Render Error With Orleans Armor M8

So I can't render this product and the error shown in the attached image keeps popping up.  I'm trying to render this product using 3Delight and something is making it crash DAZ. I have never had this problem rendering Iray materials in 3Delight before, and I'm wondering what about this armor makes the render engine crash.  I have eliminated the rest of the elements of the render and I know it's the armor that's making it crash.  Any help here would be appreciated.  Thanks.

1904 x 1011 - 440K


  • Have you looked at the log file to see what the error even is?

  • onimushaonimusha Posts: 133

    I didn't think to do that.  On insepction of it, I have no idea what I'm really looking for.  Some errors have obviously nothing to do with the render, like the armor not having a morph for a character I have a morph for (in this case the Cyclops for M8).

    This error looks like it's directly involved with the shaders the armor is using.  It appears near the end right before the log shows that info from the armor's materials are being loaded.

    "2018-12-04 04:22:00.684 stdin: in function shader_Displacement

    stdin:447: WARNING: 'calculatenormal' function may have unexpected results since 'Pbp' in parameter number 1 is defined in a varying condition

    stdin:460: WARNING: 'calculatenormal' function may have unexpected results since 'Pbp' in parameter number 1 is defined in a varying condition"

    Could this be the culprit, whatever it means?

  • Looks ominous, I would send in a ticket and attach the log file

  • onimushaonimusha Posts: 133

    Interestingly, it renders with just the elbows.  They only use metallic shaders.  I'm going to try getting rid of all the cloth shaders and see what happens.

  • Any luck with this, I'm having the same issue and I put in a support ticket. Their answer was basically, it works with iRay but we dont guarantee 3delight. Which there is a 3delight mat folder with the product so I'm a little at a loss on what to do.
  • WillowRavenWillowRaven Posts: 3,251

    I had started a separate thread with the same problem, not knowing there was already a topic on this. I see now, though, there has been an update. I'll let y'all know if it has remedied the problem.

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    I don't know what's going on, but I get that every now and then, too.  At that point, I have to close DS and reopen it.  For me, it usually renders fine the second time.

  • WillowRavenWillowRaven Posts: 3,251

    I've open and closed repeatedly ... restarted the computer ... installed updates ... and it's still happening. A test render crashes Daz and a full render errors and stalls future rendering.

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    Sometimes Iray materials will crash Studio in 3Delight-- I've had it happen to me with bar environments made for Iray (all those reflective materials like wine bottles and glasses).  Did you make any adjustments yourself before rendering, such as using a utility like

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    I used that same converter first, several times, making sure every part was recognized, both with default and non-default settings. Happens both ways. I even applied alternative 3DL shaders after converting, and still no joy. Then, as a whim, I rendered in iray know a thing about iray and it renders fine, but still locks any rendering afterward. I have posted to the converter's thread in hopes RiverSoftArt can help me figure it out.

  • WillowRavenWillowRaven Posts: 3,251

    After speaking with RiverSoftArt and showing him what this armor was doing, even after I installed the update, he watched my video and studied the log file, and he says the crashes have nothing to do with the conversion. This armor will render as an iray render without shutting Daz down, but it stalls Daz in a way that it can't do more renders after the first render. And it still Crashes Daz when I try to do a spot render. For any interested, here's the video I made showing what problems I'm having and I'm also attaching the most recent log file. Hope someone smarter than me can figure this out.


    May 09, 2021 log.txt
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