Darwins' Schtuff Pt Deux



  • Quick 5 minute render of the starting of the sleeve.  Haven't worked over seams, of course, that's last. ;D

  • Getting a hint of the darker side of things.  Titled "Patiently Waiting"

  • Ohh nice. The skulls on the wrist look like a bracelet.

    Not sure I want to meet him in a dark alley :P 

  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 3,764

    Not sure I want to know what he is waiting for :) looking good though, and I love the look of that sleeve :)

  • Thanks, both of you.

    Ten to one, he's waiting for me to get his backside done and into promos.  lol

  • DaventakiDaventaki Posts: 1,481


    1740 x 2245 - 3M
  • Holy moly- well done with Mikhail, he looks smexy!  Thank you for posting him!

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 6,454

    Tries to wipe up the drool off the floor!!!

    Damn smexy @Daventaki!!!

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Afternoon everyone!

    I live-kinda.  Between work and home, it's been crazy; however, now we are a household of Covid.  The office, it seems, is not at 30% capacity as most of the employees are now home instead of in the office.  Vaccinated or not, this SUCKS.  

    Hope you are all taking care of yourselves, while we do the same. 

    Happy New Year.

  • KevinHKevinH Posts: 1,076

    Glad to read your update, DarwinMishap! I kept wondering what happened to you. Wishing the best to you and your family.

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Well.  'nother update- I am now starting the slow process (due to wi-fi) of downloading/installing all of my programs, aps, and content that are not already saved on the two externals.  

    *grin* New 'Puter Issues.  Whoo- can't wait to see how this one renders.  By next weekend, I should have some additional test renders to show, finally!

  • KevinHKevinH Posts: 1,076

    Glad to read your update! I've missed your post and your figures!

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Thank you!  Been working on getting back here, and am looking forward to new character ideas my s/o and I have come up with in the past months. lol  More voices in my head.

  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 3,764

    Good to hear you and yours are doing well Dar :) and looking forward to see what comes from those ideas ^^

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Thanks! Hopefully, with the new system as well (once everything is set up the way I want), I'll be able to do more.  *insert maniacle laugher here*

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Three test renders of a new base facial sculpt; later will be to hammer out the finer details and finalize the head morph sculpt in zbrush.  I'm naming this one Jean-Pierre:


    I used three sets of hand-dialed micro-expressions on him to see how well the different emotional expression dials work together on his sculpt.  I like.  Gonna keep this one. ;)

  • vwranglervwrangler Posts: 4,591

    DM, whatever happened to Damek? https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/comment/6790186/#Comment_6790186

    I think the last we heard, you were working on a sleeve, and then life got crazy. Did he just not work out?

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Heya, vwrangler!

    Damek is still on the table.  However, once I moved everything over from the old tower to the new tower I realized I mis-saved 90% of his morphs.  I will be opening the scenes saved in previous renders to re-save the files into a different runtime so that they are correct, but wanted to test out the system first. Hence, Jean-Pierre. XD

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Good news: All three head morphs for Damek, as the rest of the others, now work in the new system/installation on the HD.  Once I get all of his skin settings set up correctly (found some mis-labeled files as well), I'll have his tats, LIE, and additional skin settings to work out and he'll be ready for testing.  *whew*

  • Glad to hear things are on the up Dar. Hope things continue to improve both on the health front and on the "new pc-itis teething troubles".

    As always I look forward to picking up your next release. How is Genesis 8.1 working out for you ?


  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Thanks, David!

    The new UVs were at first confusing for me only to be able to work with them in blacksmith, but I got it figured out.  ......crap, which I need to reinstall.  Oi.  I'll be re-setting up the material files on Damek today for as long as I can before we have to go out, so hopefully I can post a quick "he's ready to continue on and be finished" render. lol

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Face shape 3 for Damek (as seen in the gallery with the long red hair) and the base skin with Heterchormatic eyes vrs. 1.  Working on the fibermesh brows with the light blonde coloring on them; didn't really match the hair mat, but eh.

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039
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    (edit, double post-oops)

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    updating tats.  Fingers will have three or four sayings (this one is Game Over), and arm tat 1 worked out.  Also worked over the veins in the trans maps as they were too dark, and had to redo the disp. maps for the veins as they weren't lining up right either.

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  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 4,039

    Finally got the mesh brows/lashes done: Black, blonde, red, brown, white.   He's wearing the blond here with the red eyes and infected socket textures.  Fantasy facial accent morph over the second head morph and fantasy teeth.  Was testing how the brows attached over the fantasy facial accent morph as the last few times they wouldn't follow the sculpt at all.  Which was frustrating.  Saved out the base skin settings (gloss, translucency, SSS), and will be resaving the base figure as I have tweaked the normal maps and teeth/mouth gloss a bit more.  Started working on the second arm tattoo, but not happy with it so not showing it yet.  Gonna set up some thumbnails after resaving the base figure again to at least let the system work those out while we head out for part of the day. Progress is going slow, but I'm only working on these on the weekends now rather than during the week to save my sanity.

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