Adding Dual Quaternion support to UnrealEngine4 (Images inside)



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    AlienRenders said:

    As I've mentioned many times, the DQ stuff cannot be made into a plugin as it changes the main behaviour of the engine.

     When i donwload the unreal engine source from your github it takes 3x more space than same version of the original Epic games store version and also the second problem is when i delete a project that is created from your -mod and i create a new one it still takes up space from my disc(around 1 gb), why does it happen. to download the -mod it took me 60-70 gb and to build the UE4 took me another 60 gb. 

    I understand you cant make it as a plugin so, Is there a way to merge only the necessery dual quaternion scripts instead of downloading the entire source because it takes way more space than the original Unreal verion, if there is a way can you or anyone here explain what to add and delete? (im talking modifying/adding/deleting scripts from unreal engine 5-mod to unreal engine 5 original)

    i tried to remove and add what github showed but it ended up with errors

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    I would like to second the thoughts in the above post. I've succesfully gotten DQ skinning to work in multiple 4.xx versions of Unreal. However, the folder sizes balloon into these huge, bloated messes. 

    Why? Why is this necessary? You said yourself that the base default version of Unreal even includes a bit of the things that used to be added by this hack. 

    I really appreciate and respect all the people involved in modifying Unreal to work better with Daz characters. And I understand that with the big MetaHuman push from Epic they are vanishinly unlikely to officially make it a smooth process to bring in human characters from other software.

    But for real, is there any way possible, any way at all, to just edit things under the hood of the usual Unreal install, and thus avoid these bloated doppleganger versions that take forever to download and compile? 

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    Hello AlienRenders,

    If you export Genesis 3 Female as FBX and import it into UE5 (your DQS mod) this is how a character's head looks.

    Stock UE5 does not have this problem.



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