Daz keeps crashing or stalling ... any help would be amazing.

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I've made a short recording and uploaded it to my YouTube channel so y'all can see exactly what I'm doing so you can hopefully tell me what I'm doing wrong. 

In addition, I'm attaching my log file.

Featured (and suspected problem element), Orlean's armor. It appears there is another thread on this topic: https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/294091/

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    AFAIK not "all" Iray shader presets can be converted by any one system. It depends upon how they were made.

    Close/open D/S to close whatever it has running and clear the cache. Open your scene file, select the figure and the clothing - manually apply 3Delight shader presets and/or mat files. To quickly check if this is indeed the problem, select "everything" and "all" the surfaces, apply a basic 3D shader preset and try a spot render.

    Years back I found "1" Iray eye setting could crash the program running a 3D render {or vice versa}. If the program can't process the information, that's what it does.

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    How do I clear the cash? Or does that happen with the open/close process?

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    WillowRaven said:

    How do I clear the cash? Or does that happen with the open/close process?

    Yes. Some will save their scene. Close/Open D/S and then render their images just to clear the cache first. 

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