500 Pages in Content Library - Am I the first to hit this landmark?



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    I just checked, I'm at 375.  While a bit dissappointed I can take solace in the fact that there are people out there more hooked than I am.  I'm not even going to try to play catch up with the 99 cent sale :P

    But what if we get cool jackets like these...?  Would you be tempted then?  (Heck, DAZ, why AREN'T you offering these to those of us who reach the 500 club?) 

    Oh look, I got a free jacket!  It only cost me $10,000!

    Hey, nothing says babe-magnet* like a jacket that says "I spend way too much time and money playing with my virtual dolls."

    *Babe in this case being used as a non-genderized term that can apply equally to anyone of any gender who is considered attractive to someone else of whatever gender of their choosing, but NOT that damn CG pig.  

    I first heard the term as a nickname for some American baseball player actually then Wayne's world introduced me to the concept of calling a hottie by that term, 

    I think they use the word Bae now because of the pig wink

    So young you must be...  Babe has been used to refer to attractive women since at least the 1910s, though using it to refer to attractive men didn't really become common until the 1970s, mostly as a result of the hit 965 Sonny and Cher (yes, THAT Cher) song "I got you Babe."

    no I am old 57 but Australian, Babe was never used here at all

    Well, "I Got You Babe" rose to number 3 on the Australian music charts in 1965 as did Styx's Babe in 79, and Barry WHite's "Can't get enough of your love, Babe,"" charted there in 1974, and I seem to recall the term being used in Oz films as early as the Alvin Purple films... but since Australia has a wealth of it's own regional vernacular to favor and defend... like Sheila and, inexplicably to the rest of the world, Possum, for pretty women... I don't doubt that the local jingo won out most of the time.  Of course, that means that everyone still expects y'all to sound like Crocodile Dundee and spend the day putting shrimp on the barbie, so is that really winning...?  cheeky    

    I was familiar with the song but it wasn't really part of our vernacular at least in my sphere of existence until after Wayne's World

    baby yes not babe

    maybe in places other than South Australia

    Shrimp and Sheila were never either my generation at least

    The sad thing is that if you ever come to the U.S., you'll find that that's the image that's permanently locked into American popular culture's notion of Australia.  The main culprit is an international restaurant chain called "Outback" that bills inself as an "Australian Steak House" that seems determined to perpetuate the idea that everyone in Australia affects khaki shorts, a slouch hat and an outrageous faux accent straight out of a bad Monty Python sketch. To add insult to injury, they don't even offer beet-root on their burgers.     


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    I don't have anything named DAZ Content Organizer, but the DAZ Product Manager does show up on a google search.

    Right, but someone who DOESN'T already know about the product is extremely unlikely to randomly type in an EXACT match for the name, whcih is what you currently need to find it easily with Google.  Google marketing is all about keywords and the name of the game is making sure that anyone randomly searching for anything to do with your product gets sent to your page... and, of course, that's a service that Google and other companies just so happen to offer for a fee, which is how they Google actually makes money.  In your particular case,it's worse since there's nothing about the name Taosoft that immediately says "3d content" to the average person, and even if someone does remember the name Taosoft, typing that in takes you to a page with no links and no description of what you sell.  https://www.lyfemarketing.com/blog/get-found-on-google/ has a few good tips on getting a better web profile, but most companies these days have at least one person whose specialty is web marketing.   

    Well I always add keywords to my sites when I find it relevant, but in this case we're talking about programs related to two very specific sites (DAZ and Rendo) with a resonably small audience only, so the most obvious thing would be asking in the forums for first, before trying google.  So I don't consider google to be very important in this particular case. 

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