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today a cool freebie morph for the hw tiger was posted on rendo's forum: sabertooth canines. but it's a pmd, and the morph doesn't show in the dials, even after i apply the pz2 pose. but i remembered i had "something" to make pmd useable for us DS users, and found a script by esemwy, pmd loader. i think i used it a few times with success - it's been a while.

anyways, it didn't work, i get an err msg, look at log etc.

maybe the script is too old for my ds 4.11? no clue - and i don't remember where i got the freebie pmd loader from. so i can't join the author. any ideas?

EDIT: it seems that this sabertooth morph doesn't work without the tiger, i.e. not with the big cat alone, unlike what i thought (that it just would look terrible without the tiger morph but still kinda halfways work). ah, and i don't have the tiger morph yet, it's wishlisted...

so, 99% chance that this is the issue, since esemy's script is pretty recent... my bad

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