Exclusive news at CarraraCafe: Time and details about Carrara 8.5 and 9 releases



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    3drendero said:
    Got a news post at

    and the German Carrara forum:

    and Renderosity:

    Any suggestions for other sites to send the news to, to get more PR for Carrara?

    Only one suggestion: please adjust the news post before posting anywhere else, because that's the original post which made some people wonder on announcements.

    From the German forum:

    "Breaking news: Carrara 8.5 to be released Q3 2013 with several new features, Carrara 9 to follow in Q1 2014

    A CarraraCafe exclusive news piece, straight for Daz HQ in Utah.

    It is the February news annoucement that brings the release dates and features for both Carrara 8.5 and 9.

    We will be releasing Carrara 8.5 by end of summer 2013, and are working on some plans to release 9.0 either Q4 or Q1 2014.

    Carrara 8.5 will include:
    - Support for up to Windows 8 and OSX 10.8
    - DSON support
    – Metadata support
    - New animation tools (keyframe tool improvements, smoothing, keying every frame, etc.)
    - Graph editor improvements
    - Improvements to viewport avatars (Lights – spotlight, sun, moon, etc. Cameras – Conical, Isometric, etc.)

    One of the surprises are the several new features for Carrara 8.5, another is the plans for a Carrara 9 release.

    More details to be released in the Daz3D forums before the end of Februry."


    More details to be released in the Daz3D forums before the end of Februry."

    Obviously I missed the "more details".

    And the "surprises" and the "several" new features.

    (Just "trolling" :) )

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    Thanks, updated.

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