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    Did you use g8 or g8.1?

    I used g8 with default skin (I am on DS public build with latest version of starter essentials).

    Yours looks pretty nice, while mine continues to look flat and not too interesting

    Your last one is similar to what I posted. What don't you like about yours?

    One note though: you have those "burned" yellow hightlights on the skin. Technically that is not wrong. A strong sun shining on a human skin can create those burned out highlights.

    See this photo:

    Your render:

    I had this in Part 3: as well - see there how I solved it.


    And one more: The general look and feel of the render can be controlled by the position of the spot light. The environment is only there to give a smooth all around light. The spot light in this scene is there to control how shadows and highlights are distributed on the figures. It is now the "art" to move the spot light into a position that gives a look and feel you like (of course you can also play with the intensity and all the other parameters in the spot light and the environment).

    Spot Light position:

    Result (I don't like it):

    New Spot Light positon:

    Result (not perfect but I like it more that the previous one):


    620 x 468 - 39K
    526 x 530 - 28K
    411 x 600 - 24K
    727 x 1098 - 59K
    376 x 544 - 23K
    650 x 1101 - 56K
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    Ok, I didn't want to write about shaders, because this would have had opened another can of worms. But you need to know at least one thing about the default skin shader of g8.

    It has the Top Coat Weight activated. So, what is this? It is exactly what it is called - a top coat. That means on top of all the base color, translucency effects there is another layer. With respect to the skin simulation in Iray this one is used to simulate the sweat, moist, wetness on top of our skin. The issue is, this Top Coat Weight has a lot of parameters which are challanging to control. That is one reason people often refuse to use it. They suggest to set it to zero and instead use the newer Dual Lobe Specular Weight. I also think the Dual Lobe is good alternative (or addition), but unfortunately it is also difficult to control (and is meant to be used with really well made roughness maps - which are often missing).

    Anyway, you might want to play with the Top Coat Weight and Top Coat Roughnes setting and see what effect you get. E.g. the "burned yellow skin" can maybe reduced by lowering the Top Coat Weight value.

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    I see mine has the hilites compared to yours so I moved the spot lite back further, which is helping some, what is your spotlite's x translate at? mine is at -125.2630

    You asked me what is it that I am not happy with mine. After studying them side by side one huge difference is G8M facial features 

    Your eyes nose and mouth are so detailed. MIne to me are not so interesting that my eye wants to spend anytime looking at the face but yours my eye wants to look at, it is as if it please the eye where mine pretty much does nothing to the eye.  How can I get my face to look just like yours? 


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    My env. intensity turned itself back on I discovered, here it is turned off, to me your face looks like a real 3d rednder, my face resembles I'd say something like a very good airbrush illustration maybe but does not suspend any belief that

    I am looking into an actual 3d world, with my renders there never has been a suspended belief 3d world. I can take any product using the lites the set comes with and the situation comes out the same-the promo looks like real 3d render world, mine look flat and boring in comparison.

    When I have written artist about their lite sets before purchasing them, which I guess I have wasted a lot of money on (as now I only use one spot lite and none in env. intensity and am getting better results this way than these expensive lite sets), 

    "Using your lite set will my render come out the same as yours with no postwork or anything?" the answer is always is "YES"


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    I think there are nice Lite Sets in the DAZ store. They can be a good starting point. But you may want to adjust the lights in them to get your desired look. It is like with your new basic environment and one spot setup. This one you also adjusted until you were happy with the result. Anyway, I am happy that it works for you.

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    I must have around 8 lite sets I bought that I never use anymore Yes I am getting better results with The new basic environment and one spot setup but I am not happpy until I can get that detaail in the face like yours, if you are willing please send me your file, I am very curious to see how it will turn out if I render that file of yours in my machine to see the results it gives. Don't you agree that your face had more interesting faqcial feature detial than mine does?

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    I don't see much of a difference in the screenshots. But nevertheless, the scene file is attached (without figures and clothes of course).

    It is saved out off DS beta. I don't know if it can be opened in older versions.

    Two notes regarding render settings:

    • in Optimization "Guided Sampling" is active.
    • in  Filtering the "Pixel Filter" is "lanczos" and "Pixel Filter Radius" is 1.00 (if your filter is set to "gaussian" and value 1.50 you get a more blurry image)
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    Yeah I forgot to put the filter down, sometimes I put it down to .7 ok thanks, but I don't find Guided Sampling in optimization tab can you please show a screen shot where to find it

     I have 4.15 pro, is the  DS beta available for me to download? if yes and it works well can you send me a link because I couldn't find any link onlibe to downloa it.

    Thanks cgidesign

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    MIne was set to guasian, which one should I set to, how's triangle?

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    Just wanted to be sure-this is what I should download?


    I install through DIM and daz will automatically make the upodate-no need to uninstall old version correct? thanks

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    I scrolled down and does have download instructions but it seems kind of confusing--or don't worry just follow the steps and it won't be confusing? Is there anything you encountered during install that went wrong, and if I somehow mess up the install will I be without any daz until I get it right?

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    Richard-sorry if this is a new topic I wrote here again, I got carried away I guess

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    This is working out good, https://www.daz3d.com/iray-converter-for-genesis,

    wish I had known about this a long time ago, I use it together with https://www.daz3d.com/ultimate-pbrskin-manager, first step is PBR skin

    this is the best skin I can make for genesis, it still doesnt look like as good as the promo renders but it is acceptable

     tried other products like elite skin and others but these two products together works the best for me

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