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    @FirstBastion, that is amazing! Well done!! I thought it was a picture at first glance.

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    Ron's Lightning F/X have some jaw dropping promos today.  It's exactly what we would expect from the talented Deviney master of the photoshop brushes.

    There's more of the page worth the time to have a look. 

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    I like the one with the ship in the storm best. (Sadly I had to wishlist the brushes for the moment, but I hope to get them very soon)

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    Never a great idea to try to cross tracks in front of an approaching train,  but the new Fantasy Hot Rod by td3d promo is cool,  if not for anything else than the girl in the passenger seat is either reacting with panic to get out of there, or being tossed around by the shock absorbers of rubber hitting metal of the tracks.  Small attention to details like that catch our attention.

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    We're going to include a few promos from the same package today,  namely The Philosopher's Ultimate Grass and Meadows kit.  First an epic wide angle that comes straight out of the box preset with ever difficult twilight time of day,    and the second a functional promo showing the nuts and bolts usefulness of individual props grouped together giving the artist as much control as they need to get the resuts they want.  Great promos for a great and useful set. 

    And I though the inclusion of the optimal camera angles zone a smart and useful tool to take advantage of the available lightset. 

    Both a foreground and a background that goes on for quite some distance.  Good stuff.

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    FeralFey's Foot Finesse has some great poses focusing on the toes. Totally useful for storytelling.  Who doesn't dip there toe in the water t test temperature.  But this one gave a chuckle. 

    Here,  smell my feet!

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    Naughty Dogs by Virtual World.  I'll just leave this here. 

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    A beautfiul image from Flipmode's new Easy Environments:  Clouds II


    1920 x 1080 - 195K
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    There's some pretty cool promos for the HoverBike by Sareth today

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    TangoAlpha's new ArchCove has great visual appeal.

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    This one is so simple but it's hilarious. Browsing through images of cute girls wearing a dress, then the last promo - bam! Fabulous! lol I laughed so hard.

    "Am I pretty now?"



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    I like this render from the new Bang Bob hair:

    It's so gritty and creapy - but cool. If you find yourself on an alien planet and turn the corner and see this, I think perhaps you've wandered into the wrong side of town. lol Several pretty seedy but cool images among that product's promos.

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    E-Arkham Red Rock Canyon has some excellent desert rocks,  the dune buggy racers are just turning the corner.

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    Little BOT Helper - these are fun bits of storytelling.

  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 4,202

    The Gothic Library floorplan with hints of some sketchwork postwork.

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    The Gothic Library floorplan with hints of some sketchwork postwork.

    Really love this

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