Show Us Your Bryce Renders Part 10



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    mermaid : excellent terrain.

    Dave Savage : great ad. Beautiful abstract awesome colours and lighting. Terrain and castle is superbly done. 

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    Adbc - thanks

  • Dave Savage - Cliff Castle is awesome and reminds me of some of the ancient French castles. Nicely done.

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    Thanks all.

    Horo: Before the castle fell into disrepair, those arches formed a bridge to the next ourcrop of rock... In later days, the arches were used for storing winter firewood. laugh

    My latest Bryce musings... Still mainly done in the terrain editor but a bit more abstract than landscape.

    650 x 650 - 365K
    650 x 650 - 543K
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    Dave - that explains it  laugh The mazes look excellent, very cool idea, too.

    Just another landscape, the valley was created with an isoline in WorldCreator using different start and end heights. A 2D-face was used for the water so it also descends.

    Steep Vale

    And the anaglyph.

    Steep bale Anaglyph

    1200 x 750 - 170K
    1200 x 750 - 192K
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    @ everyone - all your work are just amazing! laugh  I am not online regularly and thus not as active as I would like to be, not in the forums or working in Bryce. sad

    But I have tried another street scene in Bryce.  You will notice the night scene is not finished, i.e. still lack of trees, etc.  Also had to do some bit of changing of road by moving somewhat to not show road end as seen on night seen to right side. I have completed the day scene only this afternoon.  The original Sketchup road model show the crossing walk lines but somehow when importing into Bryce it do not appear though the other line marks does frown.  I have found a model of such crossing lines which I have put on top of the road parts in Bryce, but it looks horrible! So, I am leaving those lines out for now.

    EDIT TO ADD NEW RENDER: Today search for another set of crosswalk lines and added it to scene.  Not great but much better than the previous model I used yesterday.  The left crosswalk lines are a bit skew compared to right side crosswalk lines.  

    Strange thing I am noticing, the word "solo" on road sign lack letter in the new render. 

    1366 x 768 - 153K
    1366 x 768 - 203K
    ROADS CITY - sketchup model.JPG
    1366 x 768 - 147K
    1366 x 768 - 204K
    ROADS CITY - sketchup model2.JPG
    1366 x 768 - 134K
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  • Theme of Lara 2018, 3d side by side 1080p

    Theme of Lara 2018.

    Surrealism in glorious 3d Stereoscopic 1080p side by side, for 3d dispalys and VR. I call it #metasurrealism and hoping to start doing an animation soon with future plans of including it a Surrealism 360* VR Expeirence.

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    That looks great Horo... If only I had a computer that would run World Creator... I love the Isolines demonstrations I've seen in the videos. Nice subtle use of a light beam, too.

    Launok: Hate when that happens. One of the models I have (from Stonemason), he has used what are basically 'stick on' crossings and close in renders show they aren't sitting quite flat on the road, but if you lower them even 1 Bryce unit, you see the road isn't completely flat and the road pokes through. I've deleted them completely for some renders.

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    Launok: Hate when that happens. One of the models I have (from Stonemason), he has used what are basically 'stick on' crossings and close in renders show they aren't sitting quite flat on the road, but if you lower them even 1 Bryce unit, you see the road isn't completely flat and the road pokes through. I've deleted them completely for some renders.

    Got another model of crosswalk lines and used it.  Add it to new render which I have added to my above post.  Not great though.

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    Dave Savage : amazing maze.

    Horo : beautiful landscape and anaglyph.

    launok : Great scenes, you certainly know your way around in Sketchup.

    Just made a desert landscape, nothing special only using the Bryce terrain editor. Still trying to understand how world machine works, it looks fairly good but once imported in Bryce they are quite horrible.



    950 x 475 - 121K
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    adbc said:


    launok : Great scenes, you certainly know your way around in Sketchup.

    Thank you for the compliment but Sketchup I am only using for open the models which I have downloaded from the Sketchup Warehouse.  My knowledge of the program is almost zero, though I have built 3 simple models in that - a fashion shop, a diner and diner signage.  I then export models as .obj to use in Bryce.  Some work, some doesn't.  But most do work with textures and all which is really great. But the scene outlays you see is what I actually plan in Bryce.  Gosh, I have to try a scene with the diner. Can't think why I have never done that! frown  The fashion shop I have completed a scene in Bryce. Only fashion shop is my model in street scene, rest Sketchup's.

    The Diner interior is not my work - it's from Johnny's Diner which is part of a game DOA5. And shop interior is various Sketchup models too.  I have built only the building part.

    launok diner.jpg
    1194 x 563 - 86K
    launok fashion shop2.jpg
    1194 x 563 - 151K
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    adbc  - Absolutely great desert scene.  I love the plants.  Are these succulents/grass/Yucca tree, free or part of a product for sale?

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    Launok: You could have just made your own crossing in Bryce. Either using the 2D square for a simple one or the Additional Primitives if you wanted a bit more detail.

    Sketchup is actually great piece of software, though I don't use it much, I find it's also great for getting 3D text into Bryce though sometimes it generates some odd geometry... I made the sign on the diner picture below in Sketchup.

    adbc: Nice desert scene.

    My latesy started in the terrain editor, but in the end the effect was better done just using the bump channel... So the background one is Terrain Editor and the front one is done in the Mat Lab.

    650 x 650 - 246K
    800 x 468 - 59K
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  • launoklaunok Posts: 774

    Dave - Great diner, very realistic! Second image also quite realistic. 

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,053

    launok : thanks. I have those plants for ages, I cannot remember where they came from. Download lots of stuff, sometimes worthless, put them in a file (categorized) and leave them until I need one of them. I like the diner and the shop. I don't know how to use Sketchup, I tried but gave up. It's a good idea though to use it to download their models.

    Dave Savage : Those last renders are just photographs, awesome.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,029

    Dave - thank you. I think I remember Davina's Diner but may be mistaken. Nice work. Terrain/Bump map example is very interesting.

    adbc - thank you. Very nice desert landscape.

    launok - nice store fronts.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,053

    Dave, Horo : thank you for your comment.


  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 4,914

    Dave - amazing mazes. the material and lighting awesome, the diner and the Terrain examples.

    Horo- beautiful landscape and anaglyph.

    launok - all your renders are very nice, I love the way you set up these little shops and street scenes.

    Adbc - very nice desert scene.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,029

    mermaid - thank you.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,740

    Dave: very nice pinball-maze-terrains. And that is a very great diner scene with wonderful sky and reflection of wetness on the ground. You must be joking with the second one; that’s a photo, isn’t it?

    Horo: very good looking terrain. Nice idea to use a 2D plane for the river.

    Launok: very nice toon-like city scene. The dark one does not work too well for me, because of too much reflection on the crossing. I like the fashion shop very much.

    Day_walker_13: I get an error-sign instead of a picture?

    Adbc: nice arid landscape. I understand your frustration with World Machine. It takes some fiddling to find a landscape that works in Bryce. The free version, of course, is rather limited in size of terrain-heightmap that can be exported. Still, I like what I can do with it.



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    Hansmar said:

    You must be joking with the second one; that’s a photo, isn’t it?

    I can only wish I had two big lumps of hall marked precious metal to photograph. laugh

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,053

    mermaid : thank you.

    Hansmar : thanks. I still did not totally give up on WM and yes I saw your terrains in the other thread about the TE and they are really good.

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    Hansmar - thank you.

    Trying to get into the mood of winter in the hope spring is around the corner. A terrain, a stone and the rest are instanced trees and an HDRI mixed with the sky.

    Winter Mood

    1200 x 840 - 251K
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  • Dave Savage - Amazing mazes and excellent use of textures,  DOF and rendering. The diner scene rocks especially the people's silhouette and the water. 
    Horo - Really nice terrain and fantastic lighting; awesome atmosphere. You've definitively captured the winter's cold and crisp day.
    Launok - Top-notch renders especially the night scene; excellent lighting. Seeing the same street at different times of day is awesome. 
    abdc - Great looking desert scene. WM Basic only exports at 513 resolution, but you managed to make it look better than I did :-)

    I've been experimenting with textures and masking terrains; splitting the lower plains from the mountain peaks and then blending the textures and colors. 

    Western Mountains of Lh'owon.png
    1114 x 819 - 1M
  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,053

    Horo : beautiful winter landscape, brrrr..... looks very cold !

    Eugenius :  thank you. Nice experiment. 

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 4,914

    Horo - superb winter landscape, awesome lighting

    Eugenius -  Nice experiments,

  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 911
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    Just a sketch.
    I modeled a pitcher in Wings 3D and enjoyed it a lot when working with lighting and inventing brass material in Bryce.
    Render TA 256 rpp.

    Натюрморт с кувшином.jpg
    800 x 600 - 334K
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  • Slepalex - Excellent modelling and incredible brass texture. Awesome rendering.

    The cave terrains were originally an experiment using GeoControl Demo; I decided to take another look at them.

    Caves of Lh'owon.png
    1114 x 819 - 1M
  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 4,914

    Slepalex - beautiful pitcher, awesome material and lighting.

    Eugenius -  very nice cave render

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,029

    Slepalex - you are a genius with Wings3D. Awesome pitcher and beautiful material. The blurry reflections from the backdrop behind the camera is spot on.

    Eugenius - nice cave with the top opening and its reflection on the water.

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