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Been a bit inspired by all the breedable games and mix them yourself monsters on Deviant Art, and so I decided, well... why not!

So I've created Precious! A darling little creature that expands with each additional character to give you a whole host of toys to build from.

Starting from the Precious Little Deer, she offers a full range of expressions from a fully rigged face.


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  • Each character adds new parts, some more than others.


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    And since not everyone is a texture artist and you are sure to want to mix and match your own personal creation....
    I have taken the alphas I used to create the base textures and created a texture builder pack that gives you the exact tools I used plus the layer settingsfor the characters and all existing parts (so your gryphon can have dragon claws and a unicorn mane, your Unicorn can be an Alicorn!)
    As well as a new texture 'Snow Bird' and a tutorial and the tools to build your own textures through Daz's Layer Editor.  101 alpha layers spread across all the pieces so that you can get effortless perfect fades (provided you save your swatches and remember which layers you turned on in the wings to match in the body ;) )

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  • A-freakin-dorable!!  Love it.  :)

  • Wow.. I'm not a big toon renderer but I may very well make an exception for these.

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     Karth and I loved Precious from the moment we saw her/him.  So cute.  We just had to do something for Precious so Karth created a wonderful winter outfit with scarf, suit, socks, caps for head, ears and tail.  I did textures for the outfit and textures for Precious.  I can't remember the last time I worked on a project that at no time did it feel like work.  This was a joy all the way.  LLF, you did a fabulous job!


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    "In a beautiful, colorful and magical world, little precious live in peace and always in harmony! The sun makes the shine, the plants grow, then the joy makes them turn on, if you know them! Fly and go, my Lovely Precious!"

    I create more set of new poses for this incredible toon creature, with alot of new textures...wanna a preview?

    Here the Vol 01 ( Poses and Textures)  and Vol 02 ( Poses and Textures)...more to came!!!

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    And what's a new figure without its poses? I've created the Precious Adventures pose series. Each edition is tailored to the idiocyncracies of the each critter's geografted parts, so the poses across each set will be unique. 

    Because you expect the best (and with Precious, who wouldn't want to give this adorable creature the best?),  I've painstakingly checked the poses for balance, gravity, and weight to give you quality, professional poses that will make Precious look fabulous from any angle.  

    Here is the first in the series - one for the deer. There are more coming!

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    And here's a sneak peek of the Precious Adventures poses - Dragon edition!

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    So, after moaning for years about how nice it would be for fantasy and sci-fi renders to have a genesis-like quadruped base, my dream is finally realized, but in toon format. And I almost never render toons.

    Which I guess is about to change, because this creature looks freaking-tastic! Congratulations on a superb job!

    Also, obligatory "my Precioussss" said with longing, covetous eyes.

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    Altogether now, 1 .. 2 .. 3.... D'AAAAAAW! smiley

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    and what is a fairytale deer without textures?  Or maybe a bit of bling

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    OMG, I'm going to die of cuteness here! These are adorable and have so many wonderful vendors lending a hand with add-ons. I can't wait to see these in the store (though my wallet is terrified!)

  • Oh dear lord. I guess this is why I haven't been buying other stuff. 

  • This is exactly the sort of thing I've been looking for!  I use to burn spend so much time on those little pet adoptable sites, and I always dreamed of making my own.  Please feel free to add any strange thing you can think of to it, I'm sure lots of people will want to try to make Pokemon Neopets their own little monsters with it.  Can't wait to see it available! 

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    Such a sweetie!! 

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    Beautiful render Digital Lite!

  • Definitely cute, Lady Littlefox.

  • NGartplay said:

    Beautiful render Digital Lite!

    Thank you  :)

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    And one more.  Splashing in the Sunset...

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  • Oooo fun one !!!

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    I would love to see a kitty cat version of this. :)

  • If the DAZ license allowed for physical models I would be all over this. frownGod is it pretty though.

  • LeanaLeana Posts: 8,528

    If the DAZ license allowed for physical models I would be all over this. frownGod is it pretty though.

    3D priniting is allowed for personal, non-commercial use.

  • Leana said:

    If the DAZ license allowed for physical models I would be all over this. frownGod is it pretty though.

    3D priniting is allowed for personal, non-commercial use.

    Which is not what I'm concerned about. Already nobody cares what I do for personal non commercial use.
  • If there is enough intrest I'll see about offering a commercial license option with these critters ;)  I expect some independent games might have use for them as well.

  • That would be really neat! I've always loved your creature designs.

  • I was wondering what the fabulous little fox was up to.   I got to get this.

  • Are these coming soon as in 'any day now', or 'already scheduled' or 'just through QA' if you don't mind sharing? Gotta figure out budgetary stuff...

  • Soon as in scheduled for release, possibly monday or later ;) keep your eyes out.

  • I do like that dragon...

    And now kind of want to see the Alien version in this method. XD

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