Daz Studio 4.21[.0.x] Pro, General Release!



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    It is there, but I get this message and it does not run. Old DS version (4.22.01) is still there and it works smiley. Screenshot is in attachment...

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  • The uninstaller doesn't have a corresponding .dat file, so the uninstaller doesn't know what to do. You have a couple of options:

    Install over the top with the same version (for exact footprint) or a newer version (potentially different footprint) and then uninstall to see what has been abandoned.

    I would highly recommend switching to Install Manager.

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    Thanks, I have same result with previous version of DS, it does not uninstall it. I will try with Install manager now, though I like to do things manualy.

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    It worked with DAZ Install Manager, In one moment I didn't know what to do (couldnt find DS Install in Manager) and was thinking to use DAZ Connect files from the product library. But it is working finally...


    Still I like Manual Installation best, it is a bit slower but I store things on my external HD, and I have all preview pics and txt docs about products, beside installing only things i like and knowing how much space thay use... Here are screenshots of my setup in attachment, my way of storing might be a bit complicated, but it works nice in DS and at least I have it sorted way I like blushangel


    Thanks again I will continue working on building Fanatsy Characters....

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