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    lol yeah, she has curves!  And thank ya, Ice Dragon Art

    That is a good thing laugh

  • She's looking rather interesting.  It's always nice to see a good dark skinned character.  I don't know if it's shadows or the issues you are seeing, but there is something strange going on with her two twos next to the big toe. She has a really nice face.  I like how the skin is shaping up.  :)

  • Thank you!  yeah, her toes are gonna be re-worked.  Haven't done anything to her other than transfer the skin over to G3F and set her up in Studio.  Now that Damen's in testing, I can start working on her again.

    A quick body shot- ignore her floating......I forgot to lower her to the floor. >.>

  • and a side/back view:

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    WOW WOWZERS!! She is a simply stunning lady for sure!!! And Becky look at that buttt...... Sorry the song just popped into my head there!!laugh

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    Now there is a girl who looks like she can not only lift a sword but use it well!

  • lol!!  I haven't heard that song in ages.  I'm rendering another version of the skin settings atm.  I'll post that when it's ready.  Glad you like!  Once the base skin is done, I'll start on the options (tats, make up, eyes)

  • Now there is a girl who looks like she can not only lift a sword but use it well!

    Heh. Or a big ol' gun. ;)

  • Hm.  This version may be too dark- but I like the sheen so far. 

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    Wonder what gold or silver glitter would look like.... Its not something I have to have, I can probably apply it myself if that's not something you are drawn to lol.  I

  • I was thinking of that sorta thing for around the eyes, myself.  I have ideas.  I used the idea on Danica's eye make up (one of the no brow options) and liked how it looked enough to save how I did it.

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    You know what kinda tattoo would look good on her? (this is just my opinion) A beautiful red rose with leaves on it on her butt.

  • I'll keep it in mind! ;)

  • I think this is a little too dark, but again- I like the sheen.  Maybe a mix!

  • aand there's a seam on her foot as well I see-back by the inner ankle.  Noted to fix!  lol  Rendering one more with a mix of the tones and it'll be time for bed for me.  

  • Ok- Mix of tones.  Now it's time to crash- tomorrow will be seam working and issue fixing on Damen (if there are any). 

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    Awesome!  I really like the dark skin and will be quite interested in seeing what you end up with.

  • She looks stunning. A must have for sure :) 

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    Popping in, DarwinsMishap let me test Damen and do some renders for you- what a fun character coming to the store for you!!!! DarwinsMishap had already shown you some of the makeups, so my goal was to show you that just using the regular-dude options, how different the characters can be. Here is a refined Prince/Gentleman with the thinner, refined brow, and then the thickest brow and an Apocalyptic man who is not the least bit refined. Enjoy! 

    Compare this look:

    To this look. VERY VERSATILE!!!!



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    Ohhhhh now I just can not wait till it' release!!!!!

    Stunning images Novica!!!

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    Damen looks amazing! And Solange is coming along beautifully. Her skin is lovely!

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    And here is Damen with the second skin option. I changed the lips to a light blue diffuse, and a medium blue translucency, and you actually get a duo-tone lip. Really neat! Using one of the fantasy eye options. So here's another one showing the different looks you will get with Damen. No longer a Prince or an apocalyptic hero- now you get the mystical side of Damen.

    695 x 800 - 532K
    695 x 800 - 454K
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    The closeup of the eyes. Click to enlarge. 

    695 x 800 - 434K
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  • Very interesting on those lips- hadn't thought about making them bluer.  Hm.  Great renders and thank you!  I do appreciate that you've shared this with our tent city here. :)

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  • That looks very nice!  Love the outfit, too.  :)

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    I am so not able to be patient here with all these wonderful renders of Damen!!devilcryingheart

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    Great render! What hair is that?

  • lol- Thank you!

    The hair is Tulip for Genesis 3 Female by Aeon Soul here at Daz.  The outfit is a mix of Solaris for Genesis 3 F and a G2M outfit, Rogue something or other.

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    Leila, who just came out today, and Damen, coming soon from DarwinsMishap. Cute couple!

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