RAMWorks Tutorials: PP2 and HR2 to figure & Painting Genesis in ZBrush



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    Well I'm still using 3Delight,cause I'm just not putting out the money for Iray,nope ain't doing it.Besides I like toony stuff so not totally into real looking stuff ......can't you fix any floating hair in post??

    HI RAMMIE you still da bomb!!


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    Here is a modified one for the Hivewire figure users:

    Load up Dawn or Dusk and then deselect the figure.

    Load in the hr2 or pp2 file, it will load at the bottom of the Scene list.


    NOTE: IF it's a hair prop and the hair loads too high or too low or back a bit or too forward you will need to move and resize Dawn or Dusk to fit that prop pretty much perfectly. So in the image you see below (Alisa you may remember this prop as it's from Apollo, called the Blunt Cut :) ) it loaded in high and slightly backwards so using the Y translation dial I moved Dawn's body backwards (I turned off the top two layers of the hair in the Surfaces tab to make sure Dawn's head was were it needed to be. I then used the Scale all dial and scaled her body up to the correct height to match the height of the hair.

    I then ran the transfer utility with the vary basics:

    a: Source: Scene Item: Select your figure, like Dawn or Dusk...
    Item Shape: Current

    b: Target: Scene Item: Converted prop name will be in the drop down, select that!
    Item Shape: Default (leave this setting alone for this transfer)

    Projection Template: You can play around with DVL's templates if you want but they are not necessary!

    Keep "Smart Left / Right Filtering" on

    "User Near Vertices" or "User Adaptive Tolerance" off

    General Options, leave at default and make sure and add a check mark to the "Reverse Source Shape from Target"!

    Keep the "Fit to Source" on and you can check the "Add Smoothing Modifier" if you so desire.

    Click Accept and let it run. The Hair SHOULD now be a figure parented to Dawn or Dusk's head.

    Next step, test the hair. Make sure it moves with the head nicely.

    NOTE: Medium short styles you will have extra bones that will cause unwanted deformation. So my suggestion is to go back to the Joint Editor. The bones will now be visible. Zoom in and go thought each bone EXCEPT for the main HEAD one, right click on it and and from the menu Delete> Delete Bone (I've not tried the Delete Unused Bones so that's up to you to try that, post if you've had good results using that).

    If there are morphs in the hair, they SHOULD come over with the hair. The Apollo Blunt Cut hair had none so can't test that out...

    Have fun!

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    L'Adair said:
    carrie58 said:

    L'Adair  aren't there hair shaders for Iray,you could use on the older hairs??

    Yes. I should give it a try. I have OOT's IrayHair Pair Shader.

    However, I don't think either OOT's shaders or Slosh's UHT shaders will help where sections of hair appear to be floating over the head... I'll show you what I mean, but I'll have to render it first...

    Okay. Here are three closeup renders of the hair. I used a dark red background with blonde hair so the empty space would be more obvious. While playing around with it, I did determine that from most angles, it's not obvious. And if the contrast between the hair color and the background is low, it also isn't as obvious.

    In these images, the worst area is the "part," at the top. The "empty" area below the top hair, near the part, is more obvious when not using any background; Something I do a lot of, but which is easier to fix in postwork...

    The first image is refit hair on G3M with only the Iray Uber Shader applied.

    Testing Iray hair shaders, GQ Event on G3M, first image, by L'Adair

    The next image is the same, but with OOT IrayPair Hair Shader applied over the Iray Uber Shader.

    Testing Iray hair shaders, GQ Event on G3M, second image, by L'Adair

    And the last image use OOt IrayPair Hair Shader and textures.

    Testing Iray hair shaders, GQ Event on G3M, third image, by L'Adair

    Applying the textures from OOT's product didn't work that well. Closeup, anyway, you can see straight edges that should be strands instead. As it turns out GC Event is one of the small percentage of hair products that doesn't have the "UV-mapped in a straight, square format." Still, just applying the shader made a big difference.

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    Just wanted to say this tutorial is the best thing since sliced bread. I can't believe this quick, easy method of converting all my old prop hairs to G3 was just sitting right under my nose all these years. Thanks so much RAM, tytyty.
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    Your quite welcome.  Glad some folks are still making some use out of this old tutorial!  lol

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    New to me baby! ;) And it's a gem, and so easy to do.
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    Ha old tutorial it still works really well which is more important then age !! and it's well written and easy to follow which is even better


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    Awwwwww... thanks!  cheeky

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    resurrecting an old thread but...THANK YOU Rich!! Jess (Silver) pointed me towards this, as I'm trying to convert my favourite V4 hairs to G3F - worked perfectly on Belle Arum hair laugh

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    Glad this old info still is useful hon! 

  • Thank you!  Just found this and it worked a treat, saving me much wailing and gnashing of teeth!!!!

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 10,157

    Glad it worked for you.  Funny how old this tutorial is and folks are still enjoying and making use of the info!  :-)

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    RAMWolff said:

    Glad it worked for you.  Funny how old this tutorial is and folks are still enjoying and making use of the info!  :-)

    So when are you going to change the thread title to "Fitting old hair onto newer figures"?
    laugh angel

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    Thanks for this thread. I have not seen it before. Oldies but goldies smiley

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    ditto - I've been dodging this issue for years, using newer fitted hair, rather than fighting to get the old standards I had and love to fit... And bumped into this just now from another thread. Read this through end-to-end. saved pdfs of the works.

    Thank you RAMWolff and others who added their brilliance. Time goes by, but the questions remain.

    I suppose it was the title that threw me - I don't use zbrush, so I skimmed by. Silly me!



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