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We are seeing a lot of threads where the question or other important information is placed only in the title of the thread and not repeated in the body of the first post, instead there is just a comment along the lines of "As it says in the title". Please don't do this - at least copy the title into the body, which should also use fewer keystrokes than typing an instruction to read the title, or simply make sure that the issue and all salient information are provided in the body of the post. Depending on how the thread opens and how many replies it has the title line may not be immediately visible; it certainly won't be neatly aligned with the body text, nor will it be visible in any quotes of the opening post.

This isn't to say you shouldn't strive to use a title that provides information about the thread, rather than a generic "Question" or "Help!", but that the information should also be in the body text.

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