MEC4D's celebration ( with freebies ) [commercial]



  • DanaTADanaTA Posts: 13,122
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    Oh, Happy Birthday Cath! May you have many more healthy, happy years!

    And thanks for the gift!


  • DA KrossDA Kross Posts: 70
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    Thanks and happy birthday! :D

  • AprilYSHAprilYSH Posts: 1,481
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    :lol:great set, generous birthday gift! thank you very much and wishing you a very happy new year. :lol:
    waiting for your genesis3 in iray store items. ;-)

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  • TJohnTJohn Posts: 11,052
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    Thank you Cath! I hope you have your happiest birthday ever! :cheese:

  • tsaristtsarist Posts: 1,606
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    Thanks for the great freebie


    Many Happy Returns!

  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,881
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    Thank you very much Kathy

    Happy Birthday! :D

  • Zev0Zev0 Posts: 7,049
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    Happy Bday Mec4D. Have a Fab one.

  • ModernWizardModernWizard Posts: 850
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    Thank you so much! Is it okay if we post a link to this thread in the thread on time-limited freebies?


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    I thought birthday girls were supposed to be the ones GETTING the gifts? :)

    Thanks so much for this. Works very well on Genesis 1, too, I'd like to add.

  • jerriecanjerriecan Posts: 470
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    Thank you so much! :) Happy Birthday!

  • AlexLOAlexLO Posts: 193
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    "Give and it shall be given unto you" Thank you so much Cath for such a nice surprise! Totally Awesome, like Fer Shure...Totally ;-) I raise a toast to many more trips around the sun and continued success in our "little" community


  • jag11jag11 Posts: 885
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    Happy Birthday! Mis mejores deseos.

    Saludos, thx.

  • dHandledHandle Posts: 617
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    Thank you!

    Many happy returns of the day of your birth!


  • Design Anvil - Razor42Design Anvil - Razor42 Posts: 1,235
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    Thanks Cath, looks awesome.
    And Happy Birthday mate!

  • ChristenChristen Posts: 240
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    Thanks so much and Happy Birthday!!!

  • StezzaStezza Posts: 7,856
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    Happy Birthday to you ;-)

    and cheers :coolsmile:

  • SassyWenchSassyWench Posts: 602
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    Happy Birthday, Cath! And thank you! :)

  • MBuschMBusch Posts: 547
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    Thanks Cath for all beautiful products and generous information shared with all of us. I desire you a very happy birthday with a lot of love and friends around. :coolsmile:

  • XtraDimensionalXtraDimensional Posts: 509
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    Best of birthday wishes to you, Cath!

  • mark128mark128 Posts: 1,029
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    Happy birthday Cath and thank you very much for the gift.

  • BurstAngelBurstAngel Posts: 761
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    This is an amazing set! Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • CelexaCelexa Posts: 73
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    Happy birthday, and I love the 80s inspired set.

  • namffuaknamffuak Posts: 4,082
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    bleep was I back then?>

    Ah - I thank you humbly for this most wonderful gift, and even more so for your insightful contributions on the Iray beta threads!

    And a very happy birthday to you, young lady!!

  • nakamuram002nakamuram002 Posts: 781
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    Amazing!! Thank-you and Happy Birthday Catharina!!

  • ModernWizardModernWizard Posts: 850
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    Let's do some aerobics!!!

    [Note: Items do not have 3Delight materials. I had to make my own.]

    585 x 876 - 537K
  • DustRiderDustRider Posts: 2,698
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    Happy Birthday Cath! Thank for the wonderful gift, and for everything you have done for the "community" over the years.

  • Charlie JudgeCharlie Judge Posts: 12,459
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    Happy Birthday and thanks so much for the outfit.


  • SkirikiSkiriki Posts: 4,975
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    Happy birthday! Thanks for the surprise-present!

  • IUSIUS Posts: 18
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    Happy Bithday!

    And thank you for the gift.

  • ZarconDeeGrissomZarconDeeGrissom Posts: 5,412
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    Thank you, and Happy birthday.

    I've been living breathing and working on nothing other then G3F the past few days. It is well past time for me to wander back to all the Generation 6 stuff I've yet to peal the new stickers of the Smart tab icons, lol.

    Thank you.

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