Show Us Your Bryce Renders Part 10



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    go to the "Render Option" and tick the "Reflection Correction". 

    Slepalex, thanks for advice, this works well!

    Horo, thank you for comment.

    Also impressive terrain research you do, i'm slowly studying your website contents, very helpful.

    mach25, poetic burning heart! good luck with further experimentation

    launok, nice "slice of life" series you're creating.




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    Horo, as always, your 3D works are excellent.

    Just asking/wondering, does haze, fog effect settings in Bryce affect 3D works...I really don't know.


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    mach25 said:



    @launok, how lowpoly?

    Well, this is not quite low-poly but still not in the league of the fully clothed Genesis characters. I remember that I could only put 2-3 Genesis characters in a town scene when Bryce crashes. This whole Sketchup model (see link) is 34 mb but I have chopped out the parts I don't want to use for my need.  Exported the chopped parts as .obj ends up only about 12 mb.é-Burguer-Twinye-girls-Snacking-Pop-group

    This is only 1 idea among many others.  I have also noticed people use Daz & Max, etc. characters but somehow makes the files much smaller in size in Sketchup.

    An easier way (for me) is searching the Warehouse with advanced search and choose then whatever choices, i.e. last week, 24 hours, etc. to check what is loaded daily (new to old preferably) as to do random searches which do not work well.  I am spending quite some time searching there every day if I have time! smiley  I use this link to search:

    Just want to add that Xnalara characters also works good in Bryce.  Xnalara is a free game-based platform.

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    I wonder if this can help to reduce polys of daz chars for use with Bryce... or maybe some other tools in other software with same method

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  • Horo, adbc, mermaid010 - Thank you for your kind comment.

    launok - nice scene. Which version of Bryce do you use? Yes, it's World Machine Basic Edition. I might get World Creator which has a different UI layout and uses editable layers instead of macros. They don't have a demo but the overview videos make the software quite appealing.
    Hansmar - Nicely done. 
    Akmerlow - Nice work!

    Horo - really cool terrain formations. 


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    All this talk of World Machine and World Creator has had me looking at the Bryce Terrain Edtitor (merging different terrain fractals and painting on different fractals in different areas etc.)... Of course I keep getting completely sidetracked... So here's the results of two of those side tracks.

    2222 x 1110 - 959K
    1111 x 555 - 510K
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    Very beautiful resort, Dave. Pic with a boat is especially calm.


    Quoting one of my favorite videogames that takes a lot from Twin Peaks movie (and maybe from Prisoner tv show - yeah, i mean that one with "i'm not a number, i'm a free man!" catch phrase; but some say it's mostly inspired by Shohei Imamura's movie Profound Desire of Gods, which dealt with conflict between industrialization and nature), Flower Sun & Rain, "Paradise is a place separated from world".

    This post by some author about it with interpretations had some interesting thoughts (even if i wouldn't agree with them much)

    It makes you wonder why we go to places like Okinawa, Hawaii, and “exotic” islands in general. They are nothing more but places where you try to forget the urbanity of life and taste the foods Mother Nature has given us. However, when you get down to business, it’s just an island filled with tourists who have no idea what they are searching for.  Once you’re on the streets, there isn’t much to do but visit a decent organic food’s grocer and some obviously tourist bait stores. This artificiality of it reminds me that the beauty of paradise has little to do with what’s inside; it’s everything on the exterior.

    Yet, we go to these beaches and islands for an escape from what we believe is the depravity of modern life. It is “refreshing” to see people in Okinawa walk around beaches in flip-flops and get sunburnt. It is “exotic” to walk around Singapore’s East Coast and eat expensive chili crabs off the road. Once everything is all and done, the pictures and memories of these fake attractions are what’s left in our Yelp and TravelAdvisor reviews of them.

    That may be why people escape to these islands. They want to believe that people there can lead happy lives here without the existential angst they feel. But for people like Mondo whose whole life is finding the truth, that is the opposite of what they want. They have to destroy paradise and reveal the dark little secrets within.


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    Adbc, Mach25 and Horo thanks for your comments, I did not miss the challenge, I decided against entering this render. Chohole gave me time to replace my 2nd entry after correcting it on Horo's suggestion. she would have given me more time if I asked to enter the above. wink

    Akmerlow - very nice render.

    Mach25 - cool experiment with the heart, I used the fire material once for a previous challenge. Hope to see your entries in the next Challenge.

    Horo- once again both the original and anaglyph are awesome. Thanks for the updated pdf.

    Dave - wow both renders are magnificent

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    launok - nice scene. Which version of Bryce do you use? Yes, it's World Machine Basic Edition. I might get World Creator which has a different UI layout and

    uses editable layers instead of macros. They don't have a demo but the overview videos make the software quite appealing.


    I am using Bryce's latest available version of 7.1

    @ everyone commenting on my scene, thank you - it is much appreciated!

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    Wonderful sandune/water effects, Dave...the boat, the distant palm trees looks a bit too large scale-wise etc.,.


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  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 911

    My next works.

    Description here.

    Description here.


    My Daz gallery.

  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 911

    All this talk of World Machine and World Creator has had me looking at the Bryce Terrain Edtitor (merging different terrain fractals and painting on different fractals in different areas etc.)... Of course I keep getting completely sidetracked... So here's the results of two of those side tracks.

    Dave Savage, beautiful and professionally executed landscapes!

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    First one is simply beautiful - water is perfect Slepalex. Wondeful atmospheric effect in the second work - perhaps, dull-down the tree-barks a little.

    Jay...always a critic of others, never own angel...just ignore him devil

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    Slepalex - superb renders, beautiful.

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    akmerlow - thank you.

    Jamahoney - thank you Jay. I don't think that haze and fog settings affect the 3D effect other than making everything in the distance lower contrast and saturation. In the distance, there's usually less 3D effect anyway.

    Eugenius Maximus - thank you.

    Dave - both renders are beautiful and very well composed. You're right, the Bryce Terrain Editor is very powerful and I doubt many have experimented with the Brush Behavior options, for example. The tiling option permits to create very elaborate landscapes. WorldCreator has a tiling option (called Seamless) but it is like tiling pictures, you soon notice a repetition pattern. There is never a repetition when tiling terrains in Bryce, every part is unique.

    mermaid - thank you.

    Slepalex - both of your renders are awesome. The rich and detailed vegetation looks very realistic. The water is also excellent, could be a river or a lake.

    Below the same terrain as on the previous page but as islands. For the anaglyph the distance was set so that almost the complete island protrudes out of the screen plane.

    Twisted Isles

    Twisted Isles Anaglyph

    1200 x 630 - 124K
    1200 x 630 - 143K
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    Thanks, horo..the latest 3D work is simply gorgeous - jeez, I want to be there - between yourself and Mermaid experts - paddling in a boat towards its shores. Super!


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    Was happy that Bryce imported my old model. Pig time, then.

    It said "out of memory" when i wanted to multireplicate, though. At least it didn't crash, just refused.

  • Dave Savage - Nice terrain formations.
    Slepalex - Very nice trees and renders.
    Horo - Amazing terrains as usual.
    Akerlow - Scary pig :-)

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    akmerlow : two great scenes. Original idea : the ones with the pig !

    mach25 : nice render, great colours.

    Horo : Superb images and anaglyphs !

    Dave Savage : wow, amazing renders.

    Slepalex : awesome renders.

  • @Slepalex: Both pictures are excellent, but I like the second a bit more. Are all trees in there Bryce trees?

  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 911

    @Slepalex: Both pictures are excellent, but I like the second a bit more. Are all trees in there Bryce trees?

    No, not all. 4 pines are imported trees that I have on the disk for about 10 years, I don’t remember where it came from.

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    Thanks all for the comments on my last 2 renders... Much appreciated.

    Alex: As always your mastery of composition and depth is spot on... 2 excellent renders again.

    Horo: Fab experiments with warping terrains... Great use of material and lighting too. The terrain generation software I fancied most (can't remember which one it was out of the two recently discussed here) ironically won't run on my old operating system (the old operating system I need to run to use Bryce), so that's on hold while I decide what to do about it.

    Akmerlow: Interesting concepts. Did you model the pig yourself?

    I'm still messing around with the Terrain Editor and getting side tracked with tweaking materials in the DTE so they cover the terrain better... And then further distracted by trying to find reliable and consistent ways to make the water meet the land without that awful solid line... So here's 24 hours worth of messing around.

    1111 x 555 - 472K
    1111 x 555 - 433K
    1111 x 555 - 496K
    1111 x 555 - 491K
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  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 911

    Dave Savage, beautiful water landscapes! It seems that at the last water is made from terrain?

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    Thanks everybody for the nice comments to my last scene.

    @Dave: Wonderful scenerys. The second picture I like most. I love the water material. Stunning pictures. I assume you used Bryce clouds or are the skies photos?

    @akmerlow: Very well done pics. I'd have been frightend to death if I were on your Island an saw this pig laugh

    @Horo: Wonderful Island and superb lighting. Thank you very much for the PDF manual for Warped Terrains.

    @Launok: Well made scene boutique scene: I am interested in your attempts to populate Bryce with a lot of people. The advantage of Daz3D figures you can pose them, but you are absoluty right, after 3 or 4 it's over. Older characters like Genesis, Victoria 4 or Michael 4 are using less memory. Not only the characters themselves, but also the older clothes. I am not familiar with Sketchup characters, you cannot pose them, can you?

    @Hansmar: Interesting and original picture.

    @Mermaid: I fully agree the Sunless HDRI skies are awesome. Pretty picture BTW.


    Hansmar's post brought me to have a look at Rashad's lighting concept EGDLS once more. First I had the impression it is quite difficult (Sorry Rashad), but I was wrong. Of course it's better to understand the full concept behind it, but the good point is, you don't have to (Sorry Rashad) to get maybe not the best, but a really good result. I used only two DomeLights (of four) to influence the EGDLS light in my scene: AAA Skylight Dome and AAA EarthLightDome. EGDLS is a great concept and scenes are rendered reasonably fast (after all there are four dome lights). I tried it out on old scene of mine. I rendered my first attempt with Premium Effects and TA. The new one is rendered with EGDLS in Super Mode. This is only to avoid Moiré effects. You could also do it in Regular Mode. I am not so fond of the Regular Mode but with EGDLS it works very well.

    The first attached picture is the EGDLS render (it can be found also in the Gallery here. The 2nd is the TA render. Both render have not exact the same lighting. I could not resist to play around with the light.

    1400 x 900 - 346K
    1400 x 900 - 415K
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,239

    Jamahoney - thank you Jay.

    akmerlow - the piggy is very cool, great abstract, too.

    Eugenius Maximus - thank you.

    Dave - thank you. Though I experiment with an external terrain program, we should never underestimate what the TE can do. Your shore experiments look excellent.
    Bryce defaults to Smooth the terrain but this is not always the best option. I looked into this a bit more closely and put my findings in this 4-page PDF:

    Electro-Elvis - thank you. Very nice lighting experiments. The second one (right) has more light and contrast, which I like. The first one (left) however looks more realistic to me considering the polluted air. Nevertheless, I like both versions, both are very well done.

  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,433
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    Alex: Thanks. I just double checked (done so much Brycing this weekend I forget) and nope, all the previous ones are just using water plains. The one below was the first one I used a terrain for the water in this set. smiley

    Electro-Elvis: Thanks. The skies are a varying mixture of Horo's Sunless Skies HDRIs with Bryce clouds layered over them. I must have missed Rashad's EGDLS light concept. Will try to read up on it when I get a minute. Your 2 versions of the same scene both have some excellent points. I feel that the brighter background on the one on the right is slightly more fitting with the level of light hitting the overall scene but prefer the girl sat on the roof to be lit like she is in the version on the left. Having said that, both have a great range of detail in the shadows and convincing atmosphere.

    Horo: Yup, the Bryce TE is very powerful (which is why I've come back to looking into it further), So many features in it that people don't use often if at all. I'm sure like with every feature in Bryce, it can be pushed a lot further before the possibilities are exhausted. I'll have a read of your .pdf today thanks.

    This latest iteration of my coastline uses a terrain for the ocean with the addition of foam on the rocks to soften the edge of the water in the center of the picture. Looking at it now, I messed up getting carried away with getting colour in the sky and now think it would benefit from a heavy dark cloudy sky with the rough water.

    1111 x 555 - 518K
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  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,791

    Akmerlow...wonderful...the pig in the abstract I think looks like a hounddog wink

    Wonderful coastworks, Dave yes

    Elvis, the second one works better to this eye anyway. In Win 10 you can open both images with a small preview of each at the bottom of the screen, and swiping the mouse between each gives a wonderful flipping back and forward effect cool


  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,789

    Launok: Very nice scene with the lunchroom

    Rashad Carter: Thans for the explanation. Any attempt to use diffuse light from various sources will inevitably lead to longer render times, I assume. Maybe next time I will try a more simple, single, fill light for the shadows in case I have lots of transparency.

    Horo: very nice terrains again. I love the colours in your islands-render.

    Dave Savage: Wonderful terrains. I agree that there is a lot that can be done with the DTE. I have not tried everything yet, so I will certainly also play with just the DTE.

    Slepalex: You are still the master of nature-terrains. Fantastic coverage of your well-rendered scenes with  various trees, bushes and grasses.

    Akmerlow: Wow, that is a big pig! Nice renders. Abstract is very nice.

    Electro-Elvis: I like both of your renders. You say the firsts (darker) one is with Rashad’s lights? I can imagine pumping up the lights a little to get more light in the scene.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,239

    Dave - beautifully done coast, water looks great and as you say yourself, the sky is a bad fit to the scene.

    Jamahoney - I don't use Win10 yet but I open each picture in another browser tab, then I can swap tabs and get a blink-compare option.

    Hansmar - thank you. I know that the DTE (deep texture editor) can be used to create terrains to use in the TE (terrain editor), though it is a bit tricky. Are you really using the deep texture editor (DTE) to create terrains?

  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 911

    The first attached picture is the EGDLS render (it can be found also in the Gallery here. The 2nd is the TA render. Both render have not exact the same lighting. I could not resist to play around with the light.

    Electro-Elvis, both renders are very good!
    The first is the early morning, when the morning fog has not cleared yet. This happens when the asphalt and the surface of houses have not yet cooled down, and the air temperature is very low.
    The second is that when the sun rose above, the air temperature rose and the morning fog cleared. There is only a slight haze, which is almost always present in the city.

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