An Attempt of a "Limited Time Freebie" Message Only Email Alert Thread

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This is a new thread JUST for limited time 3D graphics freebies, not for games or permanent freebies.

Don't post "newsletter only" freebies (like RDNA or Renderosity newsletter freebies), just publicly available limited time freebies.
Don't post comments, please, because if somebody is subscribed to this thread they expect a new freebie when they get a new message alert.
IF you want to discuss limited time freebies, there is a discussion thread here:

Sometimes people are not getting newsletters, or are getting newsletters late.
The idea of this thread is that most (ok, not all, I know) are getting emails for new messages quite fast.

To get subscribed, just click on the "Subscribe to this thread" Star in the bar with the title of the thread. It turns yellow and you are subscribed.
Make sure you get mail alerts for new messages in your profile:, click on the gear in the same line as your username, edit profile, notification preferences.

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