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Would you like to showcase your BEST / FAVORITE renders in the gallery? How about your Art Studio thread?  Post the links here so we can surf in and comment, and "Like" them for the galleries. (Products do not have to be all Daz, but shouldn't be 100% from other sites.) 

Here's the guidelines:
Everyone gets ONE POST for YOUR Daz gallery or Art Studio thread,  and you provide the links for up to 10 renders.  These are indexed, see next post. I will do this for the month of April, depending on how it goes, possibly longer. You can do one post for the Art Studio, and one post for the Gallery, or do as one post- as long as you do them separately. See my example.

If you want to point out other folks' renders, that's fine too- and each render MUST HAVE ITS OWN LINK. Do not direct people to a gallery or Art Studio thread in general. This thread is very specific- the favorite or best renders. These posts are not indexed.

Post your links with the title or Render (Number, like Render 1) as the clickable link. Descriptions are optional, please keep them brief.

If you need to add links, simply edit your original post, which is what I am listing in the Index. Remember- At any time, you will only have 10 links.  If you add to your original post / or delete a link / links and add a new render (as you can only have 10) please add the newest to the bottom of your one dedicated post,  WITH THE DATE YOU CHANGED/ ADDED. (Using bold and red is helpful, not required. You just go up to the "A" that's underlined with a dropdown triangle,right above this textbox. The bold is the "B" You highlight the text by holding down your mouse and skimming over the letters, then click the B/ color)

Then simply post a message that you added a new gallery or Art Studio image, NO LINKS.  I'll put a "New/Date" in the Index by your name.   This encourages people who are serious about posting their BEST renders to change their top 10 and keep it CURRENT, without posting repeatedly about every single render they do in their galleries. That is NOT the purpose.  Only your top 10 best renders should be linked, and you do that IN YOUR ONE POST, and I'll let people know when you've changed your list, usually doing that daily or every other day.  

Please state where the images are, and do the Daz Gallery and Art Studio separately. You get one post per each OR put them in the same post, but separate. See examples already posted. Put either Art Studio or Gallery, along with your name, in the title. See Example.

Example of adding a new render to your post: (it always goes last)
Novica's Art Studio Thread
Render 10: (Description if you want one) THEN    New April 8

Please note: I will handle the Administrative aspect of indexing, but YOU are responsible to ensure your links work. I may not have time to surf and check the links at that moment. If you find a link that doesn't work, please note it in the thread and contact the artist with an @ symbol in front of their name (no spaces.)

So strut your stuff! I'd ask that if you get indexed and want people to surf in and comment / like, that you also do the same if possible. Have fun, surf the Galleries and the Art Studio!

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    Reserved for Index, will be alphabetical. The "New" will stay up a minimum two days, then erased when the next batch of new additions is posted. 

    DarwinsMishap Gallery 
    Dawnblade Gallery    
    Deathbycanon Gallery          
    Dracorn Gallery    
    Dreamfarmer Gallery     
    Evilded777 Gallery    
    Ice Dragon Art:  Art Studio and Gallery   
    Kismet2012   New! July 29th   
    MDO2010 Gallery     
    MN-150374  Gallery, Art Studio, Contests  
    Nonesuch00 Gallery     
    Novica:  Art Studio    
    Stormlyght: Gallery    

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    Reserved for Index

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    Novica's Art Studio Thread

    Render 1    Tropical Beach scene. I liked my DOF and wanted my thread to start with a tropical feel. (2 renders in that post.) 

    Render 2    Ekko (Elijah 7) on Heavy Motorcycle Road Cruiser. Who doesn't love a guy on a bike? I tweaked the pose so that's another reason it's one of my favorites.

    Render 3   Senna (Monique 7) with a vintage photoshop effect. 

    Render 4  FWSA Tisha, using Architectural Lighting Rig (link is provided) Great for portraits! 2 posts, plus Barbult showed another of Tisha.

    Render 5   FWSA Danny  The laid-back "I'm entitled" look of a spoiled person.

    Render 6  RGcincy and I had a fun challenge going- we had to put two sets together that were bought back to back. I had to combine Water Spring and Violin Soul: Balcony, Violin and Poses. Surf the thread to see what we each came up with!

    Render 7   A blast from the past, my Ellie Jane using shaders on a spacesuit.

    Render 8   Gia with Jungle Godess. LOVE the lighting and the hair, it is just plain old fun!  NEW April 11

    (and so forth. Up to 10 render links. To give you the idea.) 

    If I did Gallery, that would go here. You can do a separate post if you want. Just please do NOT mix the Art Studio and Gallery.

    Novica's Gallery
    Render 1
    Render 2  etc

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    IceDragonArt's Gallery

    Render 1  -  Aerandiel for V4 - I am just super happy with how this turned out.

    Render 2  - Gaullain - I was very happy with both the lighting (Ghost Lights) and the DOF as well as how well the LIE Makeup for G3M worked together.

    Render 3 - T Rex - This dinosaur is just totally amazing.

    Render 4 -  Fairy in a Bottle 

    Render 5   - Dark Huntress - I managed to get the DOF just right for a change.

    Render 6   - Elemantal - I think this is my best postworked image. Ever lol.

    Render 7 - Planet Fall -

    Render 8  - A village in my world

    Render 9  - A render using the Creech and the old Marsh Ruins.  Really happy with how this came out.  NEW 6/5/2017


    Art Studio Thread

    Render 1   I feel like I caught that moment of tension, where you are going, no! don't do it! while watching a scary movie


    This should make it easier to find everyone in the gallery as well. Thank you!



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    Stormlyght’s Gallery


    Render 1  “Dark Angel”: Parker is featured in this render as a dark brooding soul looking for his next conquest. I like this render because it's very different from most of my images, which are generally more playful or less dark...If you decide to take a look, click to enlarge the image (I had to downsize it to upload it to the gallery).

    Render 2  “Twilight Run”: A Unicorn is featured in this render.

    Render 3  “Peek A Boo”: A fun render that features Kobold.

    Render 4  “Winged Pony”: Some of my favorite fantastical mythical creatures to render are winged. This render features a winged shetland pony smiley

    Render 5  “Fairy Girl”: This particular render features Mika. I wanted to showcase some HP’s Tilir skins as well.

    Render 6  “A Hunting We Will Go”: I wanted to capture the bleakness of a late winter afternoon. Ceridwen is featured in this render.

    Render 7   "Mermaid Guardian": I've been wanting to do a mermaid render with a dolphin.

    Render 8   "Beware of Dragon": Play on words (Beware of Dog). 

    Render 9    "Bunny Kisses": I'm really enjoying rendering Sakura. NEW December 31, 2017


    By the way, thank you all for the comments and likes! 

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    I look at the galleries daily. I enjoy seeing what everyone comes up with.

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    Here's a tip:

    If you want to comment on someone's Art Studio image, and it may not be their most recent- you can use the "Quote" and then select the image(s) and go up and click the image icon (that sun with two mountains, right above this textbox),  RESIZE the image (about 300-400 wide or in height) and then you have a nice, tidy reference image without showing a large image again that has already been posted. 

    Also, if you think about it (not required) it would be nice to have your links as New Window so folks won't accidentally (by habit) X out and leave the thread. I've already done that once LOL. I am going to all the links, and liking, and commenting on most. If I don't comment, know that I have been there and Liked. Talk about variety so far, I'm loving them!

    TIP: in Chrome, you can use the middle mouse wheel to click and open the links in a new window! Don't know about the other browsers. Just hover over the link when you click. Then you just X out to leave.

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    I do appreciate the short descriptions- it really is helpful when I go back to click the next link. Instead of trying to remember the render number, I see the description and think, "I just visited that one." So I would encourage folks to do that (but still not required.) 

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    I wanted to post it so you can get a feel of how to do other people's render links.

    Here's some of my favorite Art Studio renders from folks who posted in my threads. I'm going back to 2016 and Thread 6 for some of this first batch:

    RGcincy:   Render of a barn and horse.  (The Old Barn, Daz Horse 2)  Two versions- Iray and 3DL. Have fun comparing!
    RGcincy:  The Artist's Nook
    RGcincy:  On The Shore (Night render)  and Daytime

    Tjohn:   Oh what fun- put Leather and Fur Iray Shaders on a Siamese Cat!
    Tjohn:   Briley

    MelanieL   Had fun with the Egyptian Mega Bundle and Samira

    Sasje    Underwater Render- Amazing!

    Barbult:  FWSA Sushmita HD
    Barbult:  Heath Hair

    Llynara:   Unlucky Charm Book Cover

    Serene Night:  Sarge And Men On Patrol
    Serene Night: Cyclops HD Suit and Nanoflight Jetpack
    Serene Night:   Owen in Chinatown

    @RGcincy  @tjohn   @melanieL   @sasje   @barbult   @llynara    @serenenight

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    I'll toss in a couple.

    Trystan for M4  - my first M4, my first character in Iray.  Loved how he turned out.

    Calm  - an old Carrara 7 Pro render.  Still love this program

    Darkness - one of my top fav's, featuring Damen

    Modern Day Pirate - loved the lighting in this one, for once

    Things to Come - a happy accident of lighting on this one!

    Guard Tower - finally a render that didn't need much tweaking and finishing how i wanted it

    Amused - KILTS. S'all

    Djinn - this one was a PITA, but I'm very happy with how it ended up.


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    Transferred to the "Art Studio" forum.

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    I'm going to catch up and comment and like on everyone's today.  I am really glad that you started this, I honestly have the worst time to remember to go and look at the galleries, and despite my best intentions I don't do it nearly enough. 

  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 9,341

    Also, how do you want us to comment on your personal picks?  I don't know if you want us all to comment on them on the original thread or not since its the showcase thread?

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    Dracorn's Gallery:

    Bishop Takes Queen.  Placed 2nd in New Users' Contest. The sailor looks almost real.  3DL

    Mandala - Mermaids. One of my absolute favorites.  Required some math and a good eye to place all the figures.  3DL.

    She'll Never Suspect.  My evil faerie Princess of the Night Character in a classic faerie tale setting.  3DL.

    Cast Down.  A serious Halloween render.  3DL, Ron's brushes.

    Kaori.  Reusing a V4 skin converted to G2F.  Reflective Radiance for 3DL portrait lighting. 

    Love, love LOVE my bone collection!  If Barbie was a demon.  'nuff said.  

    Marellian  My first Iray render and a reboot of an old G1 character and now G8.  It's the first time I've ever been able to do the double eyebrows.  New 11/5/17

    Cinderella  Rendo's Enchanted Dreams fitted into Victoria 8.  I also used a converted G1 face from Mina.  Iray.  New 11/5/17

    Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch?  At the suggestion of a friend, I revised Cinderella to Glenda the Good Witch.  The retexturing of the fabric was rather time consuming to get a good combination.  Turned out rather well.  Iray.  New 11/5/17

    Ghost Fleet  This is one of my best, and one of the most involved.  I rendered the elf, skeleton and ships separately and composited the image in Photoshop.  I erased through the elf so that the skeleton showed up underneath.  I'm really proud of this one. New 11/5/17 

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    I'll play.

    When Fuller Met Red -- I think its one of my best, most artistic (though it appears dark) renders, but no one else seems to agree.

    Red -- The birth of a character, rather by accident.

    Boys Kissing Boys 1: Hallway Kiss (iRay version) -- a second pass at one of my favorite images

    Boys Kissing Boys 8: I Kissed a Boy -- I like the light and composition, it took time to get the shadows the way I wanted. I especially like that they are under the gaze of a Madonna and Child, and the Christ child appears to be gazing approvingly on the couple.

    Tuxboy -- In part inspired by a Marillion song, this image was literally years from conception to execution

    The Closest We Ever Came to Dancing Together -- a slice of personal mythology; its always best to tell your own story so that someone else doesn't.

    Hermes Psychopompos -- in honor of the guide of the dead

    Invasion -- I was playing too much Mass Effect, once upon a time.

    Dark is not the Absence of Light -- I thought this one was firing on all cylinders, but its companion piece somehow garnered more interest.

    It's Been a While -- more personal mythology. Sometimes a piece is frighteningly and horribly prophetic. New June 11


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    Also, how do you want us to comment on your personal picks?  I don't know if you want us all to comment on them on the original thread or not since its the showcase thread?

    If you want to comment on Art Studio thread picks, I would simply grab the image URL,  and then shrink the original down to 300 or 400 pixels (whichever is more, the height or the width) and yes, do feel free to comment on them. Some of those renders didn't get the attention they deserved. In the case of my Art Studio thread, it's not sidetracking the discussions because my thread jumps around all over the place, which I like. We interrupt things all the time to discuss a product that just went on Flash Sale or Fast Grab, etc, and I am going to be going back to 2014, 2015, and 2016 to grab some neat renders from those oldies.

    Those threads are locked, so if you click on the images, you can grab the URL and use that then use the 300/400 pixels on my current thread. A bit more work, but kinda fun to do an "oldies, remember this one?" post. 

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    Great thanks!

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    Well, I've seen some of these already in the Michael or the iRay thread in the Commons and they are still good months later. 

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    I will be visiting the gallery pages later tonight. Haven't forgotten about you! 

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    Nice idea Novica, now lets see what I got for you.. to tired to make thin links work probperly tonight, will come back to fill in.

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 17,457

    No problem. I haven't surfed because my internet is down, doing this on cell phone. If this goes on all weekend I am going to be ticked!

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 2,968
    Novica said:

    No problem. I haven't surfed because my internet is down, doing this on cell phone. If this goes on all weekend I am going to be ticked!

    aw that sucks, I feel for you!

  • evilded777evilded777 Posts: 1,926

    Thanks for all the comments folks, especially on some of the ones I thought deserved a little more than they were getting.

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 2,704

    We all have those!  There are times I think I really got a good one and don't get one comment. lol  I plan to go through the rest of the list, but I'm exhausted and Englishing is difficult atm.

  • dracorndracorn Posts: 1,603

    Thanks for all the comments folks, especially on some of the ones I thought deserved a little more than they were getting.

    I agree!  Also, I am happy to view the gallery images - there are some really great ones out there I had missed.  Thanks everybody!

  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 9,341

    I'm always amused that the ones I love the least are the ones that get the most comments and  vice versa.  Its nice to have more eyes on them, sometimes things move so fast in the gallery stuff just gets lost in the shuffle.

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    Ok I managed to get the links together, all are from my gallery, as the only ones I post to my thread that don't go into the gallery are WIPs, hope you enjoy

    Beat-it.  My barbarian hitting on that ogre, one I put a lot of thought and planning in and I really like how it turned out

    Stealth.  testing the possibilites of g8f here Elisabeth for Vicky Scifi ninja actiongirl  new

    Your sweetest nightmare.  as naughty as it will get with me new

    Elves Autumn.  Elven lady at a well. I am very happy with the colours in this one which give light but still the mood of fall

    The magic of a story.  Storytelling in Morocco new

    Nosy dragon.  Small dragon nosing around in the alchemists lab, lost of details to go together and small dragons are cute

    shattered.  a women and her reflection before a shattered mirrow, I am very glad this one turened out so well, lost of experimenting

    bad beth.  Bethany beating the daylights out of Elijah, Action and emotion with lost of blurred light, the posing was taking days

    King.  Portrait of my king, I fell in love with that character

    Seelenvogel.  dark winged woman brooding in a church window, lots of emo realated to this one

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    I find it interesting which image people tend to like the most of mine.

     I think some styles resonate more with people. As does some subject matter. My more painterly images are at the top. But not always-

    My favorite image, is steadfastly in the center of my gallery. smiley


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    That was a pleasnat surpirse this morning to open my mail and see all the image comment notifications, thank you so much everybody!

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    Welcome Party - this was one of my faves, with how it came out. I was quite happy with it - and I'm probably happy with maybe 1 in10 renders I do LOL Like many people, clowns creep me out. And MortemVetus make the coolest creepiest unique characters so I was stoked when they did Nas-t Boyz for G3M. What I had in my mind was a post-apocalyptic feel - world is gone to ruin, mutants abound (such as that gargoyle hound which is one of my all time fave animals/creatures to use) and people are just nuts. Such as these dudes who wear the clown makeup to seem as horrifying and scary as they can, so they can attack the small groups of travelers. (iray render)

    Bad Day - I'm crazy in love with Belle 6 - I think she was the best teen/young figure we got. I wanted a feeling of 'menance' here - a pretty young girl, dressed simply....but she's got guns and a kind of creepy crazy look on her face. Same clothing adn same figure with a smile on her face in a contemporary setting, she'd be just a pleasant portrait of a pretty teen. But I feel I did capture that menance in this one. (3delight render)

    Paige - I have absolutely no memory of how I achieved this. LOL. I really liked the grey, washed out look to it - yet her eyes and red clothing and tatts are quite vibrant. I don't think I could recreate this look if I tried my hardest now. LOL. (3delight render)

    Roar! - oh man, i was SO thrilled with how this ended up! It's still one of my favourites. That subtle gleam/shine around his body made me so happy. I love the vibrant colours on him, and the flames behind him. (3delight render)

    Time Out -  ok I admit it, I'm in love with this man. LOL! It's plain ol' Michael 7 and I have no idea how I did it, but gosh dang it, there's something about this render that had me fall totally in love with him. I don't know whether it's the moustache or his facial look or what, but this one thrilled me with how it turned out. In retrospect, I should have put a subtle light in the building behind him, so the windows weren't black, but he had me so blinded with love with him, I didn't see anything else. LMAO. (iray render)


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