Jaderail is at it Again.



  • stormqqstormqq Posts: 64

    so this guy ,Jaderail is dead? 

  • Wendy_CarraraWendy_Carrara Posts: 18,297

    Yes he passed away on July 23 2014

    he was a very nice person and helpful moderator to new users

    much missed sad

  • Wendy_CarraraWendy_Carrara Posts: 18,297

    broken heart and still is

  • heartHappy Birthday my Friend angel

  • 3dLux3dLux Posts: 908

    You are much loved heart and very much missed broken heart

  • atticanneatticanne Posts: 2,995

    Happy birthday, dear Jader.  Just think, this isn't the only day you can eat pizzza now.  I'm glad you're not here today; the Real-Feel temp is 13F in Austin right now.  I still miss you.

  • Wendy_CarraraWendy_Carrara Posts: 18,297

    and another year passes without your smiling avatar broken heart

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 19,775

    Thinking about you Jeff!  

    It's a travesty they reset the number of his posts to zero. Years ago, he had over 18,000 posts and the majority of those were helping people.  I miss my late night Alabama buddy PMing back and forth about those beautiful late night/early morning Southern thunderstorms. (I'm Florida panhandle.)  He had a fun sense of humor too.  I did a couple chickens in my thread and of course, he named them! (One was Cluck.) 

    In my opinion he will always be the top mentor for new users and users overall. 

  • I had this 3D print made which is now shipping

    Jeff would have loved it broken heart

    1500 x 1500 - 628K
  • th3Digit said:

    He most assuredly would appreciate the sentiment; this is absolutely amazing.

  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 2,618

    It's Perfect for him!!

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