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    I just purchased the Squishy Human for G8 Female and am tryign to locate the PDF tutorial as many prior posters have mentioned.  It is nowhere to be seen.  I even downloaded the manual installed to search through, but no joy there, either.  Where can I get the PDF tutorial/help file?

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    The PDF is directly in the pose folder next to the poses and has a clickable script link so you should be able to open in it inside DS

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    All I want to know is, how do you do self-collision?

    The promo pics have the figure squishing the thigh with the other thigh from the same figure, so I'd like to know how to have the hand/arm/limbs squish the other parts of the body, how is this done?

    And what purpose do the included bones and meat props have to do with the product, I ask for both G8 and G9 as I bought both.

    Pinching, pulling and inflation - yes you can do that.  How well it looks and what method you use is up to you.  I tried a bunch of differrent things to see what would happen.  

    So HOW was it done?

    terry_duquette said:

    Feral Fey, Thx for getting this looked into.

    So I read back thru this thread and the number one thing folks cared about was adding the Squishy Body to a pre-existing character. The attached PDF tutorial shows how it can be done. The key item is adding the d-Force Modifier, and weight Node, and copying the Squishy Body weight map along with moving the relevant Squishy body extra parts inside the Figure. Additionally the Gravity over affected certain muscle groups that I had worked on to get flexed up, effectively "Squishing" them. So I included how to modify the weight map, if desired. The First Picture is the character before simulation, the second one shows the Squish at the Breast, the affected tank top, and unfortunately the crushed bicep. I didn't save this setup, so can't show after I modified the weight map, but it definitely works.

    Thanks to the Product Developers for working on this, I think it's a brilliant way to enhance any character(s), but needs some practice to get it working effectively.  

    Hope the tutorial is useful, let me know if there are any follow on questions, I tried not to overcomplicate it. TD

    Thank you very much for this tutorial, as it's quite rare to see a printed tutorial, they're easier to glean the info you need a LOT quicker than you would with a video tutorial by far! 

    So thank you very much, the presentation of the tutorial has been masterfully crafted, and easily followed as well!

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  • I just purchased the Squishy Humans for Genesis 9 and I'm trying to figure out how to get the breast to "squish" against a plane just like you achieved with the impact on the buttocks in the promo images.

    Before Simulation.png
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    After Simulation.png
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    I purchased your dForce Squishy Mattress as well, but it still does not work. All it does is lower the mattress. Can you give a tutorial on any of this products?

    Before Simulation.png
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