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Tag: JackT#01
Title: Where did they go?
When Bob and Bill went out to find the friends who had gone on a pub round, 12 pubs *hickup* later they still hadn't *hickup* found them.




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    Tynkere pull #01

    Fortuna is Fickle
    “Mr. Chapmann couldn’t understand the sudden desire to play with dolls.  To make matters worse, he was getting tired of people asking him, “Where’s your wife?”  That was none of their business!  If she’d moved out because he’d suddenly taken to playing with dolls all day...  Well she hadn’t left a forwarding address now had she?  Not missing so much as not found.  (Mr. Chapmann hadn’t looked to be honest-- too busy playing with dolls.)  What was really bothering him though, was the odd suspicion that something was a bit off-- almost as if some unseen hand was at work.  The cat had been acting a bit odd too.”


    1949 x 1462 - 5M
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    Gopherus #01

    404 Rubber Duckie Not Found

    Psychlops want Rubber Duckie.  Rubber Duckie not found.

    Psychlops find Muse.  Muse no find Rubber Duckie.

    No find Rubber Duckie, no post Daz Forums!

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    1404 - Not Found

    Bischof Trowller: You blathering fopdoodle!  This the the Book of Extreme Unction.
    Bruder Güggler:  Pardons,  a million pardons, your excellency.  I could not locate the Rites of Baptism.
    Frau Bauer :  But we came for the exorcism, we did.

    1404 Not Found

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    404 Not Found Vlad Searching For His Staff

    Vlad and his minion Grim have been searching for his staff that Grim mistakingly lost. Thinking Monie or Beau had it they started a fight with them over it but the staff she did have was a dragon staff and not the snake staff. That did not stop them from scaring the hell outta of them both. Vlad was even going to throw his pet snake on Monie to make her tell him where his staff was. She was so scared at the fact of the snake she fell backwards dropping her own staff.

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    Saphirewild Tag#2

    Titled: 404 Not Found (Windows Not Found)

    Sindy and Mark were trying to figure out why their Windows program would not load up.It just kept comming up as Windows Not Found. Candice and Carl couldn't be bothered with the laptop as they had so many other things to talk about, like where their next gig was gonna be for the band they were in. 

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    Bohemian3 #02

    Apartment 404:  The Urban Myth

    Finn discovers there is truth to the tales he has heard: Tenants who rent the fourth apartment on the fourth floor mysteriously disappear and are never heard from again.

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    tag: luci45 #1
    Dale's Exotic Wedding Venues
    Dale's career as a wedding planner was over when his wife of twenty years left him for a client. 

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    Tynkere #02

    404 not found: Sanity

    “Mrs. Chapmann hadn’t moved out.  She’d signed up with Goober-Lift and had played taxi.  Now she was regretting it.  Her dog was trying to sing opera.  Most everyone in Sulphurous Springs had lost their minds.  If Bernie-- the village idiot-- wanted May-Lee to help him hang upside down like a bat, well...  Bernie had always been ‘Special’ that way.  But Bernie’s girlfriend refusing to pay May-Lee, a grand master of Thai-Cheese?  Trollop would pay for it one way or the other!  And the city librarian suddenly quitting her job, and buying a motorcycle.  Now she was calling herself Ravenna, Mistress of the Road.  Ridiculous.  Might help if she could actually ride a motorcycle.  All she did was sit on the thing, making silly noises like, “Vroom!  Vroom!  Putt-putt-putt-putt...Vroom!”  Mrs. Chapmann suddenly felt it was her Destiny to save the village.  And only one way to find out what was behind this ‘404 Not Found’ crisis. Mrs. Chapmann knew a witch.”

    1949 x 1462 - 5M
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    Tag: Totte#1

    These are not the piggybanks you are looking for!

    On the small sandy backwater moon of Chapione, the rebels have hid their collected treasures, the piggybanks of Xandorin. To keep them under 24/7 watch, they are used for martial arts training.

    One day a group of Imperial droids came looking for the piggybanks, but the Jedi master Enya Bendi Quitchotte just said "These are not the piggybanks you are looking for", and the droids sent a message back to the base. "404 - piggy banks not found".

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    tag: luci45 #2
    Searching for Goldilocks
    His family bent on vengence, Baby Bear goes to the Randal Badwolf Memorial Library and Kitchen in the Lands Between to search in vain for Goldilocks. Pinochio and Gollum also learned that you can't find everyting online.

  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 914

    Gopherus #02

    In Search of the Lost Cord

    Keep holding your pants up, Missy.... 404 Missing Belt Cord... it wasn t at the Persian Palace.... Maybe we ll find it at the Pharoahs Temple!

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    Saphirewild Tag #3

    404 Not Found Fight To Find Mandy's Crown

    Someone had stolen Mandy's crown that her dearly departed father had given her just before he past over. Mandy was not a queen to be messed so with she ordered her soldiers to check the wizards tower from top to bottom. One of the soldiers came out and said "Your crown can not be found your majesty!" Mandy vowed to search every part of her kingdom to find out who stole her crown.

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    tag: luci45 #3
    Enlightenment Not Found
    Russell felt lucky to find a ring of the very mushrooms his friend Ben Ravenhead told him would bring him instant enlightenment. He was pleased at the instant levitation and amused by the little people who gathered below. But when he heard the flapping of giant wings and then felt the claws on his shoulders and cool sweet breath on his cheek he began to wonder if something had gone wrong. 

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    Gopherus #03

    404 Where's Waldo?

    "Here I am!  I'm okay!  No worries!"

    Sorry, Waldo, we're not looking for you!  We're looking for the little finches lost mama!!

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    Tynkere Pull #03

    404 not found: Panic

    Fortuna sometimes had trouble fitting all her gaming pieces into the same time-space.  Humans would panic, and that wouldn’t suit Fortuna’s plans.  Not Moni On-voo-tay, Village Witch & Tarot Card Lady.  Moni, had descended from a long line of Folk Physicians (witch doctors) and had learned to dismiss what could be there... From what was there.  So...  If a blacksmith’s hut started materializing in her cottage... Or a truck that could leak oil on the new carpet...  Moni would deal with these possibilities when (or if) they happened.  The main thing was to stay calm.  No panic here!  Have a nice cup of tea!  Fortified with Spirits...  She was a witch after all.  Spirits were her stock & trade. Moni knew exactly what to tell Mrs. Chapmann about the gaming gods. The trick was to avoid slurred speech, and maybe the occasional hiccup.

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    Titled: 404 Not Found Barbarian Looking For Sword

         It looked grim for the barbarian Brandon, who was looking for his beloved sword that has gotten him through many battles. Chancey was not going to move an inch to allow Brandon to look for that sword. She sat on her pillow in front of snowy, looked up and scawled at Brandon. Brandon looked down at Chancey and announced "I will not give up looking for my beloved sword, for it is she who has gotten me through many a battle for the King of Mount Quin!" Chancey replied "You will not find that old sword around here I can tell you that because we are in the city now and not back in the 1800's where you are from so there!" then she stuck out her tounge at him with the same scawl on her face but she did it so quick he did not even see it.

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    Bohemian3 #03

    Classic 404


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    Where Is The Groom?
    Princess Coral Belle knew where to find her fianacé when he did not show up for their wedding.
    "Ha, Charming! You were easy to find in my father's kitchen! I will not be left at the alter!"
    "What?! Oh, no, love! I wouldn't never do that. I was just having a little snack. What time is it?"

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    Where's the Ball?

    When Amy and Mel went to the arcades with Jack the sisters decided there was no harm in a friendly prank played on him.

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    Gopherus #04

    404 Down from an Elephant

    Darius learns that it s not smart to tease an elf mage....

    "You say that it s impossible to get down from an elephant??  And then you tell me that you ll help me get down from a goose!!  If I were riding a  goose I sure wouldn t need your help to get down from it!!!

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    Tynkere #04

    Dragnet - The Lost Episode

    Detective Lee got the dispatch from a town named Sulphurous Springs. Code 404: Possible Homicide--  Hanging-- Shooting in Progress-- Old Warehouse-- 4th & Main.  When he got there, no dice.  Just some actors.  Guy named Friday was the cameraman.  Said a man named Destiny had left one of them hanging during the shoot.  Swore their story was true, but names had been changed.  The jig was up.  Just not for the girl on the ropes.  She wanted down.  Said her boots were made for walking.  Sounded urgent.  Called Squad 51

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    The Blurst of Times #01

    Title: "Critical Failure - Stealth Module Not Found"

    It was supposed to be an easy job. Get in, steal the painting, get out, and get paid. After all, it was Christmas eve, and the owners of the house were vacationing somewhere in the Caribbean.

    Of course it was too good to be true. The Sorceress heard about the job, and teleported right on top of me! She blew a giant hole in my Invisibility Generator, and now I'm going to have to find a way out of this mess...

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    Where is Grandpa?
    Grandma sent their beloved grandaughter little Nellie to the garage to fetch Grandpa. While she was searching, Nel got distracted by some DAZ dolls and didn't find Grandpa.

  • Blurst of Times #2

    "Critical Miss - A Shocking Exit"

    It took all my tricks to slip past the Sorceress. And did I learn my lesson?

    Of course not! There was a fat case of money with my name all over it. 

    It didn't take much to fool La Matadora and the Beefcake on my way out. 
    The Taser Grenade I just tossed over my shoulder would guarantee that they missed me completely.

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    Tynkere #05

    Not Found: Five Brushes for Five Sisters

    Mrs. Chapmann had been told that Destiny was using a powerful troll named “Strife” in the game with Fortuna.  She got a can of “Bugger Off!” spray from the gardening shed.  “Guaranteed to chase away all manner of pests or your money back.” And so it did!  The troll took off crying.  “But it’s me job!  No one understands!  Me is professional troll!”  (Mrs. Chapmann consoled him by saying there was an old bridge in need of a scary monster, but that’s another story.)  Meanwhile, the Vicky sisters were suddenly at a loss to explain why they’d been fighting over a hairbrush.  They returned to being nice to one another again.  Back at the house, Mr. Chapmann suddenly found he had a wonderful gift for the Orphanage-- a hand crafted doll house.  The city librarian suddenly wondered why she’d been sitting on a motorcycle all day.  She quickly got back to helping people find books.  So life in the village returned to normal.  Odd thing though.   Mrs. Chapmann never learned what playing piece Fortuna had been using. 

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    tag: luci45 #6
    The Audition
    Unbeknownst to her, Tish's dance partner, Corey, did not arrive for their audition for America Can Dance due to a medical emergency. Corey's twin brother Lorey thought it would be a swell idea to replace him, since he pretty much knew most of their dance routine. Unfortunately, Lorey was not accustomed to the limelight and, distracted by the bright lights and applause, he felt the need to tell a few jokes, and then somehow forgot that the routine began with Tish leaping off a park bench into his (or Corey's) arms.

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    404 Romance Not Found

    Armani was experiencing his winter of discontent, when he  stumbled on the internet site QueenBee.com.  Queen Bee guaranteed satisfaction and would totally support his  romance, sending out her drones to deliver everything he would need in each of the phases.  She guaranteed "A ring by spring or moneyback"  He couldn t wait to try it out on Cupcake.

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    Titled: 404 Not Found Playgound Lost Dolly

    Sally loved her baby doll, she even went so far as to call her by her mother's name Cathylou. When she lost her dolly at the playground Mom (Cathylou) and Dad (Stanly) helped her search high and low around the playground even asked her friends and their parents if they saw her dolly but they were no help at all. 

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    Title: Files on This Path Don't Want to be Found


  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 914

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    404 Peace and Quiet

    It was Greek Week.  The frat boys were runnig amok.  But surely Aldo the gardener could find peace and quiet in the crypt.  NOT!

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