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    Thanks.  Had asked question about water & pleasantly surprised when PA himself replied.  He suggested using SSS to change H2O opacity.  

    I didn’t have much luck though.  

    SSS Amount: .0010

    (Refract Color for greenish tint: .12 | .22 | .16)

    Had to ‘cop-out’ with cutout opacity
    Cutout opacity: 1 | (opaque looking water)
    Cutout Opacity at .9990 | clear & looks like water with food color in it. : /

    If have the time, happen to know some start values that might help?  

    Trying for murky water where can still see fish & water plants if that helps.

    Thanks for reading


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    Hey Bruce

    https://www.deviantart.com/itiseyemeeszark/art/Iray-Green-Water-Shaders-781922140 two water shaders (using the DS/Iray Metal/Rough shader). One will be the water I did for Fern Lake and the second the Turtles scene which is much greener and murky.

    But since Iray is photoreal you would have to get the camera angle right to see beneath the surface.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks very much for sharing those.  Saves me having to reinvent the wheel.   ;)

    Oh, and helpful to remind me of camera angle.  Doh!  O_o

    Thanks again


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    my pleasure Bruce

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     to adjust the Depth of the SSS colour use the Scattering Measurement Distance setting but oif you go past 50.00 you will need to increase the Transmitted Measurement Distance

    Oh and I forgot the Green shader is and older set up where I used Top Coat instead of the main gloss channel (I should have checked before posting them, the Greener shader is how I set up shader now.


    Tiling is set up for Fern Lake normal mapping

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    Szark said:

     to adjust the Depth of the SSS colour use the Scattering Measurement Distance setting but oif you go past 50.00 you will need to increase the Transmitted Measurement Distance

    Thanks.  Wasn’t familiar with settings under volume so that really helped.  Entered some very high values.  Maybe still not doing it correctly, but have a starting point now.

    Don’t know if said this before, but when I search old topics, seems like 4-5 names always in the discussion.  You’re one of them!  You've probably forgotten all about comparing notes from 2015 or whenever, but those topics are invaluable to some of us rookies!

    Thanks again & best wishes



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    LOL not so much these days, too busy but yeah I posted a lot back then.

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    Taking Catamaran's Road Gypsy for an Iray ride, Had to convert figure to prop to split of the disc brake mat zone as the Geo tool wouldn't select anything in CR2 mode.

    https://www.daz3d.com/new-york-brownstones with all surfaces adjusted to PBR standards 
    Tress are from Stonemason, Maple and one from his Fern Lake set. 

    road gypsy.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 1M
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    OMG I so love the color of that Trike @Szark!!! So my fav color!


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    Thx. I am not a big fan of pruple but it think it works on bikes.

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    Pete, you finally decide to come out of hybernation, Rofl !!!  Great lookin trike, purple is perfect, actually, I love the color purple.  I'd take it for a cruise.  Pete, was wondering what surfaces tabs used to reduce metal surface, shiny, glossy.  I seem to have difficulty in this area, thanks for input.      

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    Hey AJ, When Metaicity is at 1.00 (metal rough shader) the only channel used is the Roughness (apart from bump, normal and top coat etc obviously) The gloss colour comes from the diffuse 

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    Szark said:

    Hey AJ, When Metaicity is at 1.00 (metal rough shader) the only channel used is the Roughness (apart from bump, normal and top coat etc obviously) The gloss colour comes from the diffuse 

    Hi Pete, thanks bud.  Will give it a shot.  Wanna render a drum kit, but have difficulty with metal shaders, metals are either black or to shiny frown

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    Black becase the diifuse is too dark and for shiny, increase roughness. 0 is super shiny - 1.00 is matt 

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    Pete, I don't adjust the diffuse, I adjust dual lobe specular weight, glossy layered weight, glossy reflectivity, etc.....  Sometimes top coat weight, very confusing, Rofl, will shoot you an e, illustrate what I'm sharing smiley

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    What shader are you using Glossy/Spec or Metal/Rough?

    Forget using dual lobe for metal surfaces. I THINK is is more for surfaces like skin but don't quote me on that. I never use it for my work.

    Gloss weight is omitted when using Metalicity (top channel) when on 1.00

    Reflectivity is also omitted when Metalicity is on 1.00

    Top Coat is just for things like varnish etc

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    Ok gotcha, will experiment, thanks bud yes

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    Metal and Chrome are a little different. I was refering to plain metals, however chrome is a metal based coating and I treat it a little different. I will email you my Chrome shader I made.

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    Cool, thanks yes

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    Another of Catamaran's detailed models the Black Widow MKIII Princess using my Car Paint, Chrome and Alloy wheel shader set up

    Gypsy MKIII Princess 2.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 1M
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    Used Ken's Leaf Cutter Ants https://hivewire3d.com/shop/shop-by-artist/ken-gilliland/nature-s-wonders-ants.html I made some more transmaps to vary the leaves and since the leaves are from the same tree I also varied the diffuse in Photoshop. I did however overhaul the Ant matertails. 

    Logistic Corps.jpg
    2500 x 1064 - 2M
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    Wow ! Amazing render Pete, looks real almost had me fooled yes

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    thx AJ

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    Since setting up the Iray materials for the Brownstone set some years ago I have learnt a lot more about PBR so with permission from https://www.daz3d.com/aurelio I have updated all materials to bring them in line with proper PBR as much as I can and know how. They don't have roughness maps as I am not privy to the original source files.

    I have attached two scene subsets, Day and Night and some Material presets. These are no use to anyone unless you have the original content from the DAZ3D store. The Emissive materials have also been updated to be more realistic in Wattage and Lumen output. Be warned these will overwrite the existing Emissive presets. The rest will be ok.

    I did this for myself to begin with but hey why not share.

    You can Dl them from my dA page https://www.deviantart.com/itiseyemeeszark/art/Updated-Brownstone-Iray-Materials-788773025

    PS: All the surfaces are tagged so if you want to drop the Brownstone Normal Map intensity for example you can use the Surface Selection Tool to right click on say the brownstone and select Tags, Brownstones and select All Objects. That will select all the brownstone zones in one go. 

    Brownstones 2.jpg
    1500 x 1303 - 2M
    Brownstones 3.jpg
    1500 x 1303 - 2M
    Brownstones aut.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 2M
    Brownstones night.jpg
    2000 x 1125 - 2M
    2000 x 1125 - 2M
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    I totally redid all the Hell Creek and Mesozoic material settings and Iray converted the Dinos


    Lit by HDRI and rendered out as Canvases with Z depth layer

    First image is my rework of the mats, second as it loads

    Spinosaurus 5.jpg
    2500 x 1406 - 4M
    Spinosaurus 3B.jpg
    2500 x 1406 - 5M
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    Awesome friend, I'm a fan of dinosaurs.  Fantastic scene yes  Would love to learn, how to balance surfaces, hint, Lol !!!!!  CU on the flipside.     

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    Thanks AJ Keep at it the learning it is the only way. :)

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    Ok here it is, since you asked. Hope it helps others too.

    Hell Creek Modules adjustments


    First off I removed all maps from;

    Glossy Layered Weight leaving it on 1.00

    Glossy Colour leaving it white

    Reflectivity setting it back to the default (Alt+Left Click on the value)

    Top Coat Weight

    Top Coat Roughness then setting Top Coat Weight to zero.


    Also before I saved out each module as a new Scene Subset I re-parented the contents to a Group Null so I can hide a complete module with one click.


    I then set Diffuse Roughness for the palms bark, tree trunks, tree log, tree stump, dead tree, stick debris and branches etc to 0.40. For plant leaves I used a value of 0.30. Diffuse roughness is for when light is absorbed and spread out more. I find it helps to soften the gloss settings on leaves. I didn't bother using any translucency on the Moss.


    All plant leaves use a Translucency value of 0.10, putting the diffuse map in the colour channel and set to Scatter, Transmit Intensity as I found it gave the best colour translucency according to the map. If you want to darken the effect use a mid grey in the colour bar.


    Followed the above for the Magnolias, Moss Clusters and Palm Sabal. For the Palm Tree leaves I did the above but replaced the Roughness map with the included Leaf Gloss map. I found the roughness map made the leaves to glossy. Personal choice. :)


    All map adjustments made with Photoshop CC2019 and suffixed with A so not to overwrite the originals, just in case. :)




    Set Diffuse Roughness to 0.30 and Reflectivity to 0.30

    Diffuse maps I saturated (CTRL+U) at a value of +15

    Roughness maps I adjusted the Levels (CTRL+L) (Output Levels) Bottom Left to a value of 130 to make it lighter.

    This is includes the nest diffuse and roughness map

    Also while I was doing this I saved out some 4K maps for the terrains, for distant terrains.




    Diffuse maps for the Trunk, (Break uses the trunk map) and Branches I saturated +20 and dropped the lightness down by -10


    Ground Cover:


    All Branches and Stick Debris: Adjusted Roughness map Levels (Output Levels) 190 to make them lighter.


    Cane Palm: I removed the roughness map and just used a value of 0.63. I didn't like the results using the map. I tried to adjust it but it still didn't look right for me. For a Translucency Weight Map I took the opacity map into PS and painted out the stems, leaving the leaves only.


    Rocks: Diffuse roughness of 0.30.


    Mushrooms: Diffuse Roughness 0.20 and I just dropped the Glossy Layered Weight to 0.50 (I was being lazy at this point LOL)


    Tree Log, Tree Stump and Dead Tree: Diffuse maps saturated +15 and Roughness map Levels (Output Levels) 190 to make them lighter.




    Diffuse Roughness 0.10 Glossy Layered Weight 0.50. (Being lazy again)


    Some might ask why I went to this trouble, why not just return it if I wasn't happy that it didn't have true PBR materials and settings and to me wasn't that realistic. Well I love the set, modelling and textures are awesome and I can use for other things with different trees etc. Plus over the years I have acquired certain skills to do so. IMO I think is looks better for it. I am not saying I know it all but I do have a good understanding of PBR just don't ask me about human skins. I don't have any interest in human figures any more.


    Albedo maps need to be of a level of saturation so that it can cope with full Glossy Weight without looking too washed out and to better react to light. Legacy stuff needs Gloss weight lowered as the diffuse maps weren't made for PBR. But new stuff that is Iray only should IMO hold up to this standard. This set is not alone in this. I have a number of products that have Gloss maps in the Glossy Layered Weight node and I have done the same thing with them. Shame I have to.

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    Great, thanks very much! Will post the result in the other thread when I get it done.

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    my pleasure

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