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    You may have seen previous posts of me talking about the animated short which I did the animation for  - "Trick or Treat".  Well I just found out that the full video can now be seen!  I am so excited that you guys can see the full thing for the first time - all animated and rendered in Carrara (natively, not with Octane or anything else).  You can see it here:


    It is hopefully a good example of a non-realistic style, in a classic animation tradition.  Clearly done in 3D, but there is no attempt to make the characters realistic, in fact quite the opposite, they are clearly more cartoony.  It is the animation which (I hope) draws you into the story and the characters.  I'd love to hear what you all think!

    Congratulations Phil... it's truly Marvelous...  it certainly drew me in. Well done!  yes

    When I finish your Animation in Carrara tutorial I'll expect to do that well or I'll want my money back. devil

    Well you'll certainly have all the tools, the rest will be down to you! laugh

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    I have been meaning to post this for some time, finally got around to it - I made a fur coat for the Daz Bear using Carrara's dynamic hair and also made a walk cycle using the techniques described in my "Animation in Carrara" training for creating walks, but extended to a 4-legged animal (as I hadn't done one before).  The bear's walk is saved as an NLA Clip.  Both are freely available here:


    Just load the Daz Bear, drop the fur on the "Model" and apply the Walk Clip to the NLA timeline.  Free for any use. I also posted an example video below.


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    Phil,  I grabbed it.  I also searched for "DAZ Bear" and "Bear" on DAZ.  Having no luck I checked for bear in my products and found one.  Looks like DAZ has discontinued it... the one I have was part of the "Platinum Club 2006-2007 Bonus Pack" which I bought so was available seperatly at one time... the bear no longer has a product number or promo pic. Please let me know if I'm speaking of the wrong bear.  TIA

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    I have a feeling it may have been included with Poser many years ago, I just thought everyone would have it.  I did a search and it seemed to indicate that it was a "Core" product, in Figures/Daz Animals.  Available in 2 versions, "Bear" and "Bear Map", the latter having a texture map and that is the version I used.  It is a really ancient, so if you have ever owned Poser it will probably be in with that, or it may have been packaged with Daz Studio at some stage, but I have a feeling that the model pre-dates Daz Studio!

    You will know if you have the right version - if you drop the fur onto the "Model" line and the fur looks OK, it will be the correct one.  If it is the wrong one, the hair will be all over the place.

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    Just bought Poser 11... previously had Poser 5 or 6... will have to search around for the box it came in or the cds and see if I can install the content.

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