Show Us Your Bryce Renders Part 10



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    adbc - thank you.

    Hansmar - thank you. Nice terrain warping job. The sea waves look a bit regular to me. The DTE is an interesting tool to create terrains, you came up with an interesting one. The end of the terrain is visible at the lower image frame. Zooming in a bit or lifting the camera would hide it.

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    Thanks for the lovely comments Bryce peeps and I thoroughly enjopy seeing all of your projects! Rendering sure has come a long way! The warped shapes are especially interesting. I am moving this month to a new place with more space and plan to come in and admire and comment more soon! Best to you all! heart

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    akmerlow said:

    RexRed, tree of life symbolism?)

    It certainly can allegorically be expanded...

    The great biblical deluge may also be inferred even though that idea occurred to me after it was already made.

    And tree made tree in its own image etc... :)


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  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    Hansmar : I agree with Jamahoney and Horo's comment.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,114

    Dave- Superb scene love the atmosphere and lighting.

    RexRed – very nicely done.

    Hansmar - I like both your renders, I also have the same problem with the terrains that Horo mentioned, thanks Horo for mentioning how to fix it.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,789
    Jamahoney said:

    First one looks better, Hansmar - perhaps, the ship needs to stand out more (darken, larger, don't know)...sooth-down the sea wavelets etc.

    Jay...always a critic that needs ignoring.

    Thanks Jay, not going to ignore your suggestions. Indeed, the ship is a bit vague and the waves are too small (in horizontal direction). I might change it to try to improve.

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    Was doing one of David's tuts, ended up with something like this

    p.s. is it me, or forum compresses jpgs heavily?

    adding a photo sky glass terrain.jpg
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  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,114

    Akmerlow - beautiful render I love it.

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124

    oh, you are too kind :) thanks

    it has weird irregular glitches (though it might "work" here ok; and one small part now reminds me human face, funny) on right side, which i dont see on non-transparent materials i believe


  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,239

    akmerlow - I agree with mermaid. This came out beautifully.

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    akmerlow : very beautiful, indeed.

    Downloaded some scifi objects from share cg, made a scene out of it with some of the objects. "A new world".



    A new world3.jpg
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  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,791

    Akmerlow...nice one!

    AdBc...your works always amaze.


  • I've been playing with World Machine Basic Edition and Bryce 7.1 Radial lights were added.

    Beyond Horizon.jpg
    1114 x 819 - 183K
  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,239

    adbc - great sci-fi scene, excellent POV and beautiful sky.

    Eugenius Maximus - interesting looking terrain.

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124

    Thanks for words of courage.

    However, when i try something from scratch myself (instead of following lessons), results aren't such good. But i've just started, so hopefully it'll go better.


    Today i was also doing several mini-tuts (i totally failed some of them, like the one with panoramic caves, need to retry), one of them had me changing attributes of 101 objects (metaballs)... that felt more like a test on patience and endurance; i guess there is sort of auto for such? as method reminded me how in other 3d editors you have spline and shape and then make shape go through  spline (yet you dont need to manually attach 100 parts of it to path)



    Another thing was bothering me; when i watch videos, it looks like most popular method of work here is... "inuitive, and not precise". May times it's like "create terrain, make it a big bigger, move it a bit away, scale textures on it a bit, move camera a bit away, judge by eyes". That feels pretty improvisational and perhaps might not be suited for projects with many camera positions.

    I wonder if some of you use more "prepared in mind" approach when you "already know" where to place what, at which size, how far away, etc. instead of "trial and error guessing".



    adbc, is it some giant evil tree that spits fire from it mouth?) imagination is dangerous thing

    i like colours



  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,239

    akmerlow - the brain works differently for different people, it's always the result that counts. I struggle with the improvisional and intuitive approach and prefer clearly defined settings. In Bryce I seldom use the controls to move a parameter directly but enter the numbers in the fields, also to place the camera.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    Jamahoney, Horo : thank you for your comment.

    Eugenius Maximus : great terrain scene.

    akmerlow : thanks, your imagination is about right. 


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    Adbc – wow fantastic surreal/sci-fi render, love the colors.

    Eugenius Maximus –nice rocky terrain.

    Akmerlow I agree with Horo, we all work differently. Unlike Horo, I play with the controls and do fine-tuning with numbers, for everything objects or camera. I’m good at doing tutorials, and use them has a base for other renders. The only other 3D program I use is Wings 3D but I only follow tutorials, never modelled anything from scratch myself. Sometimes I feel I need to use Daz 3D so I can have more choices, but don't have enough grey cells to learn. Bryce is fun and sometimes it leads to unexpected beautiful results. My advice will be don't get frustrated, just go with the flow and before you know it you will be have lots of fun with Bryce.


    This was supposed to be my third entry for the challenge- Living beyond the Horizon

    I had two minds about entering this render, firstly it would be my 3rd or 4th  challenge entry using this awesome Hdri from the Sunless Hdri skies, one of my favourite skies and secondly I used one of the models from the 2nd entry, so decided against entering it. I played a bit with the Ivy Generator - one of David's tutorials


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  • launoklaunok Posts: 792

    Just another view of the street scene which I have posted recently.  This time I have added some people which are also from Sketchup Warehouse.  For a scene like this I rather not use Daz's characters as they are very high detailed with textures and do crash Bryce or even let it run out of memory.  Sketchup's people are very low poly and work better in this instance.


    BOUTIQUE 3.jpg
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    Horo, adbc: Thanks. Agree with the too regular sea waves. A terrain sea would certainly be better, or a more complicated texture. Indeed, the edge of the secont terrain shows, but I do not really mind. Looks like the terrain suddenly drops into water.

    Mermaid: Thanks. For me the edge of the terrain was not a problem in this case.

    Akmerlow: I like your result, especially the threatening sky, but also the colours in the terrains.

    Adbc: Fantastic voyage! Dizzying depth in this one.

    Eugenius maximus: Terrain looks nice and so does the backlight.

    Mermaid: Lovely colours and very strange items you made. I like it.

    Regarding intuitive of precise: I do like a lot of ‘trial and error’ or call it ‘serendepity’. I do not need full control over everything when making a scene. Specifically location of lights, textures, etc. are partly intuïtive for me. However, in some cases camera setting and location of objects need to be precise. In those cases, I use number options.

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    threatening sky

    It's from David's lesson


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    mermaid010  - very nice work!  I have ivy generator but have not used it.

    adbc - great SciFi image!  

    Eugenius Maximus  -  Looks very realistic.  Is the World Machine Basic Edition free?  Edit: found it! :)

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  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124
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    This was supposed to be my third entry for the challenge- Living beyond the Horizon

    Mysterious and imaginative. Provokes thoughts about Atlantis and other Lost Civilizations. Maybe, they are, really, not "lost", but "beyond our horizon" instead.

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  • Hansmar said:

    Mermaid, adbc, Horo, mach25: Thanks for the nice words. And no, I do not hope that anaglyphs become as addictive as abstracts, because there would be no time left for other things than Bryce, would there?

    To show how addicted I am to (semi-)abstracts: here is another one. This one, I call ‘Dancing aliens’.

    The strange things in the middle are made with Structure Synth. The multiplicated things are Chinese lanterns from Nergal 83 (found at Sharecg). The thing around is the ‘Round Rim’ ( I guess from Jonathan Cummings?) and I used some  spheric lights as well as some of the light set by Rashad Carter. Furthermore an HDRI sunset sky. The sun was disabled. I guess that is about it, except for texturing in Bryce, of course. Now, there are so many small parts in the ‘aliens’ that the regular anti-aliassing alone took more than 3 days! I should remember to do that differently.


    Very nice image, as always from you Hansmar!! Persoanlly, I find that the EGDLS light rig is quite robust, covers most any situation with the capacity to approach realism because it addresses issues we often overlook in Bryce. However, when it comes to scenes with a lot of transparent real estate...times will suffer. Light Domes and 3D Fills are cluster light forms, in so far as at rendering time each of those virtual point lights becomes real and casts light and shadow rays individually. So if a scene like this takes a while using a single point light such as the sun, imagine lighting it with a dome with a quality setting of 200, bascially 200 suns will take a LOT of time. For example I'd never suggest EGDLS full rig or even partial rig for scenes featuring leaves on trees that require blend transparency. I'd rather take the hit on memory and use real geometry for leaves because they will render 6000% faster.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,114

    Launok - I'm alway impressed by your work, once again a very nice scene, thanks for the comment.

    Hansmar - thanks for the comment, the golden object is a freebie from either ShareCG or TurboSquid

    Akmerlow - thanks for the comment.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    mermaid, launok, Hansmar : thanks for the kind comments.

    mermaid : superb render, pity it didn't make it to the challenge, well done.

    launok : great street view, very detailed.

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    Some more exercising

    Not sure if happy about several things. Fog/haze adjustments mostly, coudn't find balance to make them to only affect back parts of island. This scene was something i was doing along watching "importance of lighting" video, and for the most part i was doing similar steps (coudn't replicate terrain yet as i've no experience, so this was some improvisation with sparse2.tif  + eroded + gaussian edges + ???, i don't remember now), but serious differences started when in video they used one of Horo's HDRIs i havent purchased yet so i used something different, and i guess differences went from there (like, hdr that i used was giving too flat light from any position, so i gave more importance to sun, and i had to readjust fog/haze of course [with hdr that i used, fog/haze were kind of too weak, yet if i increase them much, it goes too wrong], but as you see it's very subtle and still affects foreground of island too though in less way then back parts; those parametres, thickness and density, it's very weird when you have to choose between numbers like "3" and "4" out of 100, so you can't do between. Not sure though if i really understand their balance yet.)

    Also those weird glitched white reflections on the right, no idea.

    For the reference how it looked before "add ibl" steps (it even had back part of terrain closer to us, i pushed it back to help haze later. i don't keep saves of earlier versions though)

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    many great renders here

    some experimenting with cloud materials and clouds and a brokenheart,still WIP,time to make a new heart because all I could find is an incomplete heart .obj file,well good to use when you really want a broken heart

    I wanted to test if I could make an alien World,testing with set COSMIC surface/volumes materials,but only found it sent me to DTE,seems like I need to dissect those in DTE to understand how to make an alien cloud texture should work in DTE

    mermaid sometimes when I go thru manuals I decided to try something new I have never done before and/or inspired by it to use function for something new,like make flower inner parts by lots of practice sweep+mirror several petals and such and import to bryce,or test some new functions in bryce I never used before

    didnt made it in time for beyond horizon

    @launok, how lowpoly?

    800 x 800 - 90K
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    akmerlow said:

    Also those weird glitched white reflections on the right, no idea.

    akmerlow, go to the "Render Option" and tick the "Reflection Correction". 

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    mermaid - pity you couldn't submit Living beyond the horizon for the challenge. It's a great idea and very nicely done.

    launok - this looks very nice. Good idea to use low poly characters. I ought to look at the Sketchup Warehouse next time I need a character standing far from the camera.

    akmerlow - you came up with a very nice island, the water is good too and I find the sky very fitting.

    mach25 - interesting shape. The DTE is not the easiest to get to grips with but it is a very powerful tool.

    I've been busy with terrain warping and updated the updated PDF again by adding another 4 pages to show how to warp also in the Z direction - and X plus Z direction. Here's the link for those interested:
    There are terrains that lend themselves to warping and others are less suitable. I worked a bit with WorldCreator because the Isolines option is quite a good tools to draw on the terrain. Because I needed about half an hour to make the four terrains I export (8192, 4096, 2048 and 1024) Bryce TE compatible I invested some time in a program that opens all the 4 terrains when selecting one of them and writes the three Bryce TE compatible TIFFs in 3 seconds.
    Below a triple stacked warped terrain and its anaglyph.

    Leaning Rock

    Leaning Rock Anaglyph

    1200 x 795 - 253K
    1200 x 795 - 286K
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