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    OK...Prizes have been sent out...check your pm boxes. The password is at the bottom.

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    music2u4u said:

    After reviewing my judges picks and mine, and a painful process of eliminations, we now have the winners of this years MMHB.

    They are as follows....

    1st place - Nightmare in the music room - Goldschopf

    2nd place - Your mummy don't dance, your dragon don't rock and roll - Smoke14

    3rd place - Abbott and Costello meet Frank Einstein - Dorseyland

    HM 1 - Count Banjola - Lord Ganthor

    HM 2 - Not A Fan - Assassin_21

    Congratulations to all who won, and to all the rest who entered, thanks for playing. I will be sending out prizes to the winners asap.

    Now, lets all go on over to see what Robkelk has in store for us for November.


    Goodness. What with all the wonderful entries, I so wasn't expecting to get an HM. Thank you. :)
    Big congrats to all the other winners. :-) Lovely renders the lot of them.
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    Congratulations everybody! There was some major wonderful work by you all. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in November.

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    Congrats all winners

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    Congratulations to Goldschopf, Smoke, Ganthor and Assassin and a hearty well-done to everyone who entered.

    Big thanks to the judges and to the prize donors, especially Music, who really pulled out all the stops this month to keep the tradition strong and the October contest fun and appealing.

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    Wow! With all the wonderful entries, I am truly surprised and honored to have even placed :)
    Thanks, I enjoyed this month. I'm hoping to participate in November, but real life is kind of hectic now...getting ready to start a new job.

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    congratulations to the winners :)

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    congrats winner and honorables, another great month gone by

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