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Here's another illustration for the upcoming superhero RPG, Powers Beyond. This is was something created for another project, and I've repurposed it (slightly) for inclusion in the book. I added the halftone effects just to be consistent with the other illustrations. I know it needs to have the outlines inked and worked on a little more, but I'm out of time. So, if the editor wants this one (and he might now), then it's going to go as is. Nevertheless, I would like some feedback on it regarding composition and how you think it fits in with the other illustrations you've seen in this series.

EDIT: Added the attachment again.

1200 x 927 - 638K
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    Hi Mitchell, there is no render attached to you post, and it probably makes more sense making one art thread with your stuff that starting a new one for every project. Its easier to keep tack on what you are doing.

  • Linwelly: You're probably right about a single thread.

    You don't see an inline image? Weird. I see it.

  • Hey, MM, yeah, all I see is a broken image icon instead of your image.

  • mmitchell, it doesn't look like you had an attachment from which to reference.  Did you delete it?

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    And if you find the Attachment thumb distracting, our dear McGyver started a thread here which is solely for the purpose of loading attachments, so they can be linked elsewhere.


  • I tried McGyver's suggestion, but it obviously didn't work for me. The weird thing is, I could see it on my computer at work and at home (and the image is not on my work computer). Weird.

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    OK, now you can use the link, and it will show  

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  • Oh, I remember this.  One of my favorite pieces of yours.  I like the new look.  I think it will fit in with the other images fine.  Although, as we all know, not my field.  :)  I did go back through the Book Covers thread to take a look to compare and see exactly what the texture differences were.  I think I like how the cross hatching textures add a little something to tie in with the new progject.

  • KM: Thanks! I liked this piece, too. It was a lot of fun to create. And it was a good learning experience for using Iray emission surfaces for lighting. Also, good experience with tone mapping. Like you, I like the hatching effect (particularly on the kid's uniform). If I get another few minutes, I may go back and try to enhance the hatching on her cape and uniform. The background really didn't benfit from this treatment, but I doubt there's time to do much more than I have.

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