Sleeve Didn't Move with Right Forearm - Help Needed

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According to this image:

You notice that,when I posed the right forearm, the sleeve appeared in an awkward position as depicted in the picture above.  How do I fix it?

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  • By the way, I rigged the dress in Poser, and the problem prevails there too.  I just realized now that this is Poser related, so please move this thread to the Poser discussion, and accept my apologies.

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    You don't say how you rigged, but if you just copied across the rigging of the base figure then you almost certainly need to adjust it - there's a vertex that is not in the inner sphere nor in between the inner and outer, so it is getting no effect of the bend. It could also be a grouping issue, I think.

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    I think i might know the problem.  I may have forgotten to group the bones in the Group Editor.

    So how do I group in Group Editor?

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  • So nobody answered yet.  Is there a tutorial on how to edit groups in the Group Editor in the Setup room in Poser?

    For the record, when I originally got the shirt which I transformed into a dress, it was for DAZ Studio.  I am thinking, when I exported as a DAE file, and then imported to blender, the morphs might have been injected using DAZ Studio.  So the dress I created may not be unmorphed, and morphed again in Poser.

    That said, it looks like, in the coming days, I may end up creating a new dress in Blender from scratch.

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    According to this image:


    You notice that,when I posed the right forearm, the sleeve appeared in an awkward position as depicted in the picture above.  How do I fix it?


    The figure is grouped appropriately, or appears to be. It appears that you're using Poser's standard rigging, which is fine. So, what you need to do is to select the shoulder group, perhaps even the forearm group, and then open the "Joint Editor." In the drop-down menu, select the axis of rotation you want to modify, which is likely "up/down" and then you need to alter the areas of the mesh covered by the red oval deformer zone OR the green fade-off zone. Likely, since you probably just transferred the original rigging of the figure to the dress mesh, all that you need to alter is the size of the drop-off zone so that it covers the dress's mesh. Since it was just taken directly from the figure, that rigging was optimized for that figure only, so you need to tweak it a bit, since the area it has to smooth/drop-off is a bit larger than it was.


    Very easy rigging tutorial series by PhilC -

    Look at Smith Micro's rigging tutes for more in-depth rigging guides and tips: (Includes different types of rigging and is focused on an in-depth rigging process for character creation. Great stuff, but you can get by with just the basics for now from PhilC and watch this other tute/webinar later.)


    PS - It is remotely possbile that a face didn't get included in the appropriate group. However, usually when that happens you can see the result as soon as you attempt to conform the clothing item. Since there's nothing on that subject, here, I am assuming it's simply an issue of not tweaking Poser's basic sphere/deformer based rigging using the Joint Editor when relying on using the original figure's rigging as the rigging for a clothing item. If you get a face that will not deform at all, make sure it is covered by the red deformer sphere. If so, and you still get problems, it's likely not in that group or appropriately named/grouped. That shouldn't happen in the Setup room, but I suppose it could. (You would have gotten a warning on exit that told you this was the case - "Some faces not assigned to groups" etc.)

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