Script: Create Morphs from Poser PMD Files

EsemwyEsemwy Posts: 573

I've read a lot of discussion on this, having purchased P.I.C.K. SciFi on Rendo, and subsequently losing all the morphs when bringing the props into DS. Maybe my google-fu was off, but I couldn't find a working solution. I did, however find a number of partial solutions and a lot of good information.

I present, therefore, a true franken-script. With guidance from a Python script found on shareg, information in a thread started by @algovincian here on the forums, and a library found by extensive google-fu, I've produced "PoserPMDLoader." The script does no verification to ensure that it's being used on the correct prop, and I've only tested it with P.I.C.K. SciFi props, so consider yourself warned.


  • Load or import your prop/figure into Studio
  • Launch "PoserPMDLoader"
  • Select the corresponding PMD file from the Open File dialog
  • Enjoy your new morphs


  • Download the files linked below
  • Name them "PoserPMDLoader.dsa" and ""PoserPMDLoader.png" respectively
  • Copy them to your content library under Scripts.



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