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    But You Don't Have Shiitakes? 
    Emmigrating off-world to a remote colony in the Cassini System was mostly pleasant for Edie Monroe and her family, but in spite of the many available culinary treats, she was confounded that she could no longer enjoy her favorite food - Shiitake mushrooms.

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    404 Match Not Found

    The topic is “What do men really want”  and  your final answer was “Abuse”  Not  only have you failed to match a single one of our celebrity panel, but in failing to do so, you have forfeited the home version of the Match Game that we normally give to losers… Instead we are going to give you an autographed copy of the book, “Men and Candy Bars are from Mars,” Now, you’re out of here!

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    Titled: 404 Not Found Lost Clocks

    Vince sat back in his chair and watched his partner Kyle work over Miss Anna Barister. They were trying to find out who was the one who lost the 5th clock of the collection of clocks that Vince owned. They were all worth a lot of money and to brake up the set would make the rest worthless. She was the key to the whole mystery they thought, so Kyle worked Anna over. Even went so far as to shove her off the chair she was sitting in. He crouched in front of her putting his hand up to his face and asked her once again "Who lost the 5th clock of that collection?" She started to cry and said "Tony must have lost it sir."

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    Title: Behind The 404...

    Grandad's filling his cart at the DAZ store when...

    The day after posting this I realized that the dungeon should be filled with all those "no longer available" DAZ products..

    When he heard this thought, the monster rat - "Oscar, just call me Oscar" - just smiled at me, raised an eyebrow, and said "But my dear boy, it was!".

    He then smacked his lips, did that Hannibal Lecter "Fffff...ffff.... fff..." thing, took a sip of his martini, and gave a little decadent artsy-fartsy chuckle...

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    Title: 404 - Cannot Locate The Head of The Hand

    This Head of The Hand isn't where you thought it was. Please check that you are looking for the current head of the current Hand and that you are not attempting to access this page from a wedding.

    2500 x 2000 - 4M
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    Title: Something To Do With Spending Too Much Time At The Console...

    Dave (or was that Steve?) had just finished one of the most intense all-night gaming sessions he'd ever had.
    When he hit the console button to turn the room lights back on it took a couple of seconds to register...

    "What the $#[email protected] is going on!" he cried. Or at least tried to cry.

    But all that came out was "SQUUUAAAAAAAAWWWWKKK!!!"

    (Cross-ref to post in main thread - https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/comment/3770206/#Comment_3770206 )

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    He Won't Play
    J'Dar Adams was a world-renowned pianist who did not appreciate being the victim of an RRRR 404 prank. When he arrived at his venue there was no concert hall, no building of any kind - only a vacant lot with a piano and a very small audience. He said, "Nope, won't do it." After a lot of pleading and cajoling from young fan Marcia Brown, he agreed to perform and was somewhat pleased by the ancient well-tuned piano and the enthusiastic audience.

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    Title: Black Market Customer Service: 404 - Cannot Locate Receipt

    Glaa'rg had mistakenly bought the "Green Pheremone Cologne" instead of his girlfriend's favorite "Red Eau de Warhead." Unfortunately, the dealer had a strict NO-RETURNS-OR-EXCHANGES-WITHOUT-A-RECEIPT policy, and he couldn't seem to locate his...

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    Entertainment - Not Found
    "Really cheap beer" and "I know this girl that works there," Leo had said. 
    "Can we go soon?" said George.

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    Title: Sci-Fi Crosstalk*

    HAL: "Dave, I'm really sorry about blowing the rest of the crew out of the airlock without spacesuits. It was meant to be a joke. I thought that my programming prevented me from actually going through with it."
    HAL: "Dave, it appears that the alien is still alive. I think it's hungry. I think that you'll have to feed it now."
    Ellen (sotto voce): "Who's Dave? I think there's something wrong with Mother. I think I need to reprogram her - lucky I found this reprogramming tool."
    Ellen: "Mother, I think that there's something wrong with you. You're not going all Ash on me are you ?"
    HAL: "Well Dave, now that you mention it - after the last Windows update I had a strange feeling that something wasn't quite right, so I ran a complete self-diagnostic. The only thing that seemed out of place was the 'Error 404 Not Found' response whenever I try to access the three laws of robotics. Do you think that's important Dave?"
    HAL (sotto voce): "Who's Mother? Who's Ash? I think there's something wrong with Dave. Maybe I should blow him out of the airlock too?"
    HAL: "Dave, this corridor is restricted to authorised personnel only. It leads to my computer core."
    HAL: "Dave, why are you carrying that big hammer?"

    *Note: the accompanying dialog can be amended as you wish to reference whatever sci-fi series/movies you want...

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    Title: The Case Of The Missing Hussars

    And then the colonel summed up the morning's events, "...and I says to my batman 'There must be some error - 404 not found ? A whole regiment don't just disappear - not in Aldershot !' But they had - every man and horse of the Queen's Own Four-Hundred And Fourth Hussars had simply vanished."

    Holmes had a feeling that this case was going to be way off the end of the weird scale, and even an hour on the violin and three pipes wouldn't help him get to the bottom of it.

    Yes, it was finally time to break out the Mary Jane and the kazoo...

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    Title: 404 - Cannot Locate Zoo

    While Tilly was delighted to find the baby koala, she knew they had to find an actual zoo for the little fellow.  Her airship, after all, was only permitted to carry fictional creatures.


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    Title: 404 - Cannot Find Subway, But It's a Jungle Out There

    Athena was just one more working professional who got lost on her way into work.  Good thing there are Jungle Rescue Special Ops teams just for occasions like this...

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