Bouncing Ball Ideas?

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Is there anyway in Daz to do a realistic bouncing ball? I assume this would take some ability to control gravity and have each bounce smaller and covering less distance.


  • If you want to simulate the ball, setting only the starting point, then yes, you'd need some kind of soft boddy dyhnamics (or maybe hard body dyanmics).

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    Thanks. That is some awesome information. I should have asked if there was a "simple" way to do this as clearly this process will take some study.

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    Deke said:

    ...I should have asked if there was a "simple" way to do this...

    You could download the .duf Scene files from my first 2 links above - they both have a ready-to-use working dForce ball that you are free to use in your own scenes.  Of course, to get them to do anything more complex than those 2 scenes will need some experimentation by you...

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    Downloaded that scene which is a big help.  Did a "simulate" with basic settings and the ball goes splat on the ground. How are "bounciness" settings controlled?

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    Deke said:

    Downloaded that scene which is a big help.  Did a "simulate" with basic settings and the ball goes splat on the ground.

    Hmmm......  I now get that too.  I downloaded both .duf files from the forum:  Both animate as expected from the TimeLine, but in both cases re-Simulating them results in the Ball behaving like Cloth - i.e. as it did before the internal "dForce Dynamic Add-On" structure was added.

    That was in DS v4.11.0.383, where I notice that the Simulation section in the Surface Pane now contains a lot of new properties for dForce Hair.  I thought maybe they were interfering, so I launched DS v4.11.0.335 Beta instead: It is the earliest DS version I have >= v4.11.0.236 Beta which is the oldest version to support polylines.  Now (in v4.11.0.335) there are no dForce Hair properties in the Surface for the Add-On structure... and re-Simulation still results in no bouncing.

    I'm going to have to do some deeper investigation and report back...

    BTW: All dForce Surface property settings in both .duf files are default values - all I did to get the bouncing behaviour was to add the internal polylines structure and "Add dForce Dynamic Add-On" to it.


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    I appreciate the information. 

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    Well, I can't get the bounce to work on my system now, and I've run out of ideas to test.  Its as if dForce no longer works on the polylines that make up the internal add-on structure.  That would be consistent with not being able to dForce the polylines that make up strand-based hair - unless you have the facilities available only to PAs.  If that is the case, then I suspect that the "dForce Starter Essentials" update of 14-June-2019 made the change.

    It would be nice if a DAZ representative could confirm or deny whether non-strand-based-hair polylines (as used in these bouncing-ball .dufs) are still able to act as dForce Dynamic Surface Add-Ons without needing PA facilities?


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    Until those dforce issues get sorted out - if you're not adverse to using other programs - you can do the simulation in blender or other 3d programs and bring it back into DS . You will have more control over the type of ball and bouncing (e.g. a basketball will bounce differently than, say a beach ball), more control over physics parameters like gravity, friction etc..

    You would export out an obj sequence and use either the animMorph script or mcasual's "mcjAnimObjsToMorphs" to import and setup as animated morph sequence in DS . (Because the bouncing ball has the same number of vertices it will work; but something like a particle/fluid simulation typically won't import using this method because of changing vertex count)




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    pdr0: Thanks for the suggestions - its nice to have a Plan B.

    In the meantime, this entry in the Change Log looks promising:

        ...    Fixed #DS-1880 : Polyline Dynamic Surface Add-Ons do not work    ...    DAZ Studio : Incremented build number to 


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    Deke said:

    Downloaded that scene which is a big help.  Did a "simulate" with basic settings and the ball goes splat on the ground. ...

    I'm pleased to report that the balls now bounce again, in DAZ Studio v4.12.0.47 Beta


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    Thanks. Gives me a reason to try the Beta.

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