Opposable thumbs geograft for G8/8.1?

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[Opposable thumbs geograft for G8/8.1] One thing that has been bugging me ever since.

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    What is? It looks as if there is meant to be an image in your post, but it isn't showing - soem more words might also help.

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    The Forum does not accept pasteboard.co, I tried any way I could.

    Apart from that it does not really need more words: the hand anatomy cannot oppose thumbs to fingers.

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    There you go, I added "?", is a question now

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    I think you need to link to an image showing what it is you are trying to obtain.

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    Link to an image or attach it ("Attach a file" link under the text box), you can't paste image data into the body of the post.

  • There may be some problems with terminology here.  See the attached chart.  

    I think opposition of the thumbs on current Daz figures is pretty good.  Thumb flexion needs improvements.


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    And how does thumb flexion involves geograft?

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    can't you just turn off limits in the parameter properties?

  • I'm not sure what the OP wants or why a geograft would be useful.  Genesis figures have opposable thumbs already.  The hands don't flex with a natural looking range of motion--Maybe that's the OP's issue.  Hence my previous message.

    What I'm pointing out is that current figures don't have a control which mimics a human hand's natural flexion.  Working the sliders for Left and Right Thumb 1 to try and mimic this movement produces a "deflated" hand rather than a flexed hand.  See attached image.  Compare to your own hand when trying to touch the tip of your thumb to your palm.

    WendyLuvsCatz, turning off limits is the first thing I thought of too.  Taking the "Bend" slider beyond -40 would just result in worsening distortion, so it doesn't solve the problem. 

    Other thumb movements simulate quite well, I think, but the thumb flexion thing is something for Daz to work on, though I'd much rather see them fix that weird upper arm torsion and unnatural neck posing first.

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    well then one needs some joint controlled morphs

    Maybe Zev0 or someone can make Beautiful Thumb Movements for genesis 8&8.1

  • WendyLuvsCatz said:

    well then one needs some joint controlled morphs

    Maybe Zev0 or someone can make Beautiful Thumb Movements for genesis 8&8.1


    I hope this thread doesn't give anyone at Daz ideas about making minor thumb improvements and then insisting that those improvements justify a Genesis 8.2.  I doubt the marketing department checks in on "Product Suggestions" that often.  Fingers crossed (index & middle, no thumb involved).

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    Trying to get a grip on a bar or rod with the current rigging setup is fiendishly difficult. No question. Not sure it needs a geo-raft, just better rigging. Getting the hand to grip a fountain pen model was nigh on impossible to do in the correct, least effort, way. What is so sad is that it's so easy to create - with your hand - the pose that is to be mimiced, and how hard the mimicing is.

    However, some poses, like the handbook pose I created below, was not as hard as I feared, despite being in pretty much the worst thumb orientation




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    Look for the "One does not simply walk into Mordor" meme. Try to create that in Daz. Doesn't work. Unless you turn off limits, then it looks [a tad unimpressive].

    Daz actors cannot grab a bottle or glass or any other cylindrical object of such diameter without the thumb pointing upwards, lying sideways.


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    If strong language is not allowed in here that's fine but don't alter my posts please. ***** it out or delete but don't make my say words I did not say.

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