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    Thanks for the tips, Tiffanie.


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    I recently got the Britain Botanica bundle and want to create an open area with bluebells surrounded by trees for my character but what would the best option for this be? I only have one ecology with bluebells and the tree cover is too dense, is there a nice visual way of doing this without my aged PC crying foul :) 

    I relay liked the understory promo scene but I seem to be struggling to create something similar.



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    Use a layer mask on the tree layers in the Build tab. Black in the layer mask image prevents that layer from populating that area. White in the layer mask tells Ultrascenery that it is OK to populate that area if so defined by the ecology and feature. CODE66 toolbox products help create layer masks, but you can make them manually.
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    Is it possible to change the colour of the Base Grass? I'd like the grass autumnal to match the autumnal trees.

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    In the Surfaces pane you can modify the base grass color settings, just like you would any other Daz Studio prop. Or you could use Alienator Pro to substitute a different grass prop. I'd go with Surfaces settings.

    Modified Surface Settings

    Original Green

    Grasslands 01 Dry.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 2M
    Grasslands 01 Green.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 2M
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    Thank you so much for creating this thread @barbult! I'm only on page 2 (or maybe 3) so far, but after 4 days and my own experiments I created a nice little Mesozoic era ecology! I had Ultrascenery in my library for months before actually getting around to using it (along with a couple of Daz+ freebies that fit the era).  

    My attempt at a morning view of this semi realistic ecology in Ultrascenery (and UltrasceneryXT with conifers pretending to be Wollemi Pine Trees in the background):

    Mesozoic era

    What's awesome is that I can continue to use my newly saved ecology and work through the toolbox 1 & 2 (from @Code 66) to help create my dinosaur scene. It totally makes me appreciate the work that Howie and others have put into creating packaged ecologies. 

    Link to the image in my Gallery if anyone wants to add comments or make suggestions on how I can improve my ecology. Thanks and happy rendering!

    Edit: Also wanted to add that after creating this I have a ton of new respect on how much work goes into creating all these wonderful ecologies in the store. I can't wait to buy more of them, especially the bundles! The only new ecology I'm probably going to attempt after this Mesozoic era one is one for Roshar (a planet with a unique ecology in a fantasy book series).

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    It's great to hear that the thread was helpful to you. Most was written before the toolboxes were available, so some things are easier now with the toolboxes. Your first ecology looks very successful. Keep having fun!
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    Some Thoughts on UltraScenery JSON Files
    (Originally posted in the UltraScenery commercial thread) 

    UltraScenery JSON files - what they are, where they are, how to edit them

    1. What are UltraScenery JSON files?
      They are files used to describe the content of Features and Ecologies.
      • For Ecologies, the JSON file defines
        • the name of the ecology and the base materials that apply to the terrain for that ecology
        • the "layers" used in the ecology (grass, trees, rocks, pebbles, etc.). These are the layers that show up on the UltraScenery Build tab.
        • the props files used in each layer (tree props, grass props, etc.)
        • the distribution of those props within the layer (spacing, size, rotation, etc),
        • the relation of the layer to other layers (affinity). This controls how close and how far the layer instances can be placed relative to the instances of the other layer(s).
      • For Features, the JSON file defines
        • the name of the feature.
        • terrain maps that alter the shape of the UltraScenery terrain to accommodate the feature elements (paths, rivers, roads, etc.).
        • materials the define the textures used on the paths, roads, etc.
        • any props used by the feature (bridges, fences, etc.)
    2. Where are the UltraScenery JSON files?
      They are located in your content library in \Environments\Landscapes\UltraScenery\Ecologies subfolders and \Environments\Landscapes\UltraScenery\Features subfolders. There is a subfolder for each ecology and each feature. You must NOT move them. You must NOT install from within Daz Studio, becasue that puts the files in the wrong location. Installation of all UltraScenery products with DIM is best.
    3. How are UltraScenery JSON files edited?
      JSON files are plain text files that can be edited with any text editor. On a PC, the free Notepad++ is an excellent way to edit these files. JSON files follow a strict format. It is very easy to make a mistake that causes the file to not work at all. There is an online JSON validator to help you check your edits to be sure they are valid JSON. That doesn't mean they are valid UltraScenery files, because UltraScenery expects particular elements in the JSON files. In summary, you must be careful! If you totally mess up, reinstall the package from DIM.

    When I get a chance, I will incorporate this information in my UltraScenery Experiments and Experiences thread. That thread has a lot of information about UltraScenery and things I've done with it. UltraScenery is a fantastic and flexible ecosystem created by HowieFarkes. It is the most enjoyable product series I have ever purchased for Daz Studio.

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