The Streets Of The Wild West is amazing!



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    dikatin said:

    Stonemason's stuff is beyond anything. It's just so good

    True, True

    Everytime I think he can't push it any farther, He DOES!

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    Excellent as we have come to expect!

    Does anyone know of good cheap/free tumble weed models?  Turbo$quid has a good looking one.. but...



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    Good girls and bad boys....been going on for ages.

    Another of the render presets.  I just added 2 figures and adjusted the Dof a bit to suit my needs.

    I used Wilmap's Pioneer Dress for Genesis. (freebie from their site) I'd LOVE to see more westernwear for women and men.  Unfortunately, period clothing is verry hard to find unless you're looking for the stripper versions.  :P

    1920 x 870 - 758K
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    'Streets of the Wild West' and Luthbel's clothes look amazing! And I am very pleased to see that Stonemason chose the German President's name for his mining company... ;-D

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    tsarist said:

    I'm not even a fan of the wild west, but Stonemason's set has me wanting to "head them off at the pass"


    I'm sorely tempted, too.  Most of my stuff is quasi-medieval, tolkiesque fantasy stuff but this caught my attention nonetheless.



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    Iff you want to whip up some tumbleweeds just adjust the size of some trees to get an appropriate ballish shape, remove the leaves and reshade the bark with a light colored wood shader. The MultiRes Aspen set and find it works well - probably many others too.  

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    Quick question for Stonemason - are there plans for interiors? I'd especially love the saloon bar to be populated! 

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    WOOHOO!!  I've been silently grumbling about lack of cameras and whatnot. I like the OPTION of using the included cameras and MAN, you can learn so much just by looking at the promo camera parameters!  Thanks for including them!  I'd even be willing to pay a separate price for camera setups for any of your previous products that didn't include them!

    I'll just set a spell right here and wait...

    Waiting for retro-fitted cameras


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  • Squirrel's gone western!

    Okay, that is one of the CUTEST danged things I've seen in ages!

  • I bought the set (and the outfits on sale that day) and am looking forward to getting to use it soon.

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    What is the difference between Daz studio version and the obj version?

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    What is the difference between Daz studio version and the obj version?

    Use the Daz Studio version in DS and use the obj for programs that don't support DS files like Poser and other software.


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    Its an amazing set and the render settings it comes with are great for personal use as well. :)

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    This set is over the top fantastic.

    I saw the product page and I thought "this is really impressive".  So no surprise really to see folks have started posting accolades. yes

    (Edit) of possible interest - "The Last Gunfight" by Jeff Guinn (Amazon link).  Just something I happen to be reading.  There are also some books about Gary Cooper and "High Noon" etc.

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    dikatin said:

    Stonemason's stuff is beyond anything. It's just so good

    Yes they are. All of them are surperb. As if we didn't already know that....

  • To keep posts to a minimum and since my question is really short, I'll post my question in this thread instead of creating a new one. I hope that the thread creator don't mind.

    I juat wanted to know if the buildings have interiors.

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