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    I'm really new to Daz overall.  So, forgive me for such a basic question.  But, does UV tailor export edited skin sets to a new .duf that installs into the Materials category, so I can immediately use my new skin as an option?

    Does this mess up the original skin?

    I ask because I have edited textures using the Photoshop Bridge.  But, it was somewhat of a pain to create a new .duf and install it in the materials.  I did a face texture but could not get it to load without overwriting the original (which I didn't really want to do).  I wanted to make a new option, not replace the original.

    Also, is the texture edited in UV Tailor, or is it edited in Photoshop, then imported into UV Tailor?

    I'm just hoping to have an easy way to create my own skins from photos as options for my Daz characters.

    None of the above - UV Tailor produces the templates showing which bits of the mesh take which bits of an image map, as a guide when creating textures. it doesn't create or edit textures and it doesn't edit the UV maps.

    When creating a new texture in an image editor you need to save it as an image file, then apply it to the surface(s) it is for in the Surface pane and adjust settings as needed, once done save as a Materials preset.

    So, it sounds like I don't really need UV tailor to make a new skin.  I just need to use an existing skin as a template and save it as a new skin name, then import the skin with the surfaces tab....then save as a material preset.

    Correct me if I'm missing a step.

    How do I create the new bump map to go with the new texture?  .

    If you are going to create the skin in a 2D image editor (Photoshop, Gimp etc.) then you do need a template as a guide - yes, you can use an existing texture, but it's a bad habit to get into as you cannot share the results with others, there will probably be at least some bleed at the edges of the map (which is good when rendering but is going to hide the actual seams where your textures need to match up) and won't show the relation to the mesh inside the boundaries. Snow Sultan has seam guides for most of the Daz figures, but I'm not sure he has Genesis 3 versions.If you aren't going to be making lots of different templates it may be more cost effective to export the mesh as OBJ and use Blender to make your own UV templates, but for frequent use this plug-in is much more convenient.

    Bump maps don't have a magic solution - ideally they should be painted with depth detail that reflects the structure of the base colour, but if you are working from photo sources that can be very tricky. There are various tools, mostly not free, that will attempt to generate bump and other control maps from a diffuse image.

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    Here is my dial spinner girl Shiu Lin with a new face texture created from photos.  This character uses a lot of morphs to arrive at this face.  I wanted a Chinese type face...less eye slant than most of the offerings for G3 Female.  She's not quite Fan Bing Bing.   But, she still has the right look. There are 4 photos showing side, front, and full length character.

    I'm still trying to figure it out.  But, I did get a decent face match after a few tries. 

    I'd also like to get a face close to Zhang Ziyi of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon fame.  She has a striking look that is hard to pinpoint...

    ShiuLin 1st Texture Frontweb.jpg
    1000 x 800 - 49K
    ShiuLin 1st Texture Sideweb.jpg
    1000 x 800 - 49K
    ShiuLin 1st Texture SummerGirl2Web.jpg
    618 x 1000 - 47K
    ShiuLin 1st Texture SummerGirl2 Busstopweb.jpg
    618 x 1000 - 90K
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    One thing I have noticed in studying photos of several Chinese actresses, is that their foreheads have more of a slope than European women.  I've noticed that very few Daz women have that slope and face slant.  Shiu Lin has the maximum morphs to get that cranium shape, but could still use a tad more to match the profiles of the actresses.  I would really like to sculpt my own heads.  I just can't get Hexagon to work - It crashes as soon as I try to apply any tool to the surface of the mesh.  I tried the large address aware fix.  But, nothing changed.  Possibly, it just doesn't work with Win10 64bit.  I have Blender installed.  But, I've got a ways to go to learn how to use it.

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    cdpro_2831bbd990 did you mean to post these in a different thread?

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    I was just putting in some samples after discussing whether or not UV Tailor would be helpful for what I wanted to accomplish.  If they don't belong here, I can move them.  I created these textures using the above suggested SnowSultan map for Gen3  I'm still not sure exactly what UV Tailor actually does to help along the process.  Is it any different than editing the textures over a template in Photoshop?  Or, at what point, will UV tailor become most helpful?  I'm not opposed to buying it if it does something special to help me create textures and fit them to characters.


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    UV tailor is a conveinet way to generate the templates - if you already have templates of the right resolution then you wouldn't need UV Tailor.

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  • Greenbriar Studio:

    OK, so I downloaded and installed the plugin both DIM and then again on my own. In both cases, the plugin is not showing up where your tutorial said it should be located:

    Windows -- Panes (Tabs)

    I see my other ones, but UV Tailor is not listed. Any ideas on what's going on?


    Find the serial number in Daz, copy it and set in "Help - About installed Plugins" menu.

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    RoLoW said:

    We crafted an installation and setup guide for new users detailing everything needed to get UV Tailor up and running.  You can read it online or download a PDF version here:


    We hope someone finds it useful.


    I just picked up UV Tailor, and I wanted to thank you for the installation tutorial - this helped me so much!  Great job!

    I also wanted to give kudos to Greenbriar Studio ​for this wonderful product!  I had picked up Songbird Remix for their wonderful selection of products, but their textures are outdated and not suitable for close ups.  I wanted to do some retexturing myself but there were no templates.  So here comes UV Tailor, and problem is solved!

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    I am just trying to figure out how to use this so I can work on a project of mine.   I am trying to save multiple templates but every time I try to save a new template it goes to the default save spot instead of the spot I wanted to save it in.  Is this a glitch?

    Also is there any way to zoom out to make sure I am using the right template I am saving.

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