Contest ~~Because I Said So! ~~ March to April 15



  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869

    Okay, my turn with the dragon render. 

    What was I thinking?  

    The male is behind the woman, and definitely NOT leaping forward to assist.  Also, the fact that it is a temple setting, and temples are usually related to treasures hidden inside. So my caption was: 

    (Male to dragon)  "NO! I told you. I get the map and the treasure,  and you get...well, you know." 


  • isidornisidorn Posts: 1,601

    This will be interesting to get a glimpes into everyones warped creative minds. laugh

    What was I thinking?

    I don't really have a caption for mine. I've only had a title for it and thought it would speak for itself. Sometimes silence says more than words...wink But I suppose the title could work as a caption too.


  • KnittingmommyKnittingmommy Posts: 8,191

    Those are funny!  I don't think I would have thought of those on Gopherus' images!  Novica, very clever...and I think I do know!  wink  Isidorn, yes, I think one word could well be the caption, too.  Can't wait to see what the others say about theirs. 

    I wish I had gotten my entry finished.  It seems I always manage to get into technical difficulties on other renders!  The good news is I did get those primitive packs, on sale!, and I did actually make my prop made that I needed for the entry that wasn't.

  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,708

    I didn't have a clear meaning for my first one. I had done the two clowns in military uniforms for something else that I never finished and was playing with the revised-for-Iray Jepe PlaleZ. I just thought it looked like a wonderfully volitile situation and wanted to see what kind of reactions it got. I like doing odd situtions and letting people make up their own stories.

    The second just seemed like a funny awkward situation - someone from fantasy-land going to a beautician, who had no clue what to do for her and was a bit worried about her sharp teeth. The fairy-hag is not sure yet if she likes it and the beautician is proudly reassuring her that it looks very nice on her.

    No captions as I am terrible at captions. 

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869
    luci45 said:

    No captions as I am terrible at captions. 

    Probably not. But you're wonderful at art!

    I updated the caption summary list, sorry about the delay. I had done the updates Wednesday but apparently closed the wrong window and it didn't save. I will go ahead and put them in the voting, but would the artists also update the captions under their renders so surfers to the thread can see them too?

    We are going to have to do two separate surveys as there is a limited number of responses and questions for the free version. Each render is a separate question, and with the number of captions (options) we will go over the limit. I'll be posting the surveys shortly after midnight Daz time.


  • RGcincyRGcincy Posts: 2,828

    Here's what I was thinking with my two renders:

    Chemistry Lab. "Eureka! I have the answer!" When I was in grade school, I had a dream one night of a mad cartoon scientist running around with a foaming flask. When I woke up, I thought I should become a chemist. I got a chemistry set for Christmas. In those days they weren't as safety minded so you had a good quantity of sometimes dangerous stuff. After I did the experiments in the booklet, I just started randomly mixing chemicals until the day I created a green cloud in the basement (green = chlorine gas). I never did become a chemist but I did became a chemical engineer.

    Mountain. "I'm going to get you!". This is being said simultaneously by two characters: the mountain giant as he gets ready to fling his stone and the little unnoticed turtle getting ready to stab his Achilles tendon. FirstBastion picked up on that.

    Funny to read what the artists thought of their own renders. This was a fun contest format with the added captions.

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869
    edited April 2016

    Okay, I've gone over it twice, I think I got all the captions. I tested both surveys, already voted, and no glitches.

    Each render is described for you, and the list of captions which were suggested are also listed. You will pick a first, second, and third choice caption FOR EACH RENDER. I STRONGLY recommend you look at the renders and make your selections before you go vote, as the columns are fairly narrow so the page is very long due to the lengthy narratives. It will make it a lot easier for you if you already know what captions you're looking for.  First place is 5 points, second place is 3 points, and 3rd place (which is really used as a tie breaking influence) is 1 point. 

    Each render will have one winning caption. After the results are announced, I'd like to ask each artist to post the WINNING CAPTION in bold, as the title of the render, like we normally do. (I'll do mine as the first example, after we get the results.)  Voting starts now and ends April 23rd, midnight Daz Time. 

    As usual, don't vote for yourself (aka, don't vote for your captions.)  This is bragging rights only, but let's keep the tradition of voting only for other people. PLEASE VOTE IN BOTH PARTS, PART 1 and PART 2. They wouldn't all fit in one survey.

    This is a bit different this time, but again, if you don't vote, you (your caption) CAN NOT WIN. One entry was excluded as the person did not follow the guidelines.

    Here is the voting thread, Part 1. 

    Then please go to the voting thread, Part 2.

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  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 6,664

    I voted in both part 1 and 2!!!!

    So hard to decide I tell ya wow so many great captions I laughed at most of them!!!

  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 1,105

    i voted also!  thanks novica for all the hard work

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869
    Gopherus said:

    i voted also!  thanks novica for all the hard work

    You're welcome. Enjoyed your art and your captions even more! 

  • XaatXuunXaatXuun Posts: 871

    and now I have voted

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869

    Thanks XaatXuun and Saphirewild!

  • isidornisidorn Posts: 1,601

    Wow this is really hard! I went to vote but I just can't decide. I need to think this over some more. Good thing there's still time left!

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 7,231

    Oh, I forgot to post: I voted yesterday. Had a good laugh looking through the renders and the captions one more time, thanks guys!

  • RGcincyRGcincy Posts: 2,828

    That was fun to revisit the images and captions. Hard choices to make but I made them. Thanks Novica for all the hard work you did to run your contest.

  • KnittingmommyKnittingmommy Posts: 8,191

    I voted!  I really enjoyed reading all of the captions again!

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869

    Voting closed.

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869

    The winning captions for Part 1 of the survey are:

    Gopherus 1:  "Madam, I would avoid the white ones- that parrot has been flying back and forth over them all afternoon."   (MelanieL) 

    Novica 1: "Let him keep the sports section! I'm sure not going to climb in there to get it back!"   (Gopherus) 

    RGcincy 1: "Igor, I need you to catch another million fireflies before this light goes out!"   (Gopherus)

    Isidorn 1:  "I told you, it was just a friendly kiss, and she's Yeah, that's it, my cousin!"  (Novica)

    RGcincy 2: "It's my rock now and I'm not giving it back!"  (Knittingmommy)

    Gopherus 2: "I may be unlucky at cards, but looks like I'm lucky in love! She even likes my red hair."  (MelanieL) 

    Lyam 1:  "Sigh... he's such a handsome devil!"   (MelanieL) 

    Will these artists please put the winning caption in their render posts, like I did mine? I used the blue that is in the second row when you click the "A" above this textbox to get the colors, you'll know the blue when you see it. 

    Novica  #1

    WINNING CAPTION:  "Let him keep the sports section! I'm sure not going to climb in there to get it back!"  (Provided By Gopherus) 



    Congrats to the winning captions- many were close but the winners all won by at least three points. There were many that tied for second place. I'm working on the next section, Part 2, now.

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869

    The winning captions for the second part of the voting:

    Gopherus 3: "Ohhh, think I caught a big one this time for sure."   (FirstBastion) 

    Saphirewild 1: "The animatronic cat was still great as a chick magnet, but the poor old magic bus has definitely lost its mojo."  (Gopherus)

    Luci45  1: TIE:  "When I asked if you could blow things up, I meant balloons for the USO show, NOT the doughnut shop! What a disaster!!" (Gopherus)

                      TIE: "What fireworks?"   (RGcincy)

    Luci45  2: "I know! Awesome right? I've totally outdone myself this time. Best "do" I've done this week."  (FirstBastion)

    Again, good going on the captions! Will these artists please also put the winning captions on their posts, like I did mine. 

    It took quite awhile (as you can imagine) to tally all these captions, I've got to stop and do other things right now (6am) I will be PMing the artists with their number for the prize drawing this evening.

    The next contest will start on May 1st and the topic will be Vacations. You will post your own caption!  Captions will be limited to one sentence, (max approx.20 words.) You can start on them now. Remember, the emphasis is on HUMOR! 





  • RGcincyRGcincy Posts: 2,828

    Thanks Novica. I updated my posts. I think I'll hire Gopherus and MelanieL to write titles for me, they have the knack!

  • isidornisidorn Posts: 1,601
    edited April 2016
    RGcincy said:

    Thanks Novica. I updated my posts. I think I'll hire Gopherus and MelanieL to write titles for me, they have the knack!

    That sounds like a good idea! I couldn't come up with captions for more than a few of the entries.

    Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to Novica for hosting and managing it all!

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  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 1,105

    LOL!  More congratulations to the winners and thanks to Novica for all the work she put in!  ah! it is getting to be Vacation time

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 7,231
    edited April 2016

    Wheeeeee! I'm amazed - thanks guys and congrats to the other winners (and of course the artists who provided the raw material). Maybe I'll drop my attempts at "art" and take up "literature" wink

    Oops, nearly forgot: thanks especially to Novica for all her hard work. Looking forward to maybe actually rendering something for the next one.

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  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869

    You're welcome  smiley

    For folks who can't think up captions (which is obviously not MelanieL and Gopherus) I'll post a few suggestions, and for fun, anyone else who would like to post suggestions can as well. I'll try to get the thread up tomorrow, but the contest will officially run beginning to end of May. This should be hilarious!  

    I'm assigning numbers, you should hear from me in the next half hour for the drawing. 

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869

    Oh, btw, in part two of the survey- in case you don't think your third place votes count, one winner snuck past my own caption entry with only a third place (one point) vote!  I laughed so hard, because as I tally the votes, I don't look at who did what caption and I did so many I didn't really remember which ones were mine.  I was like, "Wow, these two are really close."  Then, "Ah, that one snuck by, by one point."  Then, "And that one that got snuck by was MINE." 

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869

    Wanted to mention a quick tip that I forgot to mention. 

    If you have a light colored main subject, go to Surfaces and darken the Diffuse. If you look at my gray dragon, he would have been in front of a gray wall. I made it brown, matching the colors in the posts and floor.  And did anyone notice? No, because it's a separate building. If it is a connecting wall in a room, you can still darken it slightly as all walls are not created equal with shadows. 

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869
    edited April 2016

    While I still have the voting tally sheet out, I will tell you the other captions that came in second place.

    Gopherus 1- "Stop sir! You're not the groom! You're to be the wedding's human sacrifice at the end of the tea ceremony!"   Lyam 

    Novica 1- A three way tie! (these got a lot of votes, only 3 pts below the leader)

    "This guy's definitely not in the tourist guide!"   (FirstBastion)

    "I don't have to outrun him! I only have to outrun you!!"    (Gopherus) 

    "Eeurgh, great morning breath, fella!"     (MelanieL)

    RGcincy 1- "Do the Goo!"    (XaatXuun)

    isidorn1- "Now who's the dummy?"    (RGcincy)

    RGcincy 2- "You guys distract him, I'm going for the Achilles heel."  (FirstBastion)

    Gopherus 2- "You may have gotten the old maid... but the old maid' has got me!!"  Gopherus  (Your own caption was popular!) 

    Lyam 2- "The eyes can be deceived, paint what your heart sees!"   (Gopherus)

    Gopherus 3- "Whelp, we've found three of the find the rest of the car and we'll have a sweeeeet ride."  (Novica)

    Saphirewild 1- "Trust me, babe. This is how we get our own Reality TV Show. We don't need talent, just a gimmick. Now if i can only get Fluffy to walk on her hindlegs from now on."    (Lyam)

    Luci45 1- "What fireworks?"   (RGcincy)

    Luci45 2- TIE

    "There ya go, just like your favorite television show- Orange Is The New Black!"  (Novica)  

    "The perfect color for you! Everyone is going to notice you."   (RGcincy) 


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  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 17,582


    The winning number is: 94.

    Congratulations number 94! laugh

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,869

    94 is Lyam  yes

    I will send you the $5 gift card code in a PM. Happy shopping. And thank you SereneNight!

  • LyamLyam Posts: 137

    Wow! That's really cool.  Thanks Novica for the gift card.  And thanks everyone for such a fun contest. 

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