DAZ Studio 4.9 Pro, General Release, Now Available!



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    I have an entire hard drive dedicated to mgt runtime, very custom set up. Auto-install WILL NOT work. If 4.9 doesn't work with an existing runtime, then i won't be upgrading.  However, the real question of the day, is whether product downloads will still be available as a zip files.  If not, then you lost me as a customer .

    I use DIM and have it completely customized to go to a secondary drive with multiple runtimes and have had zero issues. Setup your runtimes (cogwheel upper right > installation tab) in the options and uncheck install after download in the ready to download tab. When you go to install, choose the runtime the item should go to.

  • DAZ_Rawb said:
    marble said:


    DAZ_Rawb said:

    We are trying to be very upfront and honest about everything, which I understand could be quite unnerving compared to what you are probably used to. I apologize for not attempting to sneak something horrible through the fine print :). The general belief around the office is although this may seem scary to some the fact is that the truth is much less scary than anything imagined.

    Are you now, Rawb? I don't know... having all our habits and workflow thrown out the window, as well as CCTV installed on our software of choice can indeed make us peons quite uneasy. Don't take this too bad, my general belief on sarcasm is that it only can call for more sarcasm :D then again, as a fan of scary movies, I really can't wait to see how this all plays out in the future.

    Just to show you that I am not just all sarcasms and complaints, I'll just throw in this very simple idea for you daz boys to play with: how hard would it be to make it so that, in DS, when you load any figure, it automatically gets selected? I have found that very often, I have to REselect the g3 I just loaded just to geograft something on her, for example. Poser might be lagging on many things, but even them have that covered. I'd love to see that in DS...


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    The search function doesn't seem to work in the "Unassigned"-Category. Has this to do with the fact, that I should have made a backup before I installed 4.9? 

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    Is this a DAZ Connect only product? http://www.daz3d.com/lynsey-for-genesis-3-female-s

    I won't buy DAZ Connect only products !!!

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    I "bought" 4.9 but not installed it yet. I also got the three free items which then appeared in DIM. Installed them and they now appear in Daz Studio 4.8!!  So I don't need 4.9 to use them.

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    Actually  categories about  user-made assets seems not working correctly even though re-import user-data.

    As for me, I lost most of hand-made or customized items (eg auto- followed items saved as new figure)  category, not only about smart cantent but also in content library too.

    I feel category seems only work about assets or files with "product meta-data"

    then I needed to make new "products" meta-data  about items which I originally made, to assign category correctly.

    If there is correct way, and I can add categories about hand made assets (or scripts etc) tell me clear the way.

    but  If I can not add or assign  category about user made assets without making "product meta-data" in ds 4.9,

      I really disappointed the contents management way of DS  4.9 product version.

    It seems get only progress about DAZ offered product, not for user-made  items,  I feel.


  • It's all like a train wreck, only in slo-mo.

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    So, the general release, which means it's crunch time. Do I upgrade to 4.9. Never been a question of whether to upgrade or not before all the way back to 0.9.

    The problem, of course, is Connect and what comes with it.

    I explained my reasons before so won't repeat all that, just the bottom lines I will not buy DRMed content or support the DRMing of content. I will not buy encrypted content or support the encrypting of content (especially not when I'm needing to load .dsf files from data into a text editor daily, and indeed found and diagnosed and fixed another bug in a content product from the DAZ store yet again just last night, quite apart from all the adapting and enhancing). And I never use the Smart Content system, just work with the file view in the Content Library pane, organizing by folder on the HD so it fits in with all the vast amount of content I've collected since 2004, most of which is not and never will be Smart Content.

    So I will not be using DAZ Connect, and will not have anything to do with DAZ Connect.

    Now, DAZ say I do not need to use DAZ Connect, and I'm sure that is tue (at least for now). DAZ say DAZ Connect won't do anything or connect to anything unless I decide to use it, and I'm sue that's true too (at least for now). But that's missing the point. DAZ also say people should upgrade anyway even if they are not going to use DAZ Connect because there are other imporvements in IRAY and 3Delight and whatnot, but that's missing the point too. Or, looking, at it from the other direction, that is part of the invidious, insideous point - the sugar in which to hide the bitter pill.

    I don't, I should make clear, think DAZ are being evil. It's not evil for a company to want to monopolize a market (especially a market they created) - it's natural. But that doesn't make it good - not for the market, or for the customer. And I've posted elsewhere why I won't accept DRMing of content, and especailly why I won't accept encryption of content .duf and .dsf files.


    So long as the DS I install contains DAZ Connect, and Connect contains encryption and DRMing I will NOT instal it. DAZ will look at the numbers upgrading, and may well presume each upgrade is consent to what they are doing. As little as it is, I cannot and will not contribute my +1 to that total, I  so utterly and fundamentally opposed to what they are doing. And, more, they will think that once they have got DAZ Connect onto a user's computer, even if the user is opposed to Connect now and won't use it now, in time they'll whittle away at the resistance and the user will eventually succumb and use it  There is only one way to make clear that I will  ot use it and will never use it, and that is not to install it.

    If DAZ are really REALLY serious about users not having to use DAZ Connect, provide a version of 4.9 and beyond without the Connect and DRM and encryption plugins/modules/code in so users can choose and know their  +1 to the numbers is clear. This is so fundamental an issue, it's not enough that one need not turn on the Connect after install; there needs to be the option not to install that part of new DS. Again, it's• not because I think DAZ are lying and that Connect will be surreptitiously up to something evil even when never used by the user; I do not think that. It is because this is a fundamental issue of principle.

    But I'm sure DAZ won't agree to provide a 4.9 or 5 or wahetever optional version that doesn't contain Connect. So I won't be upgrading, and will stay with 4.8. If it's the last version of DS I ever install, so be it. I'm in the throws of starting to render out 4 stories; I am currently thinking that each one will take about 6 months (and that's probabably optimistic), so that's my 3D DAZ use for the next two years. And it's predicated on what I can do with DS 4.8 and the content I have available now - nothing is predicated on some new DS version with anything new or different coming out part way through, or any new content appearing which might turn out to be DAZ Connect DRM-and-encryptedand which I'd have to buy. Which is not to say i wouldn't take advantage of a better something coming out along the way if it is non-encrypted/DRMed, but I don't NEED anything new. So I can stick with DS 4.8 for at least the next two years, and I will unless/until DAZ start providing a version of DS without Connect in it, or with a version of Connect that does nto contain encryption and DRM code. After that two years ... who can say? Things can change a lot in two years. By then DAZ may have changed their minds and returned to a path I'm happy to follow. Or some new competitor may have appeared I'd like to move to. Or I may be dead and past caring. We'll see.

    I just want to ask DAZ to do one thing. They are going to be marking the encrypted-only content clearly in the store, so I will know not to buy that. But will you please also mark content that requires a DS beyond 4.8 for reasons other than encryption/DRM too if it is still available in an unencrypted current-DIM type form as well as Connect form. If you don't, then you'll be getting a lot of returns from me and/or I'll just stop buying anything in case it doesn't work in my 4.8.

    So, no 4.9 upgrade here, doesn't matter what honey-coating of Iray improvements and only-if-you-buy-4.9 sales you coat it with. And absolutely no buying of any products, DAZ or PA, that only come encrypted and DRMed. Funny - spent must be close to 200USD on stuff just in the last few days. Looks like it's likely my swansong in the DAZ store.

  • So we now have 4.9 I'm still trying to get 4.5 to work, i can start it up and load say the daz dragon, but as most of my content is on an external drive and works fine in DS3.1 It won't load in DS4.5, the path is there, the folders are there and thats it, nothing else, so according to you if i have DS4.9 this will now appear, like magic?

     As for DS4.5 when i do have it running i just don't like the controls, layout or all the other stuff hoging my veiw, I'm sure 4.9 will be the same, 3.1 is simple to use, the only down side i found is the lighting is a pain to get right but that is down to me not understanding it properly.

     But i think the main reason people are against 4.9 is the connect, they can see what you've purchased and what is free, or pirated.

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    David I'm old school, I refuse to allow DIM or the CMS on my system, 4.9 works the same for me as 4.8 and earlier versions do, why, because Connect can't connect without the crappy CMS, it just means all Connect only content is off limits to me, but as I haven't bought anything from here in 2 years that's no big deal to me.

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    Have never and will never use DIM, I bought the computer why should it control it.

    I installed DAZ Studio 4.9 a few weeks ago, ( there is a thread with  me begging for help).

    I was assured that the new installation could exist with DAZ Studio 4.8 and would be separate.

    For about three days I had nothing, trying to start either program led to no interface screen.

    Sent email to Support with no satisfaction ( they did, I believer, give it an attempt).

    Uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing.

    Finally did a restore (Thank you, Acronis)... back to normal.

    The day the restore finished, that night I went to Daz and redownloaded every file that was necessary to reinstall

    DAZ Studio 8 in the event that the files shoud "disappear".

    Have been a member of the DAZ community for years, great thing about the possibility of content only working

    with DAZ Studio 9 is that I will not be buying any.

    Have purchased enough anyway, how many Michaels and Victoriasdo you need?

    How many shirts and dresses and boots and swords are required.

    For the saving that this will cause I am grateful.

    Feel sorry however for DAZ, this might be the end


  • Daz 4.9 is a little too big brother and yeah, I don't like being a beta tester. I will wait and see if there is a real reason to upgrade. If it is only for Iray upgrades and new Daz Connect: you can get Otoy octane or use 3delight or Reality on Daz Studio 4.8 to do your renders. I also own Lightwave the latest version which can use Iray with Otoy plugin so I can use it to render. I don't mind paying for something I use. I purchased the old Daz studio pro and if they ever go back to a paid model I will take a strong look at that. I like Daz they are a great company but I don't like having to log in to use my content too much big brother. I hope they change their minds about this untill they do I'm not buying any content that is Daz Connect only.  Daz has every right to do with their products what they want, but I don't have to buy something I don't want. I hope they change their minds I really like their software and products.

  • By updating to 4.9 I lost all my custom categories. That sucks big time since I just finished categorizing many gb of content in a way that is logical and use-friendly to me (contrary to the DAZ way of categorizing). I made a user-data backup before upgrading. I re-imported the user-data. Still my custom categories do not show up! I REALLY DO WANT THEM BACK!!!! Can anyone here tell me how to get them back? Will they return if I reinstall 4.8?

    This tells me all I need to know.  See the question isn't "Is Daz Studio right for me?"  The question is:  "Are you right for Daz Studio?"  What Nazi at Daz decided he/she MUST be in charge of how I organize my content on my own PC?

  • I like Daz they are a great company but I don't like having to log in to use my content too much big brother.

    You don't have to log in to be able to use the content.

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    I'm usually pretty good about upgrading, but I think I may wait a month or three this time.

    The DRM, while I don't like it, I understand why.  I just want to be sure that it actually works correctly, since that's where things get ugly and problematic for paying customers - when the DRM has problems and locks out the people who actually paid for the product.  If there are problems, I'm sure I'll read about them in the forums.

    I'm not totally aboard on the Iray wagon, since that's not the aesthetic I'm interested in, so Iray improvements don't entice me.

    The smart content improvements don't entice me, and I'm seeing people say their custom categories are gone or not working, so that's another reason to wait.  I'd still like a more efficient (for me) way to organize custom categories (folder by folder is still too slow, and don't get me started on sub-categorizing within a folder icon by icon) but I know my preference for working with text/spreadsheets is something of an outlier among DAZ artists.

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    I downloaded and ran the beta version of 4.9, but I didn't like the results I got when rendering.  I went back to 4.8.

  • bryanll1 said:

    I downloaded and ran the beta version of 4.9, but I didn't like the results I got when rendering.  I went back to 4.8.

    What results?

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    marble said:

    So it seems that 4.9 is all about DAZ Connect (which makes me feel very uneasy) and iRay, which I don't use because I don't have the right GPU. I really can't see any reason to upgrade.

    +1 from what I'm reading  it's much more of a deficit to me then any potential benefit at this time.

    Daz has every right to protect it's content but their methodology punishes the loyal user. I wish they had given a lot more thought to this. It appears very rushed and careless. 

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    Ah ... that's a problem.

    I'm not a fan of the Genesis 3 figures, G2F/M come out on top in three out of the four criteria I judge figures on after exhaustive (and exhausting) G2/G3 comparison testing, and I'm intending to stay with the Genesis 2 figures for most of the aforementioned next two years at least. However I have bought a little bit of Genesis 3 stuff, and I did buy the Gia 7 Pro pack when it came out the other day. But I do want the Gia 7 HD Add-on I presume is coming (although a Gia 6 one never did, even though of all the -6 DAZ figures Gia 6 is the one an HD add-on would have made the most differnece to). But if the presumed Gia 7 HD Add-on is encrypted only, then as with all other encrypted content, as in my post above, I won't be buying it both on principle (and, yes, I  know the HD dhdm file isn't human readable anyway - that's missing the point) and because I won't update to 4.9 so wouldn't be able to install it anyway. And if I can't have the HD Add-on, then I don't want Gia 7 or her Pro Pack (these Genesis 3 figures NEED HD in a way and in circumstances and renders the Genesis 2 figures don't - one of the things I have against the Genesis 3 figures given the massive processing, memory and render time hit using HD produces on my machine) and will want to return them. But the clock's ticking on the 30 day return window. What if the HD Add-on doesn't come out during the Pro Pack return time so I still don't know whether the Hd Add-on will be unencrypted so I'll be buying it, or encrypted so I won't?

    Can I have a definitive statement now as to whether the Gia 7 HD Add-on will be encrypted only or not? Otherwise I'd better set a reminder task for just before the return limit on that purchase and just return the Gia 7 Pro Pack if the HD Add-on hasn't appeared by then and I still don't know whether it'll be unencrypted or not

    If it is encrypted only... not only will i want to return the Gia 7 Pro Pack and a couple of things I bought at the same time, but I also temporarily reinstated PC+ membership solely for that purchase as it saved more money than the minimum membership cost. I'm intending to cancel my PC+ membership anyway once i've got the Gia 7 HD Add-on, but If the HD Add-on is encrypted only, so I won't be buying it and will want to return the Gia 7 HD Add-on plus associated purchases, then the PC+ membership cost I've paiid will be wasted and I'd want that back too - but the PC+ membership isn't covered by the 30 day money back guarentee, is it? Even though I'd be returning everything I bought using it (and the one PC+ freebie download - not bothered eaither way about that).

    Oh I just can't be doing with a company that makes things this complicated for me, especially when i have such short and infrequent periods when my head's clear enough and my pain's at a low enough level to be able to do anything but lie thoughtless in a pain-filled fog.

  • I'm all for DRM if it means lower prices on purchases, and ease of management of content. But what I'm not all for, is upgrading my mac and pc this morning, and having it suddenly give me the error, "Username or password incorrect" and then having to work offline. So, not dead in the water, but I can't take advantage of the new features.

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    Who gets to decide which content can be installed which way!? I notice that some newer releases have 3 methods and some only the one. Is this a case of either or, or, is it that any new content from hereon in will be Encrypted Daz Connect!? I myself don't use, and will not use smart content and Daz Connect looks to be a way of forcing us to adopt this. I'm well aware that you don't have to use it with content that came out say last week or older and so using it may not be such a must for now. I find needless gimmicks get in the way of a smooth workflow, we managed fine without them and it seems to me that some of them are being instigated just to keep people in work.

    I'm going to hold off getting this version till the dust has settled and it becomes clearer just what content anyone can have reasonable access to


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    Will repeat something, was assured that the DAZ Studio 4.9 Beta would in no way interfere with

    Daz Studio 4.8.

    This was underlined.

    For three days ended up with nothing, if it were not for Acronis, would still have nothing.

    Imagine all the content you have in all your Runtime, imagine double clicking the program to open

    it, an icon appears on the bottom that says it is open.....you are looking a blank screen.

    Not just for the new kid DAZ Studio 4.9 but the old kid also 4.8.

    Don't know if it is too late, obtain duplicate install files for Daz Studio 4.8  keep 'em safe best advice I will ever give to anyone


    I was assured that my case was slightly unique, do you want to be unique?

  • ToyenToyen Posts: 1,711

    Iray shaders are not showing up in smart content for me. Anybody else experiencing this issue?

  • nicsttnicstt Posts: 10,887

    I have lots of 4.8 backups, and other files; I hope I have enough.

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    Congratulations on the new release.  I'm really looking forward to the improvements with iRay since I'm in the middle of developing a product and the bugs in 4.8 iRay had me pulling out my hair.  I don't see any updates to the Genesis base figures so I assume that's all OK but I do see Michael 7 and Victoria 7 in the update list which I'll pass on for now as I don't really use them much.  Backed up my personal user data so hopefully that will all be OK.  If not I can deal... I have before. 

  • RogerbeeRogerbee Posts: 4,460

    I have DS installers going back to 4.5. I even have one for DS2 somewhere!


  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 9,635

    Well not so scary.  I installed, opened up and all my stuff is there no issue at all.  I do, however, have an issue.... See the image attachment below.... How do I fix this?


    ScreenHunter_83 Jan. 21 08.55.jpg
    508 x 185 - 37K
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    MoNeart said:

    I'm all for DRM if it means lower prices on purchases, and ease of management of content. But what I'm not all for, is upgrading my mac and pc this morning, and having it suddenly give me the error, "Username or password incorrect" and then having to work offline. So, not dead in the water, but I can't take advantage of the new features.

    I'm also wondering how I'm supposed to use the new online features when DAZ 4.9 claims my username/password is incorrect when it is not.

  • RAMWolff said:

    Well not so scary.  I installed, opened up and all my stuff is there no issue at all.  I do, however, have an issue.... See the image attachment below.... How do I fix this?


    That usually appears when starting DS too quickly after shutting DIM down.

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    RamWolf the day I installed 4.9 this was the first message I received.

    After that neither program worked correctly.

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