Krystal v1.3 (Starfox Adventures)

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The below is a paraphrased version of the original posts from Little Dragon's Krystal v1.3 thread in the old forums. Some verbiage has been changed so that the words do not look like -I- am the one that made the model, which seems to be a bit of a confusion on DeviantArt at times.....

The talented CharleyFox (a.k.a. FoxHunt) has graciously permitted Little Dragon to adapt his superb Krystal model for use in Poser and D|S.

Version 1.3 of the figure is now available.

All files can currently be downloaded from Little Dragon's Poser website:

Special thanks to KCTC for providing hosting services, and to Spirit Wolf 448 for having generously mirrored the original files on his site for the past year and a half.

Also, a thanks to France hosting the freebies site for so long. We will miss you, France.

Third-party support:

svdl's V4 Warrior outfit, refitted by Rachidna

Poses (Studio only) by Bunnykins

Pose sets by LilWolff

Headset prop (Studio only) by KaelenRedcoon

Numerous textures by foxyfellowuk

Additional textures by naier-

Additional textures and MATs by yowl

T-shirt textures by stefani21ga

T-shirt textures by Exeterman79

T-shirt textures and Assault flightsuit by Daymond42

Clothing textures by Fade_Willow

Bushy Tail 2 MATs and textures by Ethin

Wardrobe Wizard 2 support (Krystal v1.0 only) by PhilC

CrossDresser support by EvilInnocence

For those of you who've monitored Krystal's development since the initial announcement in 2007, the version 1.3 update offers a number of advantages over the original, along with new features. I'll gloss over the high points:

- Improved shoulder and leg legging for more realistic posing
- Integrated V4/G2-style magnet deformers, with Python script and magnetize pose
- New head and body morphs
- Joint-offset dials for improved compatibility with V4, M4, and A3 poses
- Posable whiskers, for characters that need them
- Updated DAZ|Studio material support
- Support for Studio's level-of-detail (LOD) feature
- Updated DMC file for Mimic and Studio lipsync
- Relevant updates to all conformers

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    Also, if anyone has a freebie not listed or I forgot to mention it, please just link to it here in this thread. I want to get this topic up and rolling again like the good ol' days.

    Lastly, for further reference, here's a link to the old forum, albeit without images.

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    On my site i've some morph and texture for Krystal 1.3 as freebiees, if you want can add the link for it.

    Extend3D Free Characters

    Go on page and scroll until you don't find Krystal Shape section.

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    Wardrobe Wizard does in fact support this version of Krystal. Several months back, PhilC updated it for this version.

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    Thanks for relisting these. Krystal is how I first found out about DAZ Studio, after the collab was announced on the Krystal Shrine. Thanks for these. :)

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    I know I posted this in the old thread but the new one needs more pics.

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    She so cute! :)

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    I thought I'd ask this here since people visiting this thread are going to be more familiar with the object in question. I tried using LD's Bushy Tail 2 the other day (in DS4 Pro) and ran into a problem where the very tip of the tail isn't accepting any morphs or changes to it's shape. I can't give it the lion tuft, or the rat like taper or anything. Has anyone else run into this problem, or have any idea what might be causing this? Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know about Daz 4, but I do know that in Daz 3 the lion tuft doesn't show because the material's opacity is set to zero by default. I'd turn the morph on, then use one of the Material presets that come with the tail to load the texture.

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    I've been hitting an odd snag with retexturing Krystal's hair, and I haven't been able to solve it yet.

    It looks fine in previews (of course), but when I render out, sometimes the very tips of the hair show up well past where it should stop. For example (blown up 2x):

    The thing is, it only shows up sometimes, depending on the zoom distance and angle. That makes me think it's an issue with the edges, but I can't figure out where exactly it is. Here are my materials settings for one of the hair layers (all three are identical, or should be anyway):

    Both the Transparency and Edge Transparency maps match. I've tried turning down the texture strength on the edges down to 0, and get a light blue glossy line all the way down to the tip (and exactly to the same tips that give me trouble). I've also tried bobbing the hair transparency texture shorter (both for the main transparency and the edge transparency), and that doesn't seem to have an effect.

    I've included the redrawn texture, and the original below, if you want to get an idea of what I'm working with, or mess with trying to solve it yourself. (I may redraw the texture again before releasing it, but I want to solve this issue first before I mess with it any further.)


    I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

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    It looks like something I've see before when the uv map is off a bit, but I checked the uv's and there doesn't seem to be any problems. Sorry for not being of much help.

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    All the same, I appreciate you taking a look at it, thank you.

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    I've been asked a few times to post up the texture files I've been using lately, so I put together a pack and am offering it for download and use as you please, as long as you credit me if you use some part of it.

    You can see a (lame) preview here:

    The pack itself is available for download here:
    v1.01: Fixed missing links in Eyes to new texture (thanks to Fox66 for reporting)

    There are two unresolved quirks with this package, currently:

    1) Depending on your zoom distance/angle, the very tips of Krystal's bangs may lightly show past where they should be invisible. I haven't been able to fix this, so if it does occur for you, you can either photoshop away the tips, or switch back to the old transparency maps for the hair.

    2) If you use the "Nipples Off" preset after applying the "HD Textures (No Bumpmaps)" preset, it will include the fur bump map into the Nipples area, which won't match the surrounding smooth fur. Simply switch the bump map to "None" in the Materials Room.

    I hope you enjoy it!

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    Please forgive the triple post, but I've put together a comparison image for anyone interested. Being this zoomed out does take away from some of the benefits of the higher resolution texturing, but it should give you an idea of some of the differences. Color or design-wise, I'm definitely not claiming this pack is better than the original, just different; an alternative for those looking for a slightly different look.

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    I haven't used Krystal in a long time, I probably should free her from my archives and see what she's like in DS4.5.

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    Does anybody have the Starfox_Krystal_walk__run_sequences.rar file? The link is dead...

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    Just something I recently did with Krystal.

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    DrDurr said:
    Does anybody have the Starfox_Krystal_walk__run_sequences.rar file? The link is dead...

    What was the old link?

    Maybe the Wayback Machine has a copy, but we'll need the old link to the page to be able to check.

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    robkelk said:
    DrDurr said:
    Does anybody have the Starfox_Krystal_walk__run_sequences.rar file? The link is dead...

    What was the old link?

    Maybe the Wayback Machine has a copy, but we'll need the old link to the page to be able to check.
    I tried that, and it took me to the actual page, then I came here. Other running animations don't look right or I can't get the camera to follow properly. I'm prerendering a platformer in Multimedia Fusion 2.

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    She's a lady.

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    Is the site down for anyone else?

    Ethin said:
    She's a lady.

    What bump map settings do you have?
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    Hello guys,

    I found the Krystal G+ package but it works only with Krystal v1.0. I like to convert the morphs for the new one but I need the old Krystal for that. Has some one a link to the old Krystal v1.0 files?

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    i was wondering, will anyone try to update Krystal? I would do it, but, right now, my skills suck.

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    Krystal is the main figure in my character development. Thats why I work on her and create some updates, convert clothing and add some new morphs. The conversion of the Krystal G+ Package is only one of my Projects for her^^

    I hope someone has the Krystal 1.0 version of her. I need it really :-(

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    Hmmm, Sorry, inu_yahsa, I didn't realize that France still had what does look like the older version (the one coolcj1990 quoted) on our website, though there is no official link to it.

    I can add a real link to the older version, if people want it. Just let me know. Since we don't have any way to contact Little Dragon, I'll take responsibility for putting it back there.

    If there are other links that should go on the site for third party items, please send me a pm or post the link in this thread and I'll add them.

    Sorry I haven't kept up on this - I really haven't used Krystal and when I took over our website after France died last year, I just left things as she'd had them. I'll go through and delete any links that aren't good or see if I can find updated ones...

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    Many thanks that is what I want^^ Now I can check what morphs of the KrystalG package I can update for Krystal 1.3.

    @Alisa Uh-Lisa

    It would be great when you put a separate link to the old files on the page. I don't know that about France so I thought the site is no longer supported and I prepared for reupload when the site would be down. I also created installers of the Krystal package which works like the DAZ Installer. But they include a component selection so you can chose which part of the Krystal bundle you like to install. (A feature I miss in the DAZ installers)
    I also work on a concept of automatic update injection into exiting cr2 files via my installers. So I could share updates of her easily without any permission problems^^

    When you interested in that what I do with her you can check my gallery on:

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    Yes, we're hosting these sites

    I'm working on updating the links and putting in links to the items that are required for some of the third party stuff, I'll also add in the older version of Krystal :) Busy with a number of things so it may take a bit.

    Some nice images on your site :)

    I'm not sure if there's any need to put up installers for the items that are already on the site with zip files, unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean and these are installers for something you've made?

    Are you the one who created the Whisper and BD Lowrise conversions that are linked on the site? The links right now go to the old Daz forums, so I'm changing that to have links to the files.

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    Glad I could help. Also your art is very well made. I'm particularly impressed with Rao, the new one with the chest fur, and Renamon.

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    Has anyone successfully dressed Krystal in Genesis clothing using XD4?
    I downloaded it yesterday
    ( I have XD3 and actually did not see any advantages using 4 other than a bit quicker and got more pokethrough! and would need to buy new licenses for other figures too)
    it creates a CR2 but looks for a file that is there in geometries called Krystal-starfox- but it does not see it
    opening it in notepad it is a vertex list so an unnamed obj file, adding an obj extension did not work either
    their website appears offline so no joy looking for more info there

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    well I sort of solved it using PP12 and Dimension3D's DSON importer
    I resaved the imported .duf of a Genesis dress as a cr2 and that converted
    surely one can do it without Poser somehow
    ( I fortunately have Poser)
    the pokethrough was again bad so added a smoothing modifier in studio

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