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    Sounds awesome.  Can't wait to see it all.  I tend to do the same.  Throw everything together then edit the heck out of it lol.  Throw some more in and edit again. repeat as often as necessary.

  • lol- I'll work on the first one then. ;)

    Ok- second ..third test render, now with one contact option and the necro sclera/socket option.  I stopped it at 85% in the render so I can keep working...tomorrow. I'm done for tonight. 

    mu 2bc.jpg
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    and a close up. Night!


  • Those are great eyes!  :)  Good night!  

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    This looks impressive!

    I saw William coming to the shop today, sadly he's only in Iray. Do you know if his skin works out in 3delight?

  • He should work with tweaking in 3DL.  Tell ya what, I'll set up a 3DL render before going to work using the base material settings from M7's 3DL folder with his maps and post it when I get home.  I was supposed to do that with Khai as well, so I may stick the two together into the render for a double shot. lol

  • mmm...maybe late tonight.  Wow. I suck at 3DL rendering.  lol  My lighting sucketh, but they do work.  I'll pull out one of my old lighting tuts and re-do them before I post'em up.

  • Welcome to the club!  I sucketh at 3DL, too!  It gets better, though, if you practice.  Lots and lots of practice!!!!  Iray is so much easier for me, but I think I'm finding some advantages to learning how to use 3DL and it is starting to get fun to use.

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    Just throw them all at melaugh, I'm a 3DL girl, and even though I'm still learning ( and probably will be for the next ten years) I believe I do have a basic grip on it. And for sure I love it.

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    OMG, gorgeous! I'm finally doing Iray these days, and will happily snatch up Damen when he's out. He's perfect for some of my upcoming projects. We need more gorgeous, elf-looking guys (that can be bad or good.)

    And I love William's tats! Amazing work! (Thanks for including a no brow option too!)

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  • Ohh fantastic ! I absolutely love it heart and I'm already thinking about what kind of images I could make with him.

    But....I still would love the other option as well....it's awesome too.

  • Thank you!!

    I have been attempting to remember to get a no brow option on all of my character sets since so many tend to either want to put their own on or use mesh brows instead.

    Unfortunately...my computer blue-screened while I was at work and shut itself off for the second time, so the 3DL render is lost.  This system is a decade old now, and on it's last legs.  

  • I'm so sorry to hear that.

    The blue screen of death is horrible , and 2 times in a row doesn't sound good for your computer given the age. I truly hope you get it solved .

    I would offer to help render for you, but I'm still very much a noob with Daz (started back in December) . (open offer though if you need it ) 

    As for the No brows option. Yeah lots of people prefer the no brow option...me...I'll leave it up to the PA's to decide if they want to include it or not...It's not what I look at when I buy characters :) 


    And now I'm of to bed. it's like 3 AM here lol so goodnight from me :) 






  • Yeah, I'm starting to worry.  The tower is *not* happy at rendering...and I need that!  I'll have to run diagnostics tomorrow and see if it's hardware or it's just dying period, I think.

    I appreciate the offier, everyone's.  He's so still in the begining stages there's no point to hand him off to anyone yet.

    I'm gonna do a simple tester on a tat/scar option on his torso with his blue/etheral base and see if it will cook.  Fingers crossed.

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    Fingers and toes crossed hoping it turns out for you, would not want your dino computer to konk out on you in the middle of such an important project!!!

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    Hope your system keeps running and nothing gets lost! Blue screen is a scary thing. I hope its not that Windows messes up your system. I had to take my system of the internet for some time during longer renders because Windos would so some stupid update and decide to cut of what I was doing. I got Windows 10 out of the door for good now. so save side here.

  • Crossing everything I can and hoping for the best! 


  • Thank you!

    Well the tester rendered, and so far I've been able to start saving different material bases and options here and there...So here's a tester of the start of the torso tattoo and chest scarrification on the blue base...still no brows on the boy on this skin set.

    sacred scarring and torso tat.jpg
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    The scarfication is very cool, Darwin. Also, I love pretty boys. Keep 'em comin'! :D

  • Thank you, Sai!  The scarification is just starting out, so hopefully I can get that tweaked a bit more so it can be easily seen and believable. Lord knows I have enough reference photos. >.>  Doing a quick tester of the base skin again with updated eye materials since I'm going to have to go out in a bit to do errands.  I'll post that up (you'll get to see the fae ears as well!) when I get back.

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    I was thrilled that William hit the store yesterday and used the opportunity to pick up two more of your guys.  I know I've said it before but I love your work.  I sincerely hope that your computer doesn't malfunction til you get all your stuff done

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  • Ohh that is coming along nicely. I really like the scars and the bluish skintone so far..


  • That's coming together nicely.  One thing I love about your skins is how the veins show nicely below the surface!  I like the scarification on the chest. :)

  • Thanks so much!  I'm re-working the first make up idea atm and will return to the scarring and tats once I'm happy with it.  I do appreciate everyone's input. :)

  • Well.  So the system blue screened last night, and again after rebooting and trying to open two windows.  I think this is gonna be a serious issue.  The render was lost as well. IF I can get one done today, I'll post it.  If it blue screens again, I may be waiting until after I can buy a new system before I can finish this.

  • Well, transferring the important stuff from my C drive to my External (which is 1T) leaves the external with about......30G left with everything that's on the external as well.  Ugh.  At least nothing will get lost when this thing goes kaput completely.

  • I'm glad you got your stuff moved in case your system goes completely down :)  

    I can totally understand if you decide to wait until you get a new system, before you continue working on your chars. Must be frustrating with the blue screening happening all the time and it's no fun loosing hours of work.

  • Good that you managed to get the important stuff transferred.  Hopefully, getting a new computer won't be terribly traumatic now if you have to get a new one.  Losing the files and all of that work would be bad.

  • Hopefully. 

    Yeah, my last computer, when it died, I lost about 80G of stuff.  Not doing that again.

    I still dunno if I like the first make up option that I re-did.  I'll let it render while at work, and if I still can't get it where I want it I may include the .png files of the overlays in the texture folder as a bonus for those that want to use it.  I'm hedging still...but my S/O liked it too. lol

    I have one more idea to try before I move on to other, not so extreme make up options for him and the rest of his tats.  

  • Well- here's the updated first make up textures.  Again-not liking it myself, and I'm not sure why. lol  But-his teeth/mouth textures/shaders turned out nicely.  And I am pleased with the green eye textures as well.


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