January Contest Thread “Compostion” (WIP Thread)



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    My second entry, too late to change now, but posted if anyone wants to comment.

    876 x 700 - 983K
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    I like it, and i posted mine into entires thread. Thanks everyone for help, i think i improved a lot :). I might be posting my work into DAZ Gallery if i continue like this :D

  • Is there going to be a February new user's contest? If so what is the theme? It's going to be a short month.... need to get to work! I was late on the last one and disappointed as January 31st came and went :-(.

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    It should be posted in the next day or so

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    I want to congratulate everyone who placed images in the WIP thread. It was really amazing to see the changes and progress everyone made. There are so many good images in the Entry thread, that you're all making it very hard to choose from.

    I hope you all enjoyed this month's contest. I aim to continue what we did this month and just keep going with it with all the different topics we have planned.

    My thanks to my fellow CV volunteers, Scott and Dolly. I really enjoyed all the input and seeing the work as the month progressed. See you all in the next contest!

  • I think many people would agree that these contests and the WIP thread are very inspiring... thank you to those who organize, comment and participate. I am sure there are many like me who lurk and read these threads and gain insight into how to make our own designs better... until we are ready to step forward into the light with our own work. It takes a lot of guts to put your work out there. Everyone who asks for help makes everyone who reads better. This is not just for the present, but for future readers long after the contest has closed- going though and reading old contest threads has been very helpful. Thanks to everyone who participates. In my opinion this is one of the most helpful aspects of the Daz forums. :-)

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    I want to thank everyone who participated this month...you all did an amazing job and I am so proud of all of you for all the hard work you put in to what turned out to be some really wonderful artwork :) (You all are making judging very hard! :))

    (Thank you also to our amazing Community Volunteers who did a wonderful job this month answering questions and helping, you all are the best <3)</p>

    For those interested, (while we tabulate the winners for this month), come on over and check out February's New User Contest on continue on with what you have learned here while adding in some new concepts and ideas!:

    February's New User Contest - LIGHTING

    Come on over and check out the links and information we have gathered up for you all and let the fun and learning with lighting begin! :)

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