Adding Dual Quaternion support to UnrealEngine4 (Images inside)



  • @ramlink I'm not sure what is causing that. Looks like it's trying to recompile the Daz plugin and either can't find it or it's a binary. I'll have to try it out and see what I get. Again, maybe this weekend.

  • Ramlink, if you're building the engine yourself, you need to build the Unreal part of the plugin with it.  Drop the DazToUnreal folder in the github into your Engine\Plugins or Game\Plugins folder, run GenerateProjectFiles.bat again and you should be able to build it with the engine.  That folder is here:


  • I've updated 4.25 and 4.26 (and the mod folders).

    As for the DazToUnreal plugin, I should have read David's post but somehow I just glossed over it. I finally found the github repo and am bulding now. I'll have to finish this tomorrow, but in any case let me know if there are any issues with the updates.

    Also, wasn't UE5 supposed to come out soon or did I dream that up?

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    I'm getting linker errors building the DazToUnreal plugin. Unresolved externals on UDeveloperSettings class.

    edit: Ok, I found a forum that said that class was moved to its own module. So you have to add "DeveloperSettings" (with the quotes) to the DazToUnreal.Build.cs file in the private dependencies list. It'll still complain that it's for 4.25, but it will work. I think it's just some metadata that needs updating. Probably the .uplugin file where it says the engine version is 4.25. Oh, and don't forget to run GenerateProjectFiles again.

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    I've updated 4.25 and 4.26 (and the mod folders).

    As for the DazToUnreal plugin, I should have read David's post but somehow I just glossed over it. I finally found the github repo and am bulding now. I'll have to finish this tomorrow, but in any case let me know if there are any issues with the updates.

    Also, wasn't UE5 supposed to come out soon or did I dream that up?

    unreal 5 is supposed to come in the middle of next year, the "preview" version is marked to start or at the first quarter or start of the second, the full release to come between thrid and fourth quarter.


    and i still don't understand if dual quartening is really so good why, it's not "default" for all the programs which use animation and weight skin?, what make it not so desirable? it's bad for motion cap or something like that???.

  • @Ellessarr see my original comment in this thread right at the beginning. There are images showing the differences. Now, is one better than the other? Well, there are tradeoffs. DQ is nice because you don't get the wrapper twist effect when twisting arms, legs or shoulders. But it does introduce bulging that linear skinning does not. The math is also different. In the past, this may have been a problem, but the code can be made just as fast for DQ now. However, it can't be denied that linear skinning is simpler. It's just a matrix multiplication. So I think the reason you don't see DQ as much as Linear Skinning is for two reasons. 1. The math is not as simple. 2. You need morphs to correct the bulging effect of DQ.

    In UE4, they didn't even have the full set of DQ math operations. I added those in with my clone of UE4. Scaling and translation with DQ is also a bit weird. It's not terrible by any means, but it's something you don't even have to deal with in linear skinning because it's just part of the matrix. And finally, how many people really import morphs to correct for the bulging effect of DQ? Basically, if you don't import morphs to correct for bulging, you're trading one effect (wrapper twist effect) for another (bulging).

    @ everyone, I tried the Daz to Unreal plugin and the face is all distorted. Anyone else getting that?


  • So I actually started using the bridge and it's pretty cool. The face of G8F does seem to have more than 8 bone influences which means it'll trigger the unlimited bone influence and then do weird things because I tried disabling DQ in such cases, but I forgot to revert the data sent to the GPU back to the non DQ format. Anyways, long story short is that I added support for unlimited bone influence to DQ in Unreal. The amount of ifdef's is starting to get a little ridiculous so I want to see if I can clean it up a little. I'll try to check it in soon. I might just check in what I have tomorrow and clean it up after. I just want to test it a little more. I don't think DQ is usable in UE4 as it is now tbh. So I'm not exactly sure what people have been using or doing up 'til now. Anyways, sorry for not noticing this bug earlier. Maybe it worked if you had skin cache on... in think in that case, it discards some of the bone influences in the face.


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    I can confirm, that at least in UE DQ 4.25 there are some lip morph glitches with the face, esp. with the UW and W visemes. The other visemes and expressions seem to be fine; need to test the face units yet.

    The male genitals have morphing problems in UE as well.

    When will the official (non preview) UE 4.26 come out?

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  • I haven't really looked into it yet, but I've been wondering if it would be possible to rebuild the JCMs in a manner so that the bends will look good when using linear skinning in Unreal.

  • The JCMs are fine as they are (in the DQ version). I imagine it would be difficult (though theoretically possible) to rebuild them for linear skinning considering the high number of them (around 100 jcms) and the fact they are bone driven by specific formulas.

  • UE 4.26 released!

  • I updated 4.26-mod Thursday to support unlimited bone influences. So the face should look fine now. I've had 4.26 up for a while. I just didn't have support for unlimited bone influences. For me, the face was completely destroyed. It wasn't just a glitch. It was really really bad. You can always lock some bones in the face and use face morphs instead to get the bone influences down to or below 8. This is a common technique. But now, it should work fine regardless.


  • They updated 4.26 again. Just pushed a merge for anyone interested in the latest version (both 4.26 and 4.26-mod).

  • I've tried the new 4.26 mod version and now every face is destroyed.

  • Do you have unlimited bone influences turned on? G8F figures have more than 8 bone influences in the face and it won't work correctly unless unlimited bone influences is turned on or you remove some bones in the face.

  • Actually, turn on skin cache. I spent the whole weekend making sure the non skin cache code path worked and it did work with a model I was testing. But if I import the same model again, it doesn't work. Anyways, it seems to work fine with skin cache turned on.

  • Turning on unlimited bone influences helped.

  • @AlienRenders thank you for your work on adding DQ support and @David Vodhanel for your plugin Daz To Unreal. And of course thnx for your answers. Everything is working now.

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    @alienrenders i cannot access your repo. You removed it?

    sorry my bad you just need to link GitHub account with ue4

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  • Hi, Is there any plan to update for 4.26.1?

    cuz MetaHuman Sample is available with 4.26.1.

    I hope to test 'MetaHuman Creator' with DQ.

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    Does anyone know how to merge origin 4.26.1 and DQ 4.26-mod? many plugins and Metahuman is supported in 4.26.1 not 4.26.0. I hope to test it in 4.26.1.

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    Hi there,

    we need a DQ update for UE 4.26.2 and for UE 5.0 Early Access.

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    Has anyone been able to merge it? We need more people who know how to do it!

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