Daz Studio 4.9 Daz Original Figure Skin Material Optimization



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    Ok, my problem might be mostly ghost light thing. I think i have too mush ghost lights and not enough another kind of lights.

  • Is there a way to get an XP version of Das 3D for my laptop? A google search had someone say they had 4.8 working )tough with a couple of problems, which aren't relevant to me)

    But 4.8 or 4.7 would be better than the 4.0 I've been using.

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    I tried the render with Genesis 8 female using the tutorial and getting a plastic looking skin tone. The final render looks more like a barbie doll texture than realistic female skin.


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    Just use N.G.S. Anagenessis script for your skin shaders. ;)

    It only use the diffuse map to simulate everything (and one bump), so it's considerably faster to render, takes far less memory space, and skin tone and bump is easily tweakable to your taste.

    I tested from a merchant skin with 5-6 different maps for dual lobe specular, translucency, SSS and so on... impossible to render the skin in a timely fashion ; after conversion with NGS, and some tweaking to retrieve correct skintone (have to adjust reflectance tint mostly), it renders far quicker, and I found even more realistic nuances in skin.

    Finally the shader works very well with both G3 and G8.
    Only problem I found so far is for some geocrafted elemements that copy skin shader, It's sometimes needed to manually unlock the sliders limits, since NGS uses some extreme and unusual values for many shader params...

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    it was only the ds neta upgraded yes?

    the stable version is 4.10 not 4.9?

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