A qustion about level of detail in a model



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    Please see the name of the thread.

    I also had noticed the same issue with the axis of the front fork and had though I only need a target to point the forks to, I tried to use a new null , but I do not know enogh about setting these up.

    But at least i am trying to work things out myself, and it seems I am on the right track.

    (FWIW) I do not know this term, what are you saying!

    But the good news is that I’ve already made some cursory checks, and I can tell you that the problem is 100% soluble.

    When I’m finished, will I be able to upload my RAR file to you on that website?

    Thankyou so much for all this help

    Re that website I will need to setup to many things in order to do this for you.

    I will pm you with my contact details.

    I am curious what are you using to fix the model HEX or blender?

    You will when you take a look at my uv-mapping in only some cases I have done this at least someway correctly.

    BTW, I can have this model with the current level of detail open in blender and daz and poser at the same time without any issues.

    Blender most recent update, daz studio pro 4.5 and poser 8.

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    Just for curiosities sake, I made a quick mock-up of a motorcycle and exported the components separately, without zeroing them individually.

    Imported into Studio as separate components and they came in at the same relative positions they were in Hex. The pivot point for the front forks was exactly where it should have been and worked straight off, without any adjustments of anything.

    Did the same in Poser Debut and everything loaded on top of each other.

    Just wondering if I make a .pp2 (if that is the correct format?) of it in Studio - assuming I can find out how to do that - will it load and work correctly in Poser Debut?

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    In re-reading this thread, I see that two days ago in comment #22 Szark mentioned using the "joint editor" in DS4. Now I know that Poser also has a joint editor in it, so I figured I'd go take a look at it. I've played with the joint editor before with figures, and only managed to screw things up so I've ignored it until tonight.

    [Sigh] As it turns out, it would appear that it is *I* who was making things far more difficult than they had to be...

    Colpol, toss everything I did in the trash. Do this instead:

    Load your original "Coffey crusier_forks.obj" into Poser
    From the toolbar select "Window" -> "Joint Editor".
    If you look in the parameter dials window, you'll see that 3 origin settings have appeared.
    Set the "OriginX" dial to 1.353
    Now in the "Joint Editor" box, set the "zrot" dial to 38.000
    Close the joint editor box. Done!

    Now fiddle with the yRotate dial and see whatcha got!

    This completely eliminates my ridiculous machinations of making the forks vertical before saving and my adding a stupid widget to trick Poser into shifting the center of mass.

    I feel like such an IDIOT!!!

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    afreaginname do not be so hard on yourself.

    You have learned something and I have learned a lot.

    There is not enough room to put up the many errors I made along the way with the model.

    I will have to re do the entire front forks to allow for a error :(

    afreaginname you have been very helpful and I wish to thank you publicly for all of your time and help.


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    With very kind thanks and a little re thinking I may have solved the issue with the forks.

    I hope.

    I had a problem with my forks when rotated they intersected with the OLD frame.

    I spent a little time and re designed the frame, hopefully this small change will be enough.

    I do not have the time to test this today, but I will let you know.

    hopefully the small re design will be enough to allow when the forks are rotated NOT to intersect any more with the frame.

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    I could not wait, even thou I have other issues at present I found the time for this very quick update.

    FORKS fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I must thank you all for your time and help.

    Please note I am slowly working through this project so please be patient with me.

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