g2f). It didn't work though.

    What DOES work is this: follow the kattey method to get the g2f morph shape into g3f as a g3f morph using clones.

    THEN.... export the g3f base shape (no g2f morph dialled in) with base resolution and subdivision 0.

    THEN.... export the g3f with the g2f morph dialled all the way to 100% with base resolution and subdivision 0.

    THEN.... import the g3f base shape into zbrush, set it as a morph target.

    THEN... import the g2f saved export into zbrush over top.

    THEN... with the "morph brush", paint over all of the parts you DON'T want to morph. What this does is revert the parts you don't want to morph back to the original morph target of g3f. In my case I only wanted the head so I painted over the entire body EXCEPT the head, thus leaving the head morph in place and the standard base g3f body for the rest.

    THEN... export the combination morph out of zbrush

    THEN.... import the combination morph back into daz using morph loader

    and HEY PRESTO... you have a *fixed* g3F base model with the g2f head morph. Magic!!!!

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    Double checking something:  On the converting G2F morphs to G3F, at step 14 for the ERC freeze it says "no other morphs should be in effect" - what about the clone morph put in on step 11?  Do I take that out before the freeze as well?

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    Just getting caught up in this thread... if I wanted to create separate G2F->G3F morphs for head and full body, I would still have to transfer the entire figure's OBJ -- I just have to do it two times, each for the head and body, right?

    Thanks :)

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    I successfully transfered a character full body morph from Genesis to Genesis 2 Male, it all looks good and if I load clothing items to the G2M figure it all fits perfectly.
    However here's the problem, if I save the character with clothing items fitted to my library then reload that figure the clothes are still in place BUT they are full of poke through!
    I have started from scratch about 5 or 6 times, thinking maybe I missed something but I just cant get clothing to look right after reloading



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    Are there any tutorials for creating a Genesis 3 Female clone for the Genesis 2 Male figure? I just recently got Zero My Hero for Genesis 3 Female(s) and I would like to put this on Genesis 2 Male figures.

  • Is there anything in the Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female product that can't be done just by following these tutorials?

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    Is there anything in the Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female product that can't be done just by following these tutorials?


    UVset: Victoria 4 Compatible UV Set

    Specialised clones: Victoria 4 Clone, more Compatible with Shoes and Victoria 4 Skirt Clone, more Compatible with Skirts

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    So, I made a "new" G2F with all of the Genesis shapes, as shown here:

    ...but a lot of the shapes require to "Adjust Rigging to Shape" for bends to not go wonky.  

    Any large scale fix for that, or is it a shape by shape adjust and ERC fix?

  • So, I'm VERY new to DAZ and blender, and 3d modeling in general. (Although I'm learning fast!) After playing with the figures for a bit, I've decided I really like G3M and F best when it comes to how nice they look and render, so I'd like to use them for most characters in my projects. However, I'm currently on a pretty tight budget, and cannot, at least for the moment, justify spending money to buy stuff or DAZ as it is only a hobby for me at present, at least until I get better at it. Hopefully in the future I'll find the budget to pick up some of the nice premade essential head and body morphs and so on. I found some free head morphs and such that allow me to change G3F's appearance enough to make some different characters with her, but nothing for G3M. On the other hand, my genesis has quite a few morphs, including the free "182 body morphs converted to genesis" package that is out there. After looking at this thread, Kattey's morph transfer process looks really promising, but skimming through later posts showed people who seemed to be having all sorts of issues they had to troubleshoot and resolve, which made me confused, I guess, because I don't fully understand how some things work yet. So here are my basic questions (At the moment, I'm most concerned about morphs. I'll worry about perfectly fitting clothing later):

    Do I have to go through G2 to get genesis morphs onto G3? Or can I transfer them straight from Gensis to G3 using Kattey's tutorial and have it still work? The posts I read seemed to imply differently on this, and I want to know for sure before either going through the extra trouble of using G2 as an intermediary or messing up stuff and wasting time trying to jump straight to G3.

    Using Kattey's tutorial, what are some of the most common snags or glithes that occur and how to fix them? As I said, I do have Blender, though I'm really still learning how to use that, too.

    And finally, I'd like to be able to move the G3F morphs I do have to g3M and have them work. I saw a post in this thread about copying morphs from G2M to G2F and vice versa by simply copying them from the morphs folder and tweaking them a bit in a text editor (the Murgatroyd method?) Would this work for moving morphs between G3M and F? And if not, what's the best way to do this, if it is possible? The Kattey method again?

    Thanks in advance for your advice, and for your patience with my nooby cluelessness. This thread is awesome, and you guys are great! I'm looking forward to becoming a more productive part of the 3d community, and my ultimate goal is to be able to give back to it for all the free stuff and advice it gave me by posting my own free models and content. Thanks again!

  • Was a way to wear G3F clothes on G2F ever worked out? (other than buying Valzheimer's clone)

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    Very new to this.

    Anyway I would like to create a G3F morph from a G2F figure.

    I followed the steps until step 9 at which point Morph Loader Pro reported the g2f g3f.obj could not be loaded.

    What am I doing wrong?


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