Getting more extreme camera angles

I like comic book  style extreme camera angles but they seem hard to achieve in studio... is it possible...For example getting a good camera view of a character on the floor looking up at a figure looming over them from the floor behind the head at eye level. I seem to have trouble achieving more extreme dramatic angles . Are there any tricks to getting more extreme angles using the camera.


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    Are you lowering the camera's focal length setting? That boosts the perspective effect, at the expense of curving straight lines. Alternatively, since that will also exaggerate size decrease with distance, try the reverse and raise the Focal Length.

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    To get a view from the floor up you will need to hide the floor if the camera is below it.

    Wide angle lenses will work although there will be edge distortion on the wider settings.

    There is a section under Cameras/Lens called Lens Distortion which can straighten some lens distortion.

    Here are two images. The first is directly through the camera set at a Focal Length of 15mm and low to, but not under, the floor. The second image is the same lens at, more or less the same place, using 

    Lens Distortion Type - poly3

    K1   -2.00

    K3  -20.00

    Scale  -5

    I had to do some repositioning of the camera as the settings move it slightly. The settings I got were pure luck as I went through quite a few different scenarios and mixing settings to get those :)

    I found a tutorial detailing the different settings but I can't find it now. I do remember that K1 is the top of the image, K2 the middle and K3 the bottom, or perhaps it is the reverse :) I have no idea what the other distortion types do other than they use different parameters to achieve the results. It is a long while since I played around with them so this is all from memory

    Click on image for full size.

    Click on image for full size.

    1280 x 720 - 486K
    1280 x 720 - 552K
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