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  • philebus said:

    I'm going to side with your editor on this one. While I understand that better contrast makes the text easier, I feel the lighter sky has more of a painterly feel to it that reminds me of the paperbacks I used to read. Also, because the rest of the scene is quite dark, it provides a little contrast against wich the other elements can pop out a little.


    Linwelly said:

    I guess I'm with the editor on this one @mmitchell_houston, I prefer the brighter one, though I can see the text contrast thing. In that case I think you can darken the upper third a bit in postpork, kind of extending the darker blotch in the sky from the upper right.

    That makes three votes. And you do make a good point about the high contrast making the figures more visible. But I can't get past the fact that the back is going to need some serious work to make the text legible (and I can guarantee it will take up more than just the top-third of the page). I may wind up having to blend the two skies so the front is brighter and the back is darker, or make the back significantly lighter (I really don't want to do any typesetting tricks like adding a transparent white frame to make the text more legible).

    Well, I'll be making another pass later this week, so we'll see how it goes. The great thing about this process is that I isolate every element on a separate layer, so i can replace the tall alien, the background creatures and tweak the sky without disrupting any of the things that are working (like the female).

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    Haven't made a book cover in a while.

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    Haven't made a book cover in a while.

    Nice! Maybe add a bit of dust being kicked up by the tires? :)

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    Just trying to get a banner of covers in my sig.

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